I put Minami on the bike and pushed the bike to get away from Haruka as I left the batting center, and I looked back behind me, my forehead sweating.

Haruka, she’s not chasing after me, is she?

The old her would have kicked my body from behind in pursuit. ……

“It feels kinda nice …… to have my boobs rubbing against Yu’s arm pushing the bike.”

“Na! If you start talking weird, I’ll take you down, pervert!”

“I-It feels good to be …… cussed at again.”

What an M

I guess I shouldn’t get too involved with this guy …… in more ways than one.

“Speaking of which, where is your house located?”

“…… an apartment near here.”

“An apartment?”

“Yeah. We’ve started living together in an apartment near here.”

Living with three …… triplet sisters, right?

I would have given up within an hour of living with Haruka.

“Why are you three living together? Didn’t your parents move back here for work?”

.”….., my mom left us.”

“Left you guys”

“That’s all. I can’t tell you why.”

I have a vague recollection that their mother was a bit of a hard personality

She was the leader of the PTA (Parent teacher association) and wore brand-name products to school visits, trying to stand out from the kids.

Because her parents were like that, I didn’t really like the Shirota family.

They say that children resemble their parents, and I believe that Miyako and Haruka have inherited a lot of their parents’ colors.

“Yu, it’s that apartment, I’ll be fine here.”

When Minami saw the apartment, she got off the bike herself and picked up her bag in the basket.

“….. See you tomorrow, Yu?”


Minami went into the entrance of the apartment with light steps.

Minami was gone, and I straddled the saddle and rode my bike toward my house.

It had been a strange day.

A girl I disliked transferred to my new school, we played a game, and we became friends because I lost.

No, in my mind, we weren’t really friends, just friends on the surface.

Minami will eventually show her true colors as a bully, and if she makes fun of me or bullies me, I’ll quit being friends with her immediately and never speak to her again for the rest of my life.


–The next day.

morning, next day, when I came to school as usual, I found a beautiful girl with short hair and big boobs sitting next to my seat.

“Good morning, Yuu”

Minami greeted me in a clear voice.

She was pretending to be my friend. ……

I said “hmm” appropriately and put my bag on the desk, then sat down on the chair and fiddled with my phone.

Saijo didn’t seem to have arrived yet, and Higuchi was away at the basketball team’s morning practice.

In other words, it’s just me and Minami.

As I was trying not to talk as much as possible, I put my eyes down on my phone and suddenly a small bag was placed on the desk.

It was tied tightly with a cute pink string, and inside were three cookies.

“I made some sweets. I want Yuu to eat them.”

“…… You didn’t put any salt or anything in them, did you?”

“No. You can eat them without any worries.”

Prompted by Minami, I reluctantly eat a cookie.

The moment I put it in ny mouth, the rich buttery aroma enter my nose.

The sweetness is just right and not too strong.

……I’m sorry, but it’s delicious.

But I don’t want to react that way. ……!

“What do you think?”

“……, I-it’s okay, I guess.”

“That’s good. ……”

As if Minami could read my mind, she converted my comment “so-so” into “delicious” and smiled.

W-What is it, that reaction?

“I still couldn’t get Haruka neesan to approve of me, but I’m glad Yu said ‘so-so’ to me.”


I bet it was that guy. Criticized of being delicious

“Hey Minami. Didn’t Haruka get violent because of what happened yesterday? ”

“…… Are you worried about me, Yu?”

“I-I’m not! Don’t get me wrong!”

“Fufu..It’s fine. Yu may not know this, but in addition to batting, I’ve taught myself mantis techniques.”


Minami held her hands like a praying mantis, saying, “Achoo”

I don’t know if this is a lie or a joke, but in Minami’s case, she seems to be training at a level as high as yesterday’s batting, so I’ll let it pass.

“M-Minami is surprisingly good at everything.”

“Of course. I am the strongest and smartest of the three sisters. That’s why no one can attack me.”

“……I0is that so?”

If the youngest had huge breasts, was smart, strong, and good at cooking, she wouldn’t be in the position of those older sisters.

“For that reason, Haruka seemed to be a big deal yesterday. You’re a very high specs guy, so you should talk back to Haruka more.”

“I feel sorry for Haruka nee san……. I’m sorry about Miyako neesan as well.”

“sorry ……?”

I was about to ask back, “Why?” but At the wrong time, homeroom teacher Takasaki came in and the morning homeroom began.

feel sorry…what does it mean

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