“M-mouu, Yuichi kun, you’re such a pussy!”

“Get out of here, you bitch!”

“C-Curse me, more.”

“You pervert!”


I kick Miyako out of the room and check the inside of the room.

The marbles I had left lying around had been neatly put away in a small box of candy, and the duct tape on the door had been thrown in the burnable trash.

How did Miyako get through here?

It must have been a completely sealed room. …… hmm?

“Don’t tell me she got in through the window from the vacant room next door, through the roof,…… or something?”

However, the window of the room is properly locked.

No, rather, she probably re-locked the door after breaking in so as not to leave any evidence that she came in from this side.

She used some kind of force to unlock the room and entered the room, and she removed all the duct tape to make it look like she had entered the room through the door.

“Miyako would do that, wouldn’t she?”

Why did Miyako go to such lengths to break into my room?

[Because–I love you …….]

That’s what Miyako said yesterday. ……

“Yu, good morning.”

“Oh …… Minami.”

Minami comes into my room, wearing the tacky T that my mom always wears.

Like Miyako, the cat printed on the chest of the dowdy T had a long torso like a dachshund.

I guess she can’t wear it anymore.

“What’s wrong ……?”

Minami, still dreary-eyed, asked, rubbing her eyes.

“Miyako broke into my room. When I woke up in the morning, she was in my bed.”

“I bet she was. I knew that Miyako nee would do it.”

“Then protect me.”

“……, Yuu can’t be without me?”

“That’s not what I meant.”


Minami didn’t say anything, but put her hand on my pants, and then she dropped my pants ……Wait



My “son” appeared in front of Minami’s eyes.

It’s a lie ……. I can’t believe that a classmate can see my son!

“What, I knew Yu was the size of an edamame.”

“D-Don’t look!”

I quickly pull up my pants and trousers and put them back on.

“It’s okay. Yu’s thing didn’t smell of Miyako nee’s saliva.”


“I know because I have a fetish for smells. Even Miyako-nee-san, as expected, seemed to know that if she stimulated this place, this would be exposed.”

“No, you don’t mean to say …… that you can smell it from other places? The smell of Miyako’s saliva.”

“Let me smell it.”

Minami put her nose close to my body and moved her nose in a twitching motion, sniffing and sniffing.

“I can smell Miyako’s saliva on your neck, navel and soles of your feet.”


I poured some morning vomit into a nearby garbage bag.


“”Sorry to bother you!””

The three of them, dressed in their uniforms, said this at the door as they were seen off by me and my mom.

Don’t come here again. Three sisters.

While Miyako and Minami went out the door first, Haruka was the only one who stopped at the door.

“What’s wrong, Haruka?”

“……, come to the rendezvous point properly!”


I see,…… I have a date with Haruka today.

When I returned to my room, I reluctantly changed into my outerwear.

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