“Why …… do you guys want to watch it with me?”

I asked frankly and they looked at each other.

Minami, who was sitting on the seat to my right, wrinkled her forehead, and Haruka, who was standing with me, awkwardly took the seat to my left.


“Why are you two being so silent, talk to me.”


“Are you three sisters planning something to bully me again?”

“That’s not true. If I were to do something to bully Yuu, I wouldn’t work with someone like Haruka nee san, who has neither breasts nor brains.”

“Haa!? I also wish for it! You’re the one with only the big boobs and the bad mouth!”

I was so agitated that Haruka tried to climb over me and grab Minami, who was sitting to my right, so I grabbed her shoulders and quieted her down.

“Calm down. I-It’s almost lights out, you guys.”

“It’s Yuu’s fault. He broke the ticket …….”


“I thought Yu would ask me out with one of the extra …… tickets.”

Minami looked unusually dejected, and her usual cool face was not there.

“I don’t like Haruka neesan, but if Yuu invited me, I’d put up with it and go with the three of us. But Yu… chose to go with Haruka-nee-san.”

“What’s that? It was you who said you didn’t want the ticket in the first place! You were the one who called me mean when you knew I didn’t have any friends!”

Haruka said, and Minami stopped talking.

“Haruka is right about this. Minami and Miyako pushed the ticket to Haruka at that time so that they could bully her, so it’s too much of an offense to say such a thing now.”

“…… that’s how Yu is, all you care is Haruka nee san …….”

Minami said that in an annoyed manner and hugged my right arm…Hnnnn?!

The two fruits that are pounced on my arms and won’t let go.

I’m sure these breasts are super high school class by the looks of them, and I’ve had them hit me when I was on the bike,…… but they’re still soft, man.

“Hey! Stop trying to trick Yuichi like that! This pervert!”

“I bought this seat with my own money. So I can do whatever I want.”

“No, that’s ……”

“……, you’re not even a little bit concerned about it.”


“Yuichi is a pervert!”

“Haa……. I’m tired.”

With Minami holding me by my right arm, I drink popcorn and drink with my left hand.

“Yuichi too, don’t get used to being hugged by her.”

“Because in her case, she won’t let go even if I tell her to let go,……, and the movie is about to start, so it can’t be helped.”

When I explained that, Haruka’s sullen face turned into a slightly embarrassed look.

“If Minami is with right hand,….then.”


“I can hug your left arm if you want, okay?”

“Please don’t do that, I won’t be able to eat my popcorn.”

“Why not?!”

Haruka looked at Minami with a furious expression on her face, as if she was about to bite her with her teeth gritted.

What’s the point of hugging Minami, or Haruka for that matter?

Can’t these sisters watch a movie without hugging?

…… Hmm, wait. Speaking of sisters.

“Minami. What’s Miyako doing?”

“Miyako nee san? Oh, …… if it’s miyako nee san, she doesn’t even know we’re here. I came here alone and in silence.”

“came here without telling….”

No matter how perverted Miyako is, I feel sorry for her because she seems like an outcast when we comes to see a movie with Minami and Haruka and Miyako isn’t there.

I’m sure Miyako is a girl, too, even though she’s a bad person who attacks people in their sleep. ……If these two bragged to her about what we did today, she’d be shocked.

I really don’t like it, but I’ll make it up to her in some way next time,…….


Minami has a cute way of thinking she’s outplayed me,…….

Minami looked so proud of herself last night, but the real strongman is me.

I think Minami had a plan to use Haruka to take Yuichi on a movie date by entrusting the movie ticket to Haruka, and then Minami herself would join the date and go on a date with Yuichi.

But there was one blind spot in the process.

I went to a house alone and pressed the intercom.

“Excuse mee!”

“Araa, Miyako chan, what’s wrong? Did you forget something?”

“Yes, that’s right!”

Yuichi kun’s house is a F-R-E-E ♡

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