I’m Supposed to Be Hated by My Step Sister, Childhood Friend, and School Idol, but the Rumor About Them Constantly Talking About Me Never Ends

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Kaizei Riku is a first year high school student.

In class, he’s a mob who shuts himself and has a faint presence.

That’s why he was hated by his step sister at home, his childhood friend that he met for the first time in five years scared of him, disgusted by the class idol, and the Yankee girls were sickened by him and hated his existence…..

It was supposed to be like that, but recently, I heard something surprising coming out from those girls’ mouths. 

The person who helped me recently was cool….

My favorite author is super handsome….

The boy who went to the same cram school as me was cute….

My gaming friend is kind….

All of them sounded like they were talking about me as far as i can tell, but when i approached them, everyone was acting salty.

While being at the mercy of the girls’ words, what is the ideal image that he’s looking for to live his high school life in peace and quiet….?

Episode 1 – I’m Supposed to Be Hated by My Step Sister

Episode 2 – I Should’ve Helped My Step Sister

Episode 3 – I Should’ve Been Hated by My Childhood Friend Before I Knew It

Episode 4 – My Childhood Friend Shouldn’t Know About Me

Episode 5 – The School Idol Shouldn’t be My Taste

Episode 6 – I Shouldn’t Have Met The School Idol

Episode 7 – The Gyaru in My Class Should be Hostile Towards Me

Episode 8 – The Gyaru in My Class Shouldn’t Be a Yandere Demon Wife

Episode 9 – It Should Be My Prologue

Episode 10 – I Should’ve Gone to Pick Up My Step Sister

Episode 11 – My Step Sister Should’ve Had a Brother

Episode 12 – My Step Sister Shouldn’t Have a Brother Anymore

Episode 13 – My Step Sister Should Be Searching For Her Savior

Episode 14 – My Step Sister Should’ve Fallen In Love For The First Time

Episode 15 – There’s No Way My Childhood Friend Works at the Shop I Go To

Episode 16 – There’s No Way My Childhood Friend Would Be Shocked By My Story

Side Story – There’s No Way I Can Introduce the Character Now

Episode 17 – My Childhood Friend Shouldn’t Know About Fate

Episode 18 – My Childhood Friend Should’ve Found Her Childhood Friend

Episode 19 – My Childhood Friend Shouldn’t Notice His Existence

Episode 20 – My Childhood Friend Shouldn’t Meet a Novelist

Episode 21 – I Shouldn’t be Attracted to Her

Episode 22 – I Shouldn’t Be Seen by an Idol

Episode 23 – Idol sama Shouldn’t Feel Down When She See Me

Episode 24 – Idol sama Shouldn’t be an Inconvenience

Episode 25 – Idol sama Shouldn’t be a Tutor

Episode 26 – Idol sama Shouldn’t Go After Him

Episode 27 – Idol sama Should’ve Found Him

Episode 28 – Idol sama Shouldn’t be Jealous

Episode 29 – The Girls Can’t Possibly Holding a Girls’ Night Out at My House

Side Story – There’s No Way That Friendship Can Grow Between Men

Episode 30 – There’s No Way The Girls Are Gossiping About Me (Zenpen)

Episode 31 – There’s No Way The Girls Are Gossiping About Me (Kouhen)

Episode 32 – The Girls Shouldn’t Come To My Room

Episode 33 – I Shouldn’t Let My Childhood Friend Cut My Hair

Episode 34 – I Shouldn’t Be Cool

Episode 35 – I Shouldn’t Be Surrounded by My Classmates

Episode 36 – I Shouldn’t Make Girls Cry

Episode 37 – We Shouldn’t Be That Strong

Episode 38 – I Should’ve Known About My Childhood Friend

Episode 39 – There’s No Way We Can Reconcile

Episode 40 – I Shouldn’t Make a Disturbance in Class

Side Story – Sabu and Mobu Shouldn’t Be a Supporting Role…

Episode 41 – I Shouldn’t Be Spending Time With Beauties…..

Episode 42 – There’s No Way a Sycophant Would Betray…..

Episode 43 – A Sycophant Shouldn’t Be The Enemy

Episode 44 – A Sycophant Shouldn’t Be Stupid…..

Episode 45 – Karaoke Shouldn’t Be a Disaster…..

Episode 46 – I Shouldn’t Be Dueting With The Gyaru

Episode 47 – The Gyaru Shouldn’t Be a Loner…..

Episode 48 – There’s No Way The Gyaru Suddenly Changed

Episode 49 – There’s No Way My Step Sister Would Go Home With Me…..

Episode 50 – There’s No Way Idol sama Would Be Rejected…..

Episode 51 – I Shouldn’t Be Called Out by Idol sama

Episode 52 – There’s No Way Idol sama Confessed To Me…..

Episode 53 – There’s No Way My Step Sister Would Cook for Dinner….

Episode 54 – I Shouldn’t Be Questioned by My Parents….

Episode 55 – I Shouldn’t Rebel Against My Step Sister….

Episode 56 – People Can’t Change That Easily…

Episode 57 – This Shouldn’t Be Our End…

Episode 58 – The Person I Admire Shouldn’t Be Sad

Episode 59 – There’s No Way I Could Understand the Words of the Person I Admire

Episode 60 – There’s No Way I’m Shedding Tears

Episode 61 – There’s No Way My step sister Would Snuggle up to Me….

Episode 62 – The Gyaru Shouldn’t Be My Wife….

Episode 63 – The Gyaru Shouldn’t Be Looking at Me….

Episode 64 – The Gyaru Shouldn’t Confess

Episode 65 – My Step sister Shouldn’t Be Angry

Episode 66 – There’s No Way I’m Holding Hands With My Step sister

Episode 67 – My Step sister Shouldn’t Feel Regret

Episode 68 – Idol sama Shouldn’t Be Dragged Along….

Episode 69 – Idol sama Shouldn’t Shed Tears….

Episode 70 – I Shouldn’t Be Involved in a Shuraba

Episode 71 – There’s No Way These Girls Were Having a Catfight

Episode 72 – I Shouldn’t Speak Ill of Those Girls

Episode 73 – I Shouldn’t Blame Idol sama….

Episode 74 – There’s No Way I Can Protect Her

Episode 75 – My Parent’s Shouldn’t Come Home

Episode 76 – I Shouldn’t Arguing With My Step Father….