The next day, I was getting ready to go to school with a sulky face. If you asked why I was sulking, the answer was simple.

After that situation, I had a discussion with my step father, but the matter of me living alone was put on hold.

I suggested to my step father that it would be better for the relationship with my step sister and for our family if I lived alone, but he didn’t accept my suggestion.

Of course, I had told my step father about my earnings and tried to persuade him with that as collateral, but he wouldn’t budge.

According to my step father, he can’t leave me alone in that situation. He even said that if I did that, he would have to kick out my step sister, who started the whole thing.

I told him that he didn’t have to worry about it because it was my decision, but he never said yes, so I said [Okay….] and left the living room.

My step father who saw that just looked at me and said [……Sorry about that.] 

And even now, there was no sign of my mother coming into my room, it made me wonder if i was really her child.

My mother is somewhat frightening at times like this.

Even when the remarriage talk came up, it was kept hidden until just before, so I had a bad feeling about this.

But even if I say so, it doesn’t mean that anything will start.

I just want to make preparations to live alone so that my step father can accept it at any moment.

With this in mind, I get ready to go to school and leave my room.

My parents had already left for work, and the bedroom was already empty.

[What the hell….] I muttered as I went downstairs, and I heard the sound of something cooking and the faint smell of breakfast coming from the kitchen.

I opened the living room door to find my step sister who I had a fight with yesterday, cooking breakfast for the two of us.


I witnessed the scene, and I gave my thoughts to my step sister.

I couldn’t help but feel confused by her changes , as I did today, yesterday, and the other day.

I’m sure I’m nothing more than an object of disgust to her, but seeing her making meals for me like this makes me wonder about her true intentions.


My step sister remained silent as she came from the kitchen to the dining table with a bowl of soup for two.

Her face was as if she wanted to say something, and she opened her mouth to speak.

I just waited for the moment when her mouth blurted the words.

Then, as if deciding what to do, she looked at me with serious eyes and opened her mouth heavily.

“I’m sorry….up until now.”


My step sister who hates me and has been throwing abusive words at me a lot up until now, has apologized.

…..The world is shaking.

I know I’m being rude to my emotionally unstable step sister, but I can’t help but to think. Of course, she’s apologizing seriously.

“I don’t think that what I said to you will be forgiven soon, but even so, I still regret it…”

Hearing those words, I remembered so many outbursts that were uttered during the short time I spent with my step sister.

Every one of them was bitter. It’s not like I’m not at fault.

I didn’t dress properly, and there were many aspects of my behavior that made me stubborn towards the end.

But even so, her words certainly cut me through my heart.

“Sora, why did you want to apologize…..? Was it because my mother told me to? Was it from the bottom of your heart? That’s the first thing I don’t understand.”

I asked my step sister an ill-tempered question.

“I said terrible things to my savior……who saved me from a dangerous situation, but all I did was say bad things about him unknowingly.”

“So would you have apologized if it didn’t happen to you?”

Hearing those words, my step sister shook her head while facing down.

“…Then, if I didn’t cut my hair, would you approach me like this, right now?”

When I kept asking ill-tempered questions to my step sister, she stayed silent and didn’t answer.

 ……Not saying anything is the best answer.

When I saw that situation, I said to my step sister as if it was revenge for what she had done until now.

“I hate you for being like that. It’s true that I wanted to leave the house to get away from you.

My step sister looked pale and bit her lip, but I continued to speak.

“You made fun of me a lot and now that you realize I was your savor, you want to apologize? Don’t turn your palm upside down like that ! !”

My step sister looked as if she was about to cry at my words, but I didn’t care, I said what I wanted to say from the bottom of my heart.

To be honest, I’ve never been this emotional to someone.

If it were someone else, I would just do as I was told and never reveal my feelings. It sounds good to say that I don’t want to fight, but I am simply running away from others and giving up.

“I don’t like your one-sided accusations without trying to get to know others ! !”

As I said the last word, my step sister broke down in tears.

I must be the worst guy ever.

I made a girl in front of me cry. If it were my own brother and sister, would this guilt disappear? I don’t know.

We are strangers in the first place.

If we did not make an effort to understand each other, it was obvious that things would get complicated.

But my step sister refused to do so, and I ran away from it. It’s not fair to blame each other, even though it’s both of our faults.

I went to my step sister’s side, who had broken down in tears, and put my hand on her shoulder.

“Sora…….would I forgive you after I told you this much?”

When I say that, she shakes her head as she cries.

“Then, do you want to stop apologizing?”

She shook her head again and said [I’m sorry……] in a faint voice.

“Neither I nor Sora tried to get to know each other. It wasn’t good for either of us……. We can start over now.”

Hearing those words, she lifted her face and looked at me.

The tears were welling up in her eyes.

“Because we just became siblings.”

When I said that, my step sister shouted [I’m sorry] and she jumped into my chest and started crying.

……I’ll think about living alone again later.

That’s what I thought while listening to my step sister who’s crying like a child.

At least I was longing for a normal family,…….

“…..Come to think of it, here’s something from step mother.”

After she stopped crying, my step sister wiped her tear-stained face and handed me a letter on the table.

I received a letter from my step sister with a bad feeling.

There was a message on the letter……

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1 year ago

And he wimped out and took “his share of the blame” almost immediately. Like not trying to get to know someone that’s slings abuse at you the second they meet you is some sort of moral failing.

10 months ago
Reply to  jfc

Even so, he did give her his piece of mind straight. It’s not fair in the sense that she certainly hasn’t received an “eye for an eye” kind of punishment nor has she made enough amends, but… I’m okay with him giving her a second chance. She’s still young and genuinely regretful. This should make her a better person. And they’re family, so wanting to mend their relationship now makes sense. Their relationship affects the whole family, not just the two of them.