Episode 51 – I Shouldn’t Be Called Out by Idol sama



The next day I went to school by myself.

I forced myself to end the discussion with my step sister before reaching home.

That’s probably why my step sister, who usually left the house earlier than me, still didn’t show any sign of waking up, so I left the house first.

After walking for a while, I met a girl near a telephone pole who approached me at a crossroads.

“Good morning, Rikkun ! !”

The one who said that was undoubtedly my childhood friend.

Surprised by her appearance, I awkwardly said [G-good morning… . What’s up?].

Then she put her hands together and stared at me while fidgeting.

“I was wondering if we could go to school together… “

as she said that, she followed me with a blushing face.

As I was walking while having a light conversation with my childhood friend, we soon arrived at the school.

When we entered the gate, Genpaku was waiting for us in front of the shoe box.

“Riku, Miuchi-san, good morning ! !”

When I saw the handsome man looking at me with a refreshing smile, I remembered yesterday’s incident and glared at Genpaku.

“Oi oi don’t glare at me like that. I’m sorry about yesterday ! ! Sorry, okay ! !

Genpaku clasped his hands together as he bowed his head.

“How can I forgive you so easily? I thought you betrayed me, you know? And you even got the girls involved. What if something had happened ! !”

When I blame Genpaku while putting my hand on the shoe box, he becomes dejected.

“I should’ve told you first. …… Sorry. I forgot. I don’t think they’re going to get involved anymore, but we’ll take responsibility and protect them, so please forgive us ! !”

Genpaku desperately apologized, but when I opened the shoebox, I encountered twice as many love letters than yesterday.

My childhood friend who saw the situation twitched, and Genpaku grinned.

“Oh, Riku san, you’re so popular〜. I’ve never even received this many love letters.”

Genpaku, who still hasn’t remorse, poke fun at me. As I put the pile of love letters in my  pocket and headed for the classroom, Genpaku and my childhood friend followed me from behind

“Hey, what are you going to do with the ones from yesterday as well?”

Genpaku asked about my love letters. When my childhood friend heard those words, she waited for my answer with an uneasy expression.

There’s nothing to do about it. I don’t like people confessing to me just because I cut my hair. Besides, they know nothing about me, right? an introvert like me would probably be dumped soon.”

My childhood friend patted her chest in relief when I said that.

“I’m sure that’s true. it would be a problem if someone confessed to you when you don’t know them.”

Genpaku nodded at my words.

In the meantime, we arrived at the classroom.

As soon as my childhood friend and I entered, the noisy classroom became quiet.

“W-what’s going on? Suddenly it became quiet ! !”

Confused by the classroom’s strange atmosphere, I asked my childhood friend who was standing behind me.

“W-who knows?”

Even my childhood friend didn’t seem to know it, but I didn’t notice that she was smiling slightly the moment I turned my head.

As I felt the stares from my classmates, I moved away from my childhood friend and took my seat.

Then, the moment I moved away, the girls gathered around my childhood friend.


While I was getting ready for class as I was confused by the strange atmosphere among my classmates, I heard a girl’s voice from behind me saying, [Hey, Kaizei kun…….].

When I turned around, I saw Idol sama there with a slightly puzzled expression on her face. I was a little bewildered by Idol sama’s sudden appearance.

I am not very close to her, but I wonder why she has been involved with me so often since I entered the school.

“W-what is it?”

I was bewildered, and the whole class stared at me with an interested look while I fidgeted in front of Idol sama’s skirt.

“I need to talk to you, so I wonder if you can give me some time later….”

As she spoke shyly with a fading voice, all the boys in the class said [Idol sama has fallen ! ! Kaizei you bastard ! !].

For the boys, Idol sama was someone who’s out of their league.

I often heard rumors that she had been confessed to by various boys and had received love letters from them, but for some reason, I heard rumors that she had turned them all down.

It was also said that she was in love with someone else.

But it shouldn’t be me. The only thing that gets me in contact with her is that she’s my step sister’s friend.


While suppressing the feeling of wondering why it’s me, I agree to it.

Then, Idol sama’s expression brightened with joy and said [I’ll tell you the time and place later, so please just wait for me ! !] and headed toward her seat.

While feeling suspicious about her behavior, I turned my head forward and saw my step sister who had come out of her house late, staring at me. She had dark circles around her eyes.

When my step sister came to my side, she slowly sat down.

“Good morning….”

I greet my step sister, even though we live in the same house,  this is the first time we’ve greeted each other in high school.

“…..Good morning.”

To my surprise, my step sister greeted me back.

I was surprised because I thought she was going to say [Don’t talk to me ! !].


my step sister called out to me while i was surprised.

“W-what’s wrong?”

As I couldn’t hide my surprise at my step sister’s sudden change since yesterday, she continued talking to me.

“What was that earlier?”

I tilted my head at my step sister who spoke without any context.

My step sister who saw the situation, looked at me with a sleepy face.

“I was talking about Ayano san ! ! What were you two talking about?”

My step sister shouts while suppressing the tone of her voice.

“Eh, y-yeah. I was talking to Reizei san because he had some business with me.”

When I said that, my step sister showed a surprised expression and turned to the blackboard without saying anything.

Her face was somewhat lifeless and dark.  When I asked her [Are you all okay?] she replied [Leave me alone….] and then she laid her face down on the desk.

I scratched my cheeks at those words and waited for the teacher to come.

In the meantime, a cute letter came from Idol sama.

Inside of it was written the location of today’s meeting.

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