Episode 9 – It Should Be My Prologue



I, Kaizei Riku, originally had a different name. 

(TL/N: The author finally put a hiragana on the kanji, so now Uminishi will change into Kaizei, sorry for the inconvenience.) 

The first one is Matsudaira Riku.

Until the age of 10, I lived near my current high school, but I moved to another prefecture due to my father’s job. 

At that time, I had many opportunities to play together in the park with my childhood friend Asuka.

Her behavior was so active that I thought she was a boy from the way she played with me and the other kids.

Of course I often quarreled with my boyish childhood friend. We became separated when I moved to a new house.

Then in the spring of the second year after moving out…..i found out that my dad was having an affair and my parents divorced……before my father died in an accident.

My mother and I, who didn’t know that fact, used the surname Matsudaira for a while, but when she found out about it, she changed her surname back to Kawabe.

At the same time, I lost interest in the existence of human beings.

At that time, I was already writing under the pen name Matsudaira Riku, and continued to write web novels under my original surname.

At first, I wrote it for fun as an elementary student, but I enjoyed the time I spent writing.

Why did I write novels?

It was because of our family circumstances.

Originally, games were prohibited in my home, so basically I spent most of my time reading books.

On top of that, the ban was supposed to be lifted when my father, who forbade me from playing games, passed away…..but, at the same time our family finances were struggling and we couldn’t afford to buy a video game console.

However, when I started writing novels on the computer left by my father, I was contacted by a publisher and made my debut as a novelist just after graduating from middle school.

Right now I think I’ve become an author who’s good enough to hold book signings.

And while I write my novel, I want to be strong enough because I don’t want something to happen to my mother who’s struggling to make a living.

As part of that, I began to attend a karate dojo sponsored by the local police station.

The monthly fee was cheap, and since it was a full-fledged dojo, it didn’t cost much compared to any club activities.

I have been doing karate since 6th grade.

Then, when we were ready to move back to our hometown, we returned before the spring of my second year of middle school.

At that time, I heard that a former police officer was running a dojo in my hometown, and now I’m practicing under my current teacher.

And I thought that this move would be an opportunity to make new friends,,,,but the world was tough. 

If a transfer student comes into a well-developed class, he’s not going to fit in so easily.

Originally, as a quiet person, I was unable to blend in with the class. And then worse things continued, my eyesight deteriorated, and I continued to squint my eyes.

Then, the girl who saw my face was scared of me. So even if I bought a pair of glasses, only the complex would remain and I just covered my eyes with my bangs.

My mother told me that it would be nice if i had a haircut, but i kept denying it because it would be a waste of money to get a haircut.

Around that time, I knew that I could play games on my computer, and while I was playing as Rikuu, I was able to get along with Risa.

I knew that if I didn’t have any complex about my eyes, even a chuunibyou like me can get married.

Then a few months passed, and the summer of the third year of middle school started.

A fateful event happened to our family.

It was around this time that the talk of my mother’s remarriage began to appear.

At first, the plan was to have dinner with both families during summer vacation and get married. However, Sora refused to do so.

That’s no wonder, since we are in our puberty, having siblings of the same age is not something that we can stand.

My step sister also wants her parents to be happy, but I think her feelings came out first.

Since we have exams this year, the remarriage talk has been postponed around our graduation.

While studying for exams, I did karate and wrote novels, and every night on Wednesday, I continued my routines by playing games with Risa.

One day, my mother urged me to go to cram school.

At first, I refused because we didn’t have money, but she probably couldn’t stand that I could only get an average score, so she forced me to do so.

It seems that there was also support from my step father, and I’m still grateful to him.

And then I studied hard at cram school.

Sometimes the girls who usually sit next to me helped me with my studies. As for her appearance she wore glasses and tied the ends of her long hair with a rubber band. If anything, she was rather plain, but she has excellent growth for her age.

Her primary goal was to attend a high school for young lady’s, and since she had received an acceptance letter there as well, she thought she would go elsewhere for high school.

That’s why we didn’t know each other’s names, and I wasn’t interested either.

One day, she gave me a hair clip because my bangs would get in the way when I’m studying, so I still keep it and wear it whenever I read a book or write a novel.

…..Would I wear it in class? No way ! ! It’s because I’m shy☆

And then, I passed the high school exams without trouble. Originally, my grades were above average, all I had to do was study.

However, it may be the beginning of the hellish days.

Surprisingly, I found out at the first meeting between two families that my step sister, Kaizei Sora, would also enroll in the same school.

I still remember the first time my step sister saw my face.

I was still afraid to lift my hair, so I covered my eyes that day. My mother warned me many times, but this is the only thing that I wouldn’t give in. 

To me, who has a stubborn personality like my mother, what my step sister said on the day we moved into the Kaizei household still sticks in my heart.

[[Unbelievable ! ! I can’t believe such a dull, gloomy person is going to be my older brother ! ! Don’t even try to talk to me just because we’re in the same class ! !]]

I was hurt by those words, and I became more and more afraid of women, however, I never thought someone like that….no, all the beautiful girls in my class would fall in love with me.

I should’ve changed my hairstyle…..

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