After that day, the two of us always studied together.

Kawabe Riku….. That was his name, written on the mock test.

A good person who’s gloomy but serious and listens carefully to what other people have to say. Sometimes, he has a goofy side.

I’m in a group where perfect people gather, so I’ve never seen the type of person like him…. That was the image I had of him.

I became obsessed with him as I taught him math.

I’m sure there was something more than just fun in teaching him.

One day, he brushed his hair for the first time.

Even though I say brushed, it’s only on one side.

He brushed his hair that was on my side.

The serious looking eyes that were covered behind his hair looked so cool even though they were blocked by his glasses.

And then I realized something.

He may not be aware of it, but the fact that he reveals his eyes to me, which he usually hides, must mean that he has opened his heart to me.

I couldn’t help but feel happy about it.

I never thought that day would be the day I realized my first love.

Day by day, I feel anxious and lonely when I don’t talk to him. But once we met, that anxiety turned to joy.

With that thought in my mind, I handed him a present.

It was a hair clip to tie up his long bangs.

I’m sure he wouldn’t  usually use it.

But he wears it while he’s with me.

I handed him the hair clip while feeling happy.

At first he was confused, but he started wearing it only when he studied with me.

However, the time when we parted came suddenly.

I had always maintained the top grades, but I fell from the top position at the end of the month.

My parents were angry with the results.

They said a regular cram school is no good after all and I had to go to a better place, after that I was forced to leave the school on the same day.

I skipped school for a week because I was angry after falling from the top position.

I continued crying secretly while ignoring my parents who kept knocking on my room door.

……I want to see him.

That was the only thing that crossed my mind.

Then I decided to do something about it.

I was going to take the same high school as him.

Because of the unacceptable amount of absence, the talk of going to a higher education school had disappeared.

Then I can just go to the school that I wanted to ! ! I’m tired of running on the rails laid out by my parents….

I changed the school of my choice secretly and submitted my application.

At first, my parents were mad at me, but I was only allowed to take the entrance exam because Mikado high school was not so different from the school of my first choice.

And with the power of love, I passed.

I didn’t make it to the high school which my parents had ordered me to go to because I got sick.

…..Oh my, what a pity☆

As a result, I was able to go to Mikado high school, which was my dream school.

My parents were shocked, but by the time my high school uniform arrived, I was already in high spirits.

However, there was one thing I forgot. Yes, I didn’t know if he was able to attend Mikado high school or not.

On the day of the entrance ceremony, I started preparing to go to school quickly. I leave for school in a proper attire, not my cram school style.

Above all, I wanted to know the class division as soon as possible.

I passed through the school gate while feeling excited about my new life. I saw the new students watching me as I ran, but it didn’t matter to me now.

When I found the bulletin board posted at the entrance of the school, I looked for my name.

There it was. I was in class 1A in the special advanced class.

“Kawabe, Kawabe, Kawabe….”

There were a few boy’s names, and I searched for the name in my memory.

However, the name Kawabe was not there.

When I looked at the class next to me, Kawabe’s name wasn’t there, I was shocked and dropped my new school bag that I was holding in my hand.

He failed……to enter the school that wanted 

….It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

I listened to the principal’s long talk at the entrance ceremony, while still in shock.

The ceremony is over, and we are divided into each class. The students sit in their seats, and when the homeroom teacher introduces himself, each student begins to introduce themselves.

As I stared blankly at the situation without showing any interest, a cute girl named Kaizei Sora chan introduced herself.

And as she sat down, the next student stood up. I felt a sense of nostalgia when I saw his back.

“…I’m Kaizei Riku. nice to meet you.”

After introducing himself in a brief, he quickly sat down.

For a moment, I thought that it was him, but he has a different name.

His name is Kaizei, and the one I was looking for was Kawabe.

At that point, there was a good chance that it wasn’t him.

But without confirmation, I couldn’t be sure if it was him or not.

However, after the class introduction ended, there was a crowd around me, and i couldn’t go to him.

I kept glancing at him once in a while, as I was getting through the conversation with a fake smile, one of my classmates said that they were going to have a social gathering.

I thought I’d get closer to him, so I participated……but he didn’t.

When he told his classmate who was sitting behind him that he had something to do, he left the classroom in a rush.

At the social gathering, the boys from my class try to talk to me as if to add my depression.

I’m not very accustomed to boys, so I made a fake smile again and hid in the group of girls.

The girls’ names were Kaizei Sora, Miuchi Asuka, and Izumo Risa, all of them had a reputation for being cute in their class.

I didn’t know that those girls would later become my rivals, and I befriended them….

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