Episode 40 – I Shouldn’t Make a Disturbance in Class



The next day, I was frozen in front of the school shoebox.

A love letter fell out from the shoebox when I opened it. When I saw that sight for the first time, I was confused.

No wait, what is this ! ! Is it some kind of cursed letter !? 

Have I ever seen a love letter fall out from the shoebox? The answer is no ! !…..wait, I have.

There are seven good looking guys and beautiful girls in my class. I’ve seen love letters in their shoebox several times.

……No no no ! ! Would you suddenly get love letters just because you cut your hair? Normally you wouldn’t.

I looked at several love letters from every corner and confirmed that these were indeed love letters. Some of them may have been dummies, but from the look on the outside, these were clearly love letters.

“Yo. Riku, good morning ! !”

As I was bewildered by the sight in front of me, Genpaku called out to me from behind. When I turned my neck like a tin doll toward the sound, Genpaku wrapped his arm around my shoulder and asked [What’s wrong?].

Then, it seemed like he caught sight of the love letter that I’m holding, and grinned.

“Welcome to this side.”

“What do you mean by this side?”

Genpaku laughed while tapping my shoulder when I was confused by his behavior.

“No, nothing. You’ll know it when the time comes, so don’t worry about it ! ! Besides, yesterday was a disaster.”

“Yeah, you saved me yesterday. But how did you know where we were?”

“Oh, I was following you guys ! !”

“Wha- Oi ! ! Since when did you follow us?”

“Ever since you guys left the school with a serious expression, I think? Wouldn’t it be interesting if you had a romantic relationship with one of the most beautiful girls in class ! !”

Genpaku walked towards the classroom with a grin.

“Huh, what the hell are you talking about? I don’t have that kind of relationship with her. We’re just childhood friends ! !” 

I shook my head in panic at Genpaku’s words, then he sighed at me.

“Is that so?….more importantly, what’s going on between you and those guys yesterday?”

Genpaku’s cheerful expression changed into a serious one when he asked me.

“Yeah, after the entrance ceremony, the leader of those three guys were trying to mess with my little sister, so when I tried to stop them, they got mad at me. So I turned the tables on them.”

“Huh? You, Riku !? to those guys?”

Genpaku who’s unable to hide his surprised expression, opened his eyes and looked straight at me.

“Yeah. they weren’t such a big deal, but they came back yesterday.”

“Then, that number of guys…..”

I don’t know if Genpaku was impressed or contempt when he heard my story, but he made a sour look.

We stopped at the door when we got to the classroom.

“I need to consult about that with you later, is that okay?”

“Hm, yeah…okay, but why?”

“Let’s talk later.”

Genpaku must be curious at my words, but I can’t answer now because I don’t know who might be listening.

If the violence that I do were exposed, I might not be the only one who’s in trouble, but also my childhood friend.

Genpaku seemed to understand what I said, and he replied [Got it] while nodding.

That kind of understanding from this guy….i like it ! !

…..No wait, I mean in a healthy way, okay? Don’t get me wrong ! !

After we stopped talking, each of us took our seats, and I sorted out the pile of love letters carefully and put them into my bag.

I noticed that my classmates who were watching the situation, raising their voices loudly and looking around the class as their gaze was hurting me.

I wonder why that particular person’s gaze pierced through me…..

“…Good morning, Rikkun.”

Meanwhile, my childhood friend, one of the parties who’s involved in yesterday’s incident, came to my seat. I feel that her expression is somewhat red.

My childhood friend’s words made my classmates even more noisy. Of course it’s because one of the most beautiful girls in class was talking to an introvert in a friendly way.


Even in this kind of situation, I greeted her without worrying about my surroundings. It’s common sense to greet back, right?

However, with that one word, my childhood friend was blushing more and more. Genpaku who saw that situation was grinning and someone was on the verge of fainting.

But it was the two beautiful girls (one was an extra) who drowned in the commotion. Needless to say, it was my step sister and the gyaru.

“…..What’s wrong?”

The gyaru who sensed a disturbance in the class, called out to her classmates.

Then my childhood friend said [G-good morning. Sora, Risa ! ! no, it’s nothing ! !] and then she went toward the two of them while waving to greet them back with her face still blushing.

Genpaku tapped my shoulder and whispered to me as I watched the situation with a blank face.

“It’s tough to be popular guy〜Yo, lady-killer ! !”

“Sigh, what are you talking about? There’s no way I’m popular.”

“About Miuchi san, no matter how you look at it, she has a romantic interest, right? Wanna go for it?”

Annoyed by Genpaku’s smirk and involvement, I sighed at him.

“She and I are just childhood friends, alright? It’s not because I’m popular.”

Genpaku sighs at those words as he points at my bag.

“Are you serious, no way〜. If you’re not popular, then what is in your bag?”

“….A letter of misfortune?”

When I answered, Genpakau put his hand on his head and looked upward.

“There’s no way ! ! I’m not a grade schooler. they’re definitely love letters.”

“Then, is it fake confession letters from a punishment game?”

Genpaku was stunned at my words.

“Anyway, there’s no way I’m popular, so don’t give me false hope because of these love letters.”

Perhaps she heard my casual remarks, my step sister who’s standing next to me, glared at me.

“What’s wrong, Sora? Something stuck on me?”

When I noticed my step sister who’s standing still, I called out to her, and she returned to her senses.

“Huh, nothing ! ! Don’t talk to me so casually ! !”

She restrained me with her usual tone and sat down on her seat. But I felt that her words lacked their usual sharpness.

I didn’t notice that the other three were staring at our siblings’ conversation.

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  1. Now they want him just because he changed his appearance a little? The girls other than the idol are trash. Good translation still, thanks

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