During lunch break, I was heading to the meeting place that was arranged by Idol sama.

It was behind the school building, a place that’s not popular and is known by students as a sacred place for confessions. Idol sama called me there, whether she knew that fact or not.

I had a bad feeling about this.

Since yesterday, I’ve received more love letters than I can count. I was pleased by that, and for an unpopular boy, it was enough to kill me.

Even though I’m not supposed to be popular, I felt uncomfortable receiving a love letter from a girl I’ve never been in contact with.

I only cut my hair…..while those thoughts grew stronger, I was called to the sacred place of confession by a class idol sama and got myself ready.

The only image I have of her is that she’s a friend of my step sister.
And yet, to be called by her just because I cut my hair, she just like any other girl is …….

With this in mind, I arrived at the place where I was summoned.

You can see the back of a girl in uniform with long black hair standing under a tree behind the school building.

“R-reizei san…..”
When I called out to Idol sama, she noticed me and turned around to look at me.

At that moment, the wind blew and her hair swayed along with the leaves that illuminated brightly.

The beauty of her figure is so beautiful that it made me forget about the wariness, and you can’t help but gulp.

“Kaizei kun……sorry, for calling you out so suddenly.”
Idol sama looked at me and turned her face down.

“No, it’s fine … So, what do you want to talk about?”
My heart almost got stolen for a moment because of Idol sama’s beauty, but I shook my head and pretended to be calm.

“U-umm… I have something I wanted to ask you, Kaizei kun.”
I nodded silently when I heard her shyly spill out her words.
The reason why I’m staying silent is because I was hoping that the words that followed were not the words I feared.
However, that wish turned into a bubble.

“Um, Kaizei kun, are you currently dating someone?”

“No, I’m not dating anyone…….”
I’m disillusioned with Idol sama who looked at me with a worried expression, but I answered without showing any expression.

When Idol sama heard my answer, she looked a little relieved, but she quickly became restless, adjusting the hem of her uniform and touching her long hair.

I stared at Idol sama and waited for her to speak.

Silence fell over the place, with only the rustling sound from the wind and the students’ voices coming from the school building.

Apparently, the Idol sama looked nervous again and took a deep breath, then she looked at me.

“U-um, I like you…….”
Her muffled voice is drowned out by the wind.

However, I could tell what she was trying to say by her mouth movement.

……So Idol sama too.
Even though I pretended that I didn’t hear it, I was speechless.

I never thought that idol sama would confess to me, even though she didn’t know me well just like the other girls.

Silence fell over between the two of us again.
Idol sama’s expression is boiling red with nervousness and she’s more fidgety than before.

When I saw that, I suppressed the feeling that was about to burst.

The answer is no……..

People would say, what kind of mob could shake a beautiful girl who’s out of his league. I would think so too.

However, a woman’s smile comes to mind…….

I don’t think I’ll be able to date that person.
However, the words and appearances exchanged when we met for the first time are burned into my mind.

……Haha, I can’t speak for others.
I was laughing at myself in my heart.

She saw that smile and suddenly looked at me with a worried expression.

“U-um……, you didn’t hear?”
Her voice made me gasp.

If I say that I didn’t hear her, I may be able to pretend that it didn’t happen. For her sake, I think that would be the best choice.

“Yeah, I didn’t hear.”
When I said that, she began to fluster.

She even looks like a different person from Idol sama who’s usually dignified. My heart ached when I saw that, but I continued to speak.

“But I think I understand what you said…”
Idol sama’s body stiffened again at my words and she stared at me.

“If it’s a confession…..then I’m sorry. I can’t accept that feeling.”
Idol sama’s face twitched at those words, and she lowered her head.

“W-why….i wonder.”

“Recently, there have been a lot of girls approaching me because I just cut my… It’s kinda scary.”
I told her about what had happened while looking down

Idol sama denied my words with all her might, but I convey my thoughts so that they overlap those words.

“Besides, I already have someone I like now… so I can’t date with half-hearted feelings.”
When I said that, she swallowed the words that she was about to say. Then she lowers her head again and bites her lip.

“The person you like…is it someone I know?”
She asked in a trembling voice that was about to break off at any moment.

“No, someone you don’t know….”
I replied to Idol sama while not being able to tell her everything, her voice sounded like she was about to cry, and for the third time there was silence.

“I-is that so……”
It was her who broke the silence by swallowing my words.

She lifted her face along with that voice.
Her eyes were filled with tears.

“Will you……be my friend again?”
I couldn’t quite hear her first words as she tried hard to put on a desperate smile, but I simply replied [….Okay].

Then she wipes the tears from her eyes.

“Then, from today onwards, Kaizei kun and I are friends ! ! Thank you very much.
For making time for me. …….”
After she said that, she turned on her heel and ran off.

I was about to reach her hand, but nothing would change the reason for her tears even if I grabbed her hand.

However, I just looked at her back in a miserable way. This was the first time in my life I had ever shaken someone.

I put my half-floating hand against a nearby tree and was tormented by an indescribable sense of guilt.

I left the Holy Land of Confession…..hoping that she would come to school tomorrow.

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1 year ago

Yeah it’s definitely her, but he doesn’t realize because her appearance is drastically different then when he knew her.

1 year ago

Omfg this is so stupid just for the sake of make something stupid. SHE KNOWS THAT HE DOESN’T REMEMBER then whytf would you confess first and whytf wouldn’t you tell you knew him after that!!
She just needed to say “do you remember when…” And that’s all!!!
This is just stupid drama
I’m just one stupid thing to happen to drop this

1 year ago

So stupid. Author running out of ideas to maintain this shuraba. MC’s a hypocrite as well. He knows that the Idol has been looking at him for an unexplained reason for quite awhile now but didn’t even bother to ask. So fckin stupid. I know this isn’t an airport but sayonara o7

8 months ago

Ah, we’re back in the misunderstanding train. So many misunderstandings have been resolved lately that I was starting to hope that we wouldn’t have to hop back into this train.