We’re in gym class.

Today’s game is basketball.

Genpaku and I were on the seam team, and we’re watching Sabu and Mobu’s match.

Sabu’s height is fairly short, so he moved around a bit, toying his opponents, and scored a point, while Mobu kept defending and rebounding with his solid body, so the score gap between them and the opposite team was one-sided.

“Sabu and Mobu’s team are amazing….i’m pretty sure there’s a basketball player on the other team.”

As I was impressed with how those two played the match, for some reason, Genpaku proudly replied  [Right?].

“Why are you the one who’s elated, Genpaku? Besides, who are they exactly? It seems like the delinquents from the other day knew about them, and they themselves didn’t even seem to be intimidated by 10 delinquents?”

“Ah, those guys were originally experienced martial artists. Mobuta was an experienced boxing champion, and Sabu was experienced in kung fu. Any bad guy out there will get beaten up in less than a few minutes.”

I’m impressed by Genpaku’s words, as he’s  still boasting about the two of them with a proud face.

I’m pretty sure when you look at those two physiques and movements, they don’t look like amateurs. But suddenly I had a few questions on my mind.

“Hey, why is Mobu’s alias Moburian? Isn’t his name  Mobuyama Mobuta?”

“Yeah, Mobuta’s real name is Moburian Tarou Mobuyama. He’s half american, born to an american father and a japanese mother.”

Somehow I was convinced when he told me that.

His body was somewhat unlike the rest of japanese people, and he didn’t look like a pure japanese.

“I see. Then I can agree with that, but why is he called Mobuta?”

“Oh, that? He didn’t want people to know that he was half, so he was using his japanese name [Tarou] but he couldn’t throw away [Moburian] so he named himself Mobuta, i think that’s all? I don’t know the details.”

…..Hee, so he’s a half. His name is kinda weird though.

 I was convinced when I saw Mobuta’s undefeated physique.

I envy his body strength, which would knock off other students if he bumps into them.

“I see. Then what do you mean by Sabu’s kung fu soccer? Though i’ve heard about taekwondo soccer ….”

“That’s no good, you know? Well, Sabu himself was weak back then, but he’s been doing kung fu before started playing soccer so his physical ability has improved a lot.”

Genpaku speaks earnestly while remembering the old days.

Certainly, Sabu’s movement is quick, you can see that the students from the basketball club were having trouble with his movement flow. On top of that, you can see the development of his physical ability when he showed his jumping power that makes you think he will be able to dunk.

“Seriously, these guys are amazing.”

“The hell are you talking about, you were quite amazing too. Those delinquents are famous around here for getting into fights, you know?”

Genpaku stared at me with a disbelieved expression on his face.

I’m sure that the opponents I fought the other day were used to fighting. However, if you asked me if they were that strong, as you know, the result is I killed it in a second.

That’s why if you asked me if they’re strong, the question still remains.

“You don’t know how amazing you are, do you? At least, I’ve never seen a normal human being surrounded by 10 people and still trying to beat them alone.”

Without knowing Genpaku’s actual feelings, Sabu and Mobu’s match was over, so we stood up and prepared for the next match.

“….Hey. By the way, why are you called a sycophant?”

When I casually looked at Genpaku’s face, I remembered what one of the delinquents said the other day.

Genpaku is Sabu and Mobu’s sycophant….sounds terrible.

“Haha, it’s because I’m not good at fighting ! !”

I’m shocked to see Genpaku, who put his hands on his waist and started boasting>

Well, I think it’s better not to get into a fight.

However, I wonder if it’s just my imagination that Genpaku was the one who instigated the fight…..

“However, even if I’m not good at fighting, there’s something that I’m good at… well then, let’s start the game ! !”


Without knowing the meaning of Genpaku’s words, we entered the court.

Our opponents were teaming up with Sabu and Mobu. 

I don’t know how far our team can go against those two who beat the basketball members to a pulp, but for now, I’m heading to the center circle.

The other party is, of course, Mobu.

I flinched a little because of the overwhelming intimidation from Mobu, but i’m taking the challenge with a clear and calm mind.

When the student referee throws the ball up, as expected, Mobu goes over me.

Then, when Mobu bounced it, a student from the opposing team took the ball and passed it to Sabu who’s already running beside me.

….They played me ! !

As I landed and followed the ball with my eyes, I was impatient with what seemed to be a cliched development.

But Genpaku cut the pass without rushing, perhaps he’s already anticipating it , and then regained the team’s composure with a slow dribble.

“Now, let’s take this slowly.”

After he said that, Genpaku was approached by Sabu to cut his dribble.

However, Genpaku threw a backhand pass to his teammate without rushing, then he looked at me and lifted his chin up.

My body naturally ran forward in response to his instructions, as if I was being told to run forward.

The ball was passed to a student on my team, and Genpaku immediately received a return ball then passed it to another student who ran in front of me.

And then, the moment Mobu stood up in front of that student, tried to block the shot, the student passed me the ball from underneath him.

It’s a simple job to do, when i received the ball, I went near the ring and scored a goal.

My team was excited by the early score, and after that, all the ball was passed to Genpaku. The team with Genpaku as their starting point dominated the game, and we were able to go along with the flow, and as a result, Mobu and Sabu team, which had been dominating the basketball team members, were completely defeated by our team.

“You did it, Genpaku ! ! amazing, you’re dominating the game ! !”

With Mobu and Sabu being frustrated, I excitedly approached Genpaku and tapped his shoulder, and he smiled proudly.

“Of course. It’s because I’m controlling this place ! !”

As I admired his confidence, he continued to speak.

“People said that I’m a sycophant,but when it comes to moving around, I’m second to none ! !”

I felt like I saw a glimpse of his confidence backed up by those words, but I still don’t know that it was just a simulation compared to his true awesomeness.

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1 year ago

hanging out with the homies

9 months ago

This is a rather unusual harem novel, because there’s a actually a group of likeable male characters around the MC, rather than just one or two or even none. Usually harem stories are dominated by the heroines in terms of likability, but the guys are much more likable than the girls in this one (though the idol is ok, and the others are getting character development).

2 months ago
Reply to  Krozam

I dont like the character development tho……..