Episode 37 – We Shouldn’t Be That Strong



“You really beat the hell out of us last time huh ! !”

The sore loser yankee from last time didn’t hide his anger and approached me with a fist.

Other delinquents also surrounded me, leaving me nowhere to escape. I took a step back and when I got close to my childhood friend, I covered her as if I was protecting her.

Unfortunately, there was a jungle gym behind her, so there’s no escape. I alone would be able to strike back even if I got beaten up.

However, as long as my childhood friend is here, I have to protect her. If that’s the case, no matter how you look at it, I’m bound with her presence.

On the contrary, I will be not the only one who’s in danger, but her also. 

“Hide behind the jungle gym….”

I called out my childhood friend while wiping my cold sweat.

If she hides in the jungle gym, it will buy me some time and I should be able to call 110.

However, I witnessed an unexpected situation.

“Hold on, you guys. Stop this ! !”
Along with that voice there was my childhood friend who stood in front of me, spreading her arms.

“Oh? What’s with this bitch ! !”

“Hey, wai-! !”

The delinquents were taken aback by my childhood friend’s sudden behavior, and I started panicking.

“Do you guys have no shame in doing this? Against one person ! !”

She continued to lecture them nonstop, which made the delinquents reply furiously [What the hell?  You bitch ! !].

….Seriously, what are you doing ! !

Even though she’s in danger, she stood in front of me without feeling intimidated.

If i remember correctly, i was lectured by her when i beat those guys, she still seemed to think that words can stop a fight in this situation.

Sigh, what a stupid girl.

I insulted my childhood friend inside my heart.

However, I felt a sense of deja vu when I saw her standing with her arms spread.

The memories of her that had been buried deep down inside my heart revived when I had a flashback.

“You’re kinda brave, Nee chan. If you’re going to say that far, I hope you’re ready?”


“What can you do with violence? You will only have a dark future ! !”

“Hahaha, isn’t this girl stupid? You don’t seem to understand your position, do you?”

I didn’t say that her words are a masterpiece, but they laughed at her who’s speaking like an honor student.

What they say is true, I don’t think she can stop them in this state. Her actions only added fuel to the fire.

No matter how good your argument is, it wont work for everyone.

“Come to think of it, this girl has a cute face. Let’s do her after we beat that guy ! !”

When I saw those delinquents smiling vulgary, I felt that my childhood friend was in danger, so I tried to step forward….but her hands were holding my body, so I couldn’t move forward.

“Where’s the fun in surrounding people and hurting them? If you guys don’t have a future, then be my guest, but…., you guys have a future, right? What you were going to do in here, you will regret it ! !”

While she kept control of my actions, she still lectured them, and the delinquent said [Shut up ! !] 

And move his body to hit her.

I try to protect her, but she keeps holding me down with her strength. Even though she was about to get beaten up. That’s why I can’t act properly.

She should have been hit because of that.

But then……

“Hm? It’s Riku ! ! What happened?  A fight?”
Said Genpaku with  a carefree voice, walking along with Mobuta and Saburo.

The delinquents stopped their hands for a moment, and they stared at the three of them.

“Genpaku….., Mobuta, Saburo….”

…..Why are you here ! !

I put a tsukkomi inside my heart, but to be honest, I felt relieved when I called out they’re name.

“Who the hell are you guys !? don’t get in our way ! !”

While the delinquents were distracted by those three, I pulled my childhood friend towards me by force, and moved to a position where I could let her escape at any time.

I’m sorry to the three of you, but I’m going to escape with her in one piece.

“You’re having fun together ! ! Let us join too, okay?”

Mobuta grinned at them and clapped his hands, and Saburo slightly jumped around.

By the way, Genpaku is behind them.

However, the delinquents were intimidated by the mysterious power of those two.

Even though they have a higher strength according to the ratio, strangely enough, I felt that the two of them were reliable, so I took off my glasses and styled my hair in all-back.

 …Come to think of it, my hair was cut by my childhood friend.

Somehow I’m not feeling too good, and when I took a step forward, my childhood friend grabbed the hem of my clothes, looked me up, and said [Don’t…].

I ignore her words and shake off her hands.

Then, one of the delinquents whispered [Oi ! !] to his friend’s ear.

I heard a voice saying [Isn’t he the junior boxing champion, Moburian?].

“Yeah, he’s definitely Mobuyama Moburian. Then, the one next to him is the kung fu soccer player, Sabu River Saburo ! !”

….What’s up with those second names? But, are both of them really that famous?

I don’t know anything outside of this area, so while im throwing a tsukkomi at the delinquents conversation, i looked at Mobuyama Mobuta and the kung fu soccer player, Sabu River Saburo.

 Perhaps it’s because they stood in front of those delinquents in a dignified manner.

…Does that mean Genpaku also has second names?

When I thought of that, I turned to Genpaku, and one of the delinquents mentioned the information I was looking for.

“Since Moburian and Sabu River are here, then the other one is [Kuroyama the sycophant] ! !”

My body lost its strength when he said that, but it looked like Genpaku was good at this and he said [You want this?] to agitate his opponents.

“….The guy who beat us is with Moburian and Sabu River huh. Then we don’t  stand a chance, right?”

One of the delinquents suddenly flinched, and began to calculate the strength.

Mobu and Sabu’s strength was still uncertain, but if those titles are true, at least they have an experience in martial arts. Even the three of us should be able to strike back.

“Now, what are you guys gonna do? You bastard ! !”

When Genpaku, who’s called a sycophant for some reason, threatened them, the delinquents ran away and said [You better remember this ! !]. 

Haha, I think they will bring about 100 people next time.

When I stared at the delinquents as they were running away, my childhood friend collapsed on her knees, perhaps because she lost her strength.

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