At 6 p.m, I was on my way home.
I stared blankly at the ceiling on my bed, somewhat unmotivated.

Even though I just refused after being confessed by her, somehow I was left with a strange feeling.
I don’t know what it is, and I just let my mind wander.

I forgot to ask why Idol sama was minding me, why she confessed to me, and why me. I guess the reason for this confusion is that I turned her down without listening to what she had to say.

I should’ve let her finish talking until the end.
I regretted it, but at the same time I didn’t regret it……there’s nothing I could say now.

Knock knock…..

Suddenly, a knock on the door echoes through the room.

” Yes! !”
I startled at the sound and jumped out of my bed.

Why was I surprised?

Basically, when my mother entered my room, she called out and came in.
As for my step father, he knocks, but he hasn’t come home yet.
This means that there’s only one person who was knocking on the door.

It’s my step sister…….

Well of course, it’s not like my step sister never came to my room.
But when she did, it was only when my parents were there or when she invaded with her friends. Other than that, I know that she is not the kind of thoughtless woman who likes to come into the room of a man she despises.

But today, my parents haven’t come home yet.
So why?

While feeling doubtful, I slowly got up from the bed and headed to the entrance of my room.

I opened the door and found my step sister waiting for me in front of my room.

“What’s up?”
I called out to my step sister, who’s still looking down and refusing to look at me, while swinging her body.

I didn’t hear her voice as she muttered something in a muffled voice.

I looked at my step sister as if I were peeking in because her voice was too quiet.
Then my step sister’s face turned red and she yelled [Dinner is ready ! !].

……I couldn’t hear you because your voice was too small, don’t yell at me.
While thinking of that, I said [Thanks].

However, I didn’t understand what my step sister meant because she was yelling..
I pondered what my step sister said in my mind.

The moment the nerves in my brain matched the meaning of her words, I shouted [Eh !?].

That’s no wonder, I’ve never had a meal with my step sister.
We are not good at eating together, and when both of our parents were away, we usually ate our meals at different times.

So how can she say that she had prepared my dinner ! !
When I couldn’t hide my surprise, my step sister stared at me and said [Do you want it? Or not?] and then she makes a dissatisfied voice.

“……I want it.”

“Then hurry up and get down ! !”
I was so overwhelmed by her power that I couldn’t keep my mouth shut, and when I somehow managed to answer her, she turned on her heel and went ahead of me to the living room.

I looked at her back and felt flustered by the changes in my step sister over the past few days, but I silently followed her.

When I entered the living room, two meals were arranged neatly on the table, and you can see the detail that showed her personality.
The dishes consisting of rice, ginger pork, salad, and miso soup made me hungry, and my stomach rumbled, even though I’m not hungry just a moment ago.

“… what are you doing? Why don’t you sit down quickly?”
My step sister said in a worried voice to me who was dumbfounded by the food, so I followed her voice and took a seat on the opposite side of my step sister.

…… Huh?
For some reason I felt uncomfortable when I sat in that seat.

Normally my seat is diagonal to step sister’s, and I ate my meal while looking at my step father’s face, but today my step sister is right in front of me.

“What are you doing? Let’s eat. …….”
I stopped thinking when my sister-in-law urged me to eat in a somewhat nervous voice, and I picked up my chopsticks in line with her and we said [Itadakimasu ! !] then started eating.

I took a bite of ginger pork.
There is little burning, and the flavor of the meat, which is properly mixed with ginger pork sauce, spreads in your mouth.

[……So good ! !]
I let out a small voice of admiration.
I think my step sister heard my voice and squinted her eyes happily.

I was eating my step sister’s cooking, which is probably as good as a housewife’s thanks to the fact that she lived alone with step father for a long time. I was absorbed by that while my chopsticks went straight to my mouth.

In a blink of an eye, the food disappeared from the plate and the last ginger pork was left on the chopsticks.

I took the last bite and waited for her to finish.
During the meal, the two of us had almost no conversation ……, and the first thing i said [So good ! !] ! was the first and last thing I said.

When my step sister finished eating, we both were thankful for the meal.
Then I call out to my step sister as she’s putting away the dishes.

“Oh, let me do it. I’ve been fed delicious food, so at least let me clean up ! !”
At these words, my step sister who’s holding the dishes stopped moving.

“Her face was expressionless ……. Did I say something creepy? I thought. Then she turned her face away from me.

“It’s fine….. it was something that i did on my own.”

“No, you can’t do that. Let me at least clean up.”
Then, my step sister became silent for a while and stopped moving.

As I was wondering about the situation, she said, [Well, can we do it together?] and so, I gladly took the dishes to the sink.

I saw my step sister’s face looking down, her expression reddening and her mouth was opened.

The two of us washed the dishes side by side and put them away.
From the outside, we looked like a couple living together.
However, in reality, we were just two people who were incompatible with each other, cleaning the dishes in silence.

“Hey, why did you cook dinner for me tonight?”
I asked one question that has stuck in my mind.

Of course……,it’s because my step sister, who hated me so much, has suddenly changed her attitude. I can’t help but wonder.

“Because we’re family, is that not enough?”
She said that without looking at me as she wiped the dishes.

…… because we’re …… family.
I also said the same cliche thing to my step sister.
I can accept that, but I can’t get rid of one doubt.

“It’s not that not enough, but you don’t have to force yourself, you know?”

At my words, my step sister raised her head and looked at me.
Her expression is full of confusion.

“I know that Sora hates me, and I know the reason why.”

My step sister was shocked and she dined it with a small voice, but it didn’t reach me.

“Besides, I’m thinking of taking this opportunity to start living alone……..”
At my words, she dropped the soup bowl that she was holding in her hand.


That sound alone echoed in the room where there were only two people.

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