Ehem☆ The boys bowling competition was over, and after parting with Genpaku, I headed home.

When I got home, my feelings became heavy as I realized that my sister is here, but since I can’t leave alone, I have no choice but to go home.

I arrived at my house with a sigh, then opened the front door and took off my shoes.

Then I heard a sound of running water coming from the washroom, so I went there to see if my step sister was there, maybe she just finished washing her hands, and my step sister came out and……it’s not her ! !

That face wasn’t my step sister’s.

It was Izumo Risa’s face, the gyaru who has always been my enemy.

…Why, why is she here !?

The sudden encounter with my natural enemy at home has already made my brain burst, my eyes met with the gyaru.

However, there’s no cursing that came out from her mouth like usual.

While feeling nervous about the curses that would come, I was wondering what the gyaru was doing, and she suddenly started to get flustered.

“Sorry to bother you ! !”

I thought her sharp gaze would come at me along with a curse, but what came out from the gyaru’s mouth was a greeting.

Seeing the gyaru acting like that made my nervousness gone and I said […D-don’t mind it] and headed to my room on the second floor.

After returning to my room, I put down my stuff and sat down on the desk chair, while thinking about why Izumo Risa was in my house.

I’m pretty sure that I had witnessed her getting along with my step sister in class, so I knew they were friends.

However, I never thought that my step sister would invite her classmates to our home. After all, she doesn’t want my existence to be public.

But my step sister brought a gyaru…..

I wonder what kind of situation makes her do that.

While wondering about my step sister’s change of heart, I turned my attention to another question.

That’s right, I mean why is the gyaru who’s my natural enemy looking at me, but didn’t curse at me.

Moreover, the fact that she greeted me was astounding.

I’ve been thinking for a while about the reason why the gyaru changed her attitude. In the end, I had no idea and ended up messing up my hair and returning it to my usual hairstyle.

….As expected, I can’t settle with this hairstyle. 

While thinking about it, I turn on my computer.

After the computer screen turned on, I waited a while for it to start up, and then I clicked the Guardian Fantasy icon on the screen.

Then while listening to the magnificent BGMas usual, I pressed the login button….but then I heard footsteps of several people from the corridor.

….Are they going home? How many people are coming anyway? The moment I thought about such a thing, the door made a creaking sound.

I was thinking about how rare it is for my step sister to come to my room…..but when i pretended not to hear it, the room door opened vigorously.

Startled by the sound, I stared at the entrance of the room with my mouse in one hand and froze up.

“Oh, it’s really him〜 It’s Kaizei ! !”

That’s what my childhood friend Miuchi said.

“…Ohh, it’s really me〜 no wait, i’ll sue you for trespassing ! !”

While calming down my feelings, I stare at my childhood friend who opened the door.

Behind her there was my step sister who got flustered, an idol who persuaded the other to open the door, and a gyaru with a disgusted look on her face when she saw me.

“Hey, Sorachi, is this guy your only step sibling? No matter how you look at it, he’s a gloomy person…”

“Yea, this guy is the only one… Even though we’re step siblings, he is still a stranger.”

My step sister and the gyaru who hated me, threw a harsh word at me.

Behind them, there was the idol who’s looking at me with both eyes wide open and her hands covering her mouth. Her cheeks seem to be a little red, but it’s probably just my imagination.

“…..What is it?”

“No, I heard that Sora had a sibling, so I just came to see what kind of person he is.”

When I asked them what they wanted, my childhood friend answered.

“…No wait, I’m not some kind of a show, you know?”

Even though I wanted to say a resentful complaint, I just stared at them.

“If you don’t have any business here, you can leave, i wanna play games right now…”

When I said that while turning to my desk, the gyaru twitched as if she was reacting to something.

“I can’t do that. Because there is something I want to confirm with you, Kaizen ! !”

When my childhood friend said that, she quietly entered my room.

“Hey, wait ! !”

As soon as I was about to raise my voice, I saw my childhood friend standing in front of me and she suddenly touched my hair.

“Wait, Miuchi san ! !”

For some reason, my childhood friend brushed my hair up and exposed my eyes while ignoring the Idol sama who raised her voice in a strong tone.

“…Too close ! !”

My face turned bright red at this distance, and my childhood friend chuckled when I let her do as she pleases.

“Hee, so you have this kind of face, Kaizei.”

When she said that, she approached me with a disinterested look on her face. And when she saw my face, her expression turned to surprise.

“Ugh, so a gloomy person has this kind of face huh ! ! give me back my excitement that i had earlier〜”

And then she said various things.

“No, I don’t know ! ! you guys, get out right now ! !”

My childhood friend grinned when I got angry without noticing the Idol sama was making furious expressions for some reason.

“Well well, Kaizen. Why are you growing your hair like this? If you do it properly, maybe you can be a little popular?”

“Why should I care? I’m saving money on a haircut ! !”

I make excuses at my childhood friend’s words to put away my shyness.

“Eh, even though Sora chan did it properly?”

After saying that, she thought about something and called out my step sister.

“Sora, do you have hair-cutting shears? If you have one, I’d like to borrow it…”

“…Eh, there’s one, but what are you going to do with that?”

After she said that, my childhood friend took off my glasses and combed my hair with the comb she was holding.

“I’m thinking about cutting this guy’s hair.”

She moved behind me as she said that while holding a comb.

I looked at my step sister in front of me while squinting my eyes to see the open view.

My step sister who saw my face, made a surprised expression, then she took a step back and leaned against the wall next to the door.

This is the moment when Pandora’s box was opened.

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1 year ago

Pandora’s box, hm? Thanks for the translation

10 months ago

Things are finally about to get interesting.

8 months ago

Then here we have an interesting moment… you see, the half-sister who “hates” the half-brother who appeared, is aggressive with him, and tells him to stay away. Suddenly, she invades his room without any regard for privacy. Where did all that hatred go? And worse, she brought along 2 more girls who are also horrible to him.

Imagine the reverse situation, where the half-brother who “hates” his half-sister invades her room with 3 more random guys without any warning. Imagine the chaos that would ensue?