Episode 18 – My Childhood Friend Should’ve Found Her Childhood Friend



A class gathering was held, and each of us already made our own friends. 

I made friends with Reizei Ayano, a refined lady who sits next to me.

However, I was shocked to hear that Kaizei Riku kun,  the person who I was most interested in, couldn’t come due to some errands.

I couldn’t help but be disappointed to think that he might be the boy I played with when I was a kid.

However, I’m not entirely sure.

First, his surname is different.

His name is Kaizei, and my childhood friend is Matsudaira.

If his parents were divorced, it might be a possible fact, but I can’t be sure based on my speculation alone.

…..I want to meet and talk to you soon. I want to make sure.

In my head, I was only thinking about such things. 

The class gathering was over, and my classmates returned to their homes.

I also decided to go home with Kaizei san who was in the same direction as me.

We rushed home while exchanging casual conversation.

But her step seemed somewhat heavy.

I thought of asking her about Kaizei kun, but I decided not to because I heard her conversation with her classmates that they’re not related.

“I’m going to stop by the convenience store for a bit and then go home…”

Kaizei san said that as she stopped at the intersection suddenly.

My house is straight down the intersection, but you have to turn right to go to the convenience store. That’s why I parted with Kaizei san here.

When I got home, I changed my clothes in my room, then I went to the living room, and my mother called out to me.

“Hey, go shopping ! ! we ran out of eggs….”

Being fed up with that voice, I said [Yes] and left the house with my wallet.

The supermarket is in the same direction of the road where Kaizei san went to.

Kaizei san must have already gone home, so we probably won’t encounter each other…. When I think about that, I witnessed a fight.

It was a scene of a male student in our school uniform surrounded by three men.

Besides that, there was also a girl’s figure, but I couldn’t see her face.

I felt a sense of danger and hid in the shadows, only to find one of the three men hit the male student.

He dodged the first blow. Then, he takes the second blow from the other man with his head, he knocks down those three in an instant.

For some reason I was angry when I saw the men on the ground running away in a panic.

My father had taught me from when I was a child that violence was bad. And there must have been a way to escape with the girl. It was a one-sided view, but I dislike people who solve things with violence.

So when I saw that he was coming this way, I stood in front of him.

“You. I can’t believe you used violence to save a girl ! !”

“Huh, what the hell are you talking about?”

That person who got angry by my words, glared at me.

His eyes are thin and sharp. Perhaps because he has a slick back hairstyle, his facial features are even worse.

However, I’m not going to lose, so I show my natural sense of justice and masculinity.

“You try to solve everything with violence, and that’s why violence will never go away. It’s because people like you exist ! !”

“Then what do you want me to do?”

I’m a little frightened by him, who got more and more angry at my words.

People who try to solve things with violence will surely decide to use violence against me too.

“You even yelled at me, you’re the worst ! ! you should’ve decided to solve it through discussion ! ! This is why delinquents are bad ! ! if you reason with them, they will surely understand.”

I got more and more annoyed at the person who looked beyond angry and disgusted by my words, and I shot him without giving him a chance to argue back.

“Please don’t talk to me. Filthy ! ! It looks like we’re in the same school, so please don’t talk to me even if you see me. If you talk to me, I’ll tell the student guidance teacher what happened today ! !”

If he tries to speak up, I line up the words to control him.

I’m not even listening to what he had to say. I was convinced that I had beaten him when I saw him standing still with a sour expression.

After all, violence is no good ! ! I resolved myself and walked away. 

He watched me run away with an angry look on his face.

On the way home, I realized that I had forgotten to buy eggs, so I went back to the supermarket not far from here, and my mother said  [You’re late ! !] as i was scolded by her. 

In my heart, I blame him for everything, but I never thought that Kaizei kun had closed his heart because of this.

The next day, when I arrived at school, Kaizei kun was already in his seat reading some book.

When I looked at him, I felt that this was the right time to talk to him, so I went to talk to him feeling nervous.

“Um… Kaizei kun, didn’t you used to live around here?”

For some reason, he was trembling when I suddenly talked to him.

“Y-yeah, I used to live here, and you are?”

I was shocked by his words.

If he had been my childhood friend, I would have thought that he would have remembered my name, but instead, he asked me what my name was.

You should have listened to my self-introduction in class yesterday…. So I have a plan.

“I’m Miuchi Asuka, do you remember me? I’m Asuka who used to play with you a lot in the past, Rikkun ! !”

I thought that he would remember me if I called him by his childhood nickname.

However, he replied [Etto, I think you got the wrong person….].

Embarrassed by his answer, i quickly left him while saying, [I see, I got the wrong person〜, sorry 〜] 

…..Wrong person〜. How embarrassing.

That’s right, even though they share the same name, they have different surnames.

However, I didn’t know his inner feelings

Yesterday’s incidents had created a huge gap between me and him.

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  1. She’s even more annoying in this scene when it’s from her POV. Every girl other then the school idol-so far- deserves a good beating at the least.

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