Episode 19 – My Childhood Friend Shouldn’t Notice His Existence



I returned to my seat feeling embarrassed because I had a misunderstanding with Kaizei kun.

As I put my arms on the desk and covered my face with both of my hands, my friend from middle school called out to me.

“Hey, Asuka. Do you have anything to do on tomorrow’s day off? Do you want to go somewhere?”

Her voice reminded me of my plans for tomorrow. That’s right, tomorrow is the day I’ve been waiting for ! !

“Sorry ! ! I have to go out tomorrow because I have some errands ! !”

When i clasped my hands in front of my face and tools her that i couldn’t, she said [I see〜. Then I’ll see you next time ! !] and left the place.

I feel bad that I declined her invitation, but I am grateful to my friend who reminded me of tomorrow’s plan.

Yeah, tomorrow is the day when Matsudaira Riku sensei held a book signing.

When I remembered that, the worry that I had earlier had already become a thing of the past, my mind was filled with what to wear and what to say for tomorrow.

My heart started pounding when I thought that maybe he really is my childhood friend. Without knowing the fact that the person himself was among my classmates, my mind was filled with thoughts about tomorrow.

The next day, while wearing my favorite dress, I headed to the destination.

Needless to say that I spent most of the time last night looking for clothes that they often wear in dramas and anime, and I even put my makeup on perfectly. 

…..But you’re not going on a date, are you? Quiet.

I’m going to meet someone who might be my destined one. Of course I do this much ! !

I was in a happy mood when I went out into the city, but since I don’t usually go to such places, I got lost.

Even though I had arrived at my destination  just in time for the start of the event, i got lost again on the floor of the bookstore where the event was held.

I saw the restroom on the opposite side of the bookstore that I had confirmed on the floor map.

……Eh, you have no sense of direction ! ! Shut up ! !

I was running out of time, but I decided to go to the restroom to fix my makeup. I was walking a little dast, so I checked my clothes to see if they weren’t dirty and walked out of the restroom as quickly as possible.

Then, I bumped into a boy who came out of the men’s restroom. I fell on my buttcheeks instantly.


“Are you okay?”

When I rub my butt, the boy gently reaches out his arm.

“Sorry, I was in a hurry….”

I grabbed the boy’s hand while apologizing, and slowly stood up.

Then I look at that person’s face.

I was captivated by his face.

A refreshing young man with well-toned skin and big eyes was standing in front of me.

…..So cool ! ! 

His face was my type, I was worried if my eyes were turned into heart marks.


He felt uncomfortable with my gaze and raised his voice quietly.

“Uh, um. I’m sorry. I was going to the bookstore, but I got lost, and then I got so nervous that I went to the restroom and got even more lost ….”

I came to my senses when I heard his voice, and I explained the details of what had happened while waving my hands in the air.

I was confused at the time, but then he looked at me with a smile and said [Well, I’m going in the same direction, so would you like to go with me?]

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’ll show you around, okay? Then, we should go.”

When I asked him back with a surprised voice, he kindly offered to guide me.

And as I followed him a few steps as he walked away, my heart was disturbed by his gentlemanly manner.

He still looks young, but he gives off the impression of an adult man, and in my eyes, he looks like a prince.

“This is the bookstore. Please be careful not to get lost again.”

He stopped suddenly and told me my destination with a smile on his face.

“Eh !?” 

His voice made me behave suspiciously. I had been looking at his back without looking ahead, so I didn’t see the bookstore, which was the most important thing.

When I saw him twisting his head in wonder as he guided me, I instantly said [Oh, thank you very much ! ! Um, as a thanks ….]

“It’s fine. Then I should go.”

After saying that, he quickly went inside the bookstore.

As I followed him from behind, I was impressed by his coolness and his smart response. 

However, what surprised me even more was that he was the author who appeared on the stage of the book signing.

He made his debut as a highschool writer, but his response was somehow calm and composed, which was hard to believe for someone of his age.

Seeing that attitude, I selfishly felt like I was destined for him.

Moreover, he said that he didn;t have a girlfriend.

My mind was filled with flower gardens, but when the autograph session started, I suddenly got nervous.

While holding a book that he wrote with my hand, I was thinking about what I’m going to talk to him, but my turn is imminent.

Then, it was finally my turn.

My nervousness reached the MAX and my brain stopped working.

“We met again. I never thought you would come.”

He saw me in that state with a smile and then I said [Oh, um. Thank you so much for earlier ! ! I didn’t know you were Matsudaira sensei, I’m, I’m.]

I was excited by his words that my nervousness must have been broken, and I started to speak fastly.

“It can’t be helped. It’s my first autograph session, so it’s only natural that you wouldn’t notice.”

He was frightened a little when he saw me, but he responded with kindness.

“No, I’ve been reading it since it was a web novel, so I’m happy to meet you today ! !

When I handed him the book I was holding, he signed it carefully.

After he signed it, he handed me the book

“I’m looking forward to future works from a sensei who is the same age as me, so please keep up the good work ! !”

When i received the book that has been signed, i exploded with joy and shook his hand to express my feelings

After hearing my words, he smiled and said [Thank you] while gently shook back my hand.

However, the moment of bliss passes by in an instant. My turn was over.

It was a shame to let go of his hand, but when I looked at the autograph in the book, I called out his name.

“Matsudaira….., Rikkun?” 

I called him by nickname because I wanted him to be my childhood friend.


After I heard his voice, I turned around and our eyes met.

I looked at him and I began to think that he might really be my childhood friend.

However, without a way to confirm it, I was pushed out by the staff. But my gaze, which had a stronger desire to make sure, remained fixed on him for a while.

However, I couldn’t confirm the fact at the book signing that day.

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