Episode 27 – Idol sama Should’ve Found Him



The next week, when I was on my way to school, Miuchi san called out to me.

She seemed to be excited because she met her childhood friend again after several years.

I was a little taken aback by her excitement, but I know that when girls are in love they become like that.

Miuchi san who talked a lot about her childhood friend, taking out her smartphone.

In the picture there was a refreshing young man with a little bit of makeup on, smiling and shaking hands with fans.

However, I was somewhat disgusted by his expression.

His smile was somewhat fake like the people around that I know.

A smile to fawn on the readers……

To me, that behavior makes me sick.

“Hey, he’s cool isn’t he?”

“….Hmm, well. He might not be my type I think.”

“Eh〜, he’s cool and refreshing.”

“Well, if you said that he’s refreshing, he is refreshing…but it seems, he’s too perfect, or rather, it looks like he’s too self-conscious.”

I told Miuchi san my true feelings without knowing that the person himself was listening behind my back.

And then I found him in shock as he heard what I said, and I saw his back when he rushed off to school.

…..It’s Kaizei Kun, today is the day i find out the facts from him ! !

I didn’t know what was going on inside his mind, and I was renewing my decision…..

“Then, what kind of person do you like, Ayano san?”

Miuchi san asks me what type of person that I like with a somewhat dissatisfied expression on her face.

I’ve never really thought about what kind of guy I like.

My middle school was an all girls school, and the guys around me weren’t my type. At that time, Kawabe kun, who was studying together with me at cram school, appeared on my mind.

“…..hmm, maybe someone who’s flawed at something and cute?”

“Reizei san, do you like ‘no good’ men? What a bad taste.”

She denied my preference with a somewhat disgusted expression.

I don’t like “no good” men either. However, when I see him working hard despite his clumsiness, I feel like I want to support him, and I’m moved by that figure. That doesn’t mean that guy is “no good”…..

“It’s not like that. It’s just, there are so many perfect men around me that I feel suffocated….”

“Yeah〜, after all, Reizei san is a refined lady. Then what about Kaizei? That person seems to have a lot of flaws…” 

While giggling, Miuchi san pinpointed the person I was interested in.

“Hmm, he’s not quite the same. Actually, I have someone that I like…..”

I was a little bit startled to hear those words, but I managed to deflect the conversation.

Kaizen kun is not my preference. However, since there’s a possibility that he might be Kawabe kun, i can’t help but be curious about him, so i just tell Miuchi san the truth, and her eyes light up.

“Eh? Reizei san, you have a crush on someone !? Who? Who? Same class?” 

“Hmm, he went to the same cram school as me. He said he was going to this school, so we studied together. But I haven’t met him yet, so maybe he failed……”

I didn’t want to think that he failed to enter, but it makes me sad to remember that his name wasn’t there in the class division paper.

“Maybe because he’s a no good man… well, just find your next love〜”

Seeing me in that state, Miuchi san cheered  me up with words that I don’t know if it’s encouragement or not.

However, her words make me slightly annoyed.

Whether he’s a no good man or not, at least he is someone that I like.

“Is that so…..Please do your best with your childhood friend too. I don’t know if you two can meet again or not….”

While hiding my irritated face, I gave her sarcasm…..when i sent her words of encouragement, her expression was like she was in despair and said [Hey you〜] while grabbing the hem of my uniform.

….Because she speaks ill of the person i like. 

Not knowing what I was thinking, he was already in the classroom, sneezing.

After school that day, I waited for a chance to talk to him.

It was somewhat embarrassing to ask him while people were watching. So I decided to go attack him when he’s alone ! !

Having my mind made up, I watch his moves like a hungry hyena.

Then he started moving ! !

Since he left the classroom with his luggage, I also brought them when I left.

I followed him without being noticed as he walked away from the shoe box.

I looked like a police officer following a criminal.

I chased him through the crowd and entered the library.

I felt hesitant to immediately follow after him, so I took a deep breath to calm my nervousness.

What if he is him, what if he was him….

My hearts beat fast, as my feelings intersect.

When I calmed down a little, I opened the library door.

There’s no doubt that he’s on the other side of the door that opened along with a crackling sound.

When I entered the library, I took a quick look around.

However, I couldn’t find him at first.

I thought he was near the bookshelves, but he wasn’t there.

I swear I saw him enter with my own eyes, it’s weird….

As I was wondering, I looked at the desk area this time.

And then, I found him reading a book slowly.

At that moment, the throbbing in my chest reaches its climax.

I suppressed my throbbing heart desperately, then I walked towards the seat that was the opposite from the one where he was sitting.

The moment I sat in front of him, I saw something.

I can see his eyes, which are usually hidden.

His hair was parted and one part was tied with a hair clip.

When i looked at him, i was convinced that he was Kawabe kun.

That’s right, that hair clip was a gift from me……

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