Episode 48 – There’s No Way The Gyaru Suddenly Changed



After that day, he and I only met at the game one day a week, on Wednesdays.

For me, it’s not that I’m not lonely.

I get lonely when I am alone and I worry about what he’s doing.

But we were just a couple in a virtual world. There is no such thing as a bond, so I had no intention of binding him to me.

I just wanted him to only look at me when we were together and whisper his love to me, even if it’s just a small one……

With this wish alone, I made it through this week.

Then a small change came to me.

His presence gave me support and I was able to relax my mind.

As a result, I was driven by the thought that I must change in case I meet him someday.

So I started making efforts to change myself by reading fashion magazines in between my studies and asking my sister on how to apply makeup.

As a result, my classmates gradually started talking to me and I even received love letters.

However, I consistently answered no, because I already had Rikku in my heart.

Since we were both students preparing for exams, we spent many days talking about studying and encouraging each other when we were depressed.

And we were happy that we passed each other’s school of choice. Even though I didn’t know where he lived, I was happy to be able to share my joy with him.

One day, after the entrance exam was over and when I was starting to show signs of changes, I witnessed a certain scene.

I saw Rikku walking around in a party with a certain girl character in the game.

It wasn’t Wednesday, so we didn’t make any promises to each other.

But he disregarded me, who was holding back my desire to see him and refraining from logging in, instead, he was playing the game.

I couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable for some reason.

And then, when I realized that he was with a girl character other than me, the feelings I had stored up exploded in all directions.

As a result, I got my first player kill in my life.

As I looked at my avatar attached to the rope in the game, I felt disgusted for the first time in a while.

…..I don’t want to be this gloomy, I want to change ! !

If there’s  something that can be changed is  by understanding your own personality.

I am sure that now is the time to change.

Besides, my high school life starts next week.

As if to throw away my past self, I graduated from dressing plainly. I stopped wearing glasses, put on contact lenses, and lightened my hair color slightly. I also started wearing light makeup. As a result, my high school life took a turn for the better.

As my female classmates asked me how to apply makeup, I became the center of attention and made more friends than I had in middle school.

Among them, it was a bright moment for me to be friends with the three most beautiful girls in my class, Reizei san, Kaizei san, and Miuchi san, who were in the top caste of girls.

There was only one boy among my classmates who I couldn’t accept.

His name was Kaizei Riku.

He had long hair that covered his face, plain glasses, and a gloomy atmosphere that somehow irritated me whenever I saw him.

I had a sense of deja vu from that atmosphere.

my middle school self that reflected in the window overlapped with him.

That’s why in the space between the two of us, a disgusting feeling comes to me and I say bad things.

Even though he never did anything wrong…….

One day, I was visiting Kaizei san’s house with two other girls. While we were chatting about love stories, I was annoyed by the girls’ inability to get along, and then I met Kaizei san’s brother.

According to Kaizei san’s story, when i found out that this person was a classmate that i hate, i regretted thinking he was cool for a moment.

However, Miuchi san was so curious that he took Kaizei san to his room.

Reizei san and I were taken aback by her behavior, but we followed him.

Then, for some reason, Miuchi san said that she wanted to cut his hair, so she had his hair cut in a hurry.

No matter how much he changed, a gloomy person was still a gloomy person

That’s right, there’s no way his personality will change that much.

As I put myself on the shelf, I looked around the room with a bored expression. I was surprised to see the  room wasn’t particularly nerdy, just a lot of books ,and a computer caught my eye.

There I saw a familiar game, GFO, on the screen. out of curiosity, I looked at the screen to see his status, and there I saw a floor similar to the room where my character lived.

But the viewpoint was from  Kaizei’s brother’s character’s point of view.

Unable to hide my surprise at that sight, I looked at the player name in the upper left corner of the screen.

There it says [Rikku] ! !

While my mouth opened in surprise, it seemed that he had finished cutting hair, and Miuchi told him to put on his contacts as she cleans up and sets a few more.

When he appeared in front of us with his contacts on, the room’s atmosphere changed. The other girls were surprised by the changes in three different ways.

I was surprised and suspicious that the man I hated appeared in front of me with the name [Rikku].

However, I can’t confirm that he is [Rikku]…..No, the days go by without the courage to make sure of it.

And today, the handsome guy in our class played a trick on us and got us entangled with a bunch of delinquents. It was originally a farce by Mr. Handsome, but when I saw him trying to protect us from being frightened, his appearance seemed to be the same as when I first met [Rikku].

Then I take a gamble.

I took him to karaoke because I was scared. What I didn’t expect was that the other three came with me, but I wanted to make sure of something more.

It was to sing  [Rikku] favorite singer, genmai’s song [Uchiage Kanji] together.

It was a song I had promised to sing with him when I met him in the future, and knowing that he knew how to sing it, gave me more and more confidence that he was Rikku.

……As for his singing, well, that is another story.

If you think about it, his name was also [Riku].

If you think about it, my name is also “Riku”.

It may be a coincidence, but on this day I had made up my mind.

I decided to ask if Kaizei Riku was [Rikku]…..

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