Episode 33 – I Shouldn’t Let My Childhood Friend Cut My Hair



For some reason, I was surrounded by these girls.

Idol sama who’s standing near the door, A gyaru who’s sitting on my bed, and my childhood friend who’s sitting in front of me.

Some people would probably call this a harem. But for me, it’s definitely not. It’s like hell on earth.

After all, all the beautiful girls who hated me are gathering ! ! I wonder if there are people who enjoy a situation where they don’t know when they will be executed…..no, i don’t think so.

Actually, my hair is about to be executed right now.

I looked at my childhood friend with fear.

Her face is somehow lively yet somewhat uneasy.

“…..Umm, Miuchi san? Are you really going to cut it?”

When I asked my childhood friend if she was going to carry this punishment while feeling nervous, she said [Yeah ! !] with a smile on her face.

She had an innocent look on her face and her smile was bright. That innocent smile would make a normal man fall in love instantly. 

Unfortunately, I’m not normal ! !

She is supposed to hate me, so there’s no way I would like her.

“You know, I’m going to be a hairdresser in the future ! !”

As I was thinking about rude things, she started talking about her future.

….Why is she talking about her future all of a sudden ! !

I didn’t expect to hear a fairytale-like story from her, so I was listening to it with a dumbfounded look on my face, and the gyaru who was sitting on my bed looked at me.

“Hee〜, so Asu have that kind of dream huh.”

“Ehehe. I’ve always liked to style my brothers’ hair and cut them, so I want to do that as a job.”

Seeing my childhood friend smile and get a little embarrassed, I felt sorry for her brothers.

However, I felt sorry for myself too.

From now on, I will be the one who got executed.

“Hey, Kaizei kun. Why did you grow your hair this long?”

My childhood friend asked me while touching my hair.

As I got flustered by the sensation of my childhood friend’s hand, I looked at Idol sama who had a grumpy expression on her face for some reason.

Even though I was curious by that expression, I answered my childhood friend’s question.

“…My family used to be poor back then, so I didn’t cut it to save money.”

….That’s not true. That was just an excuse.

The truth is, I had no confidence in my appearance and I was just afraid to look people in the eyes.

I hurt my heart when I lied to myself.

“Fuun. More importantly, Sora is taking her time too long.”

My childhood friend who casually listened to what i said, worried about my step sister who hasn’t returned from her room yet.

“…Hey, did  we just have a nice talk now? We did, right ! !”

When I ignored her, I was just hurting my feelings unnecessarily, and I gave her a resentful look at her who had no interest in my past.

As if she was ignoring my stares, she took her hand off my hair and walked over to my bookshelf, perhaps she’s interested.

Then she noticed something.

It was a novel that I wrote.

“Oh, so you have this also, Kaizei kun ! ! [I Fell In Love With You Who’s Standing In The Rain]”

“Hm, Yeah….”

I’m the author, of course I have it.

“It’s good right〜. Rain Love ! ! I’m a big fan of the author ! ! that person〜…..”

My childhood friend is talking about the author with her eyes shining, so I got annoyed.

“Ah, yeah yeah. Thank you for coming to the book signing last time.”

I interrupted her words with a reckless act.


“Hm, why are you saying thank you? More importantly, how did you know I went to the book signing?”

My childhood friend was thanked by a guy who wasn’t even the author (she thinks), and then he knew that she went to the book signing, so it’s natural for her to be suspicious.

…..I’ve done it ! !

I turned pale at my own comments.

“N-no, the other day, while I was on my way to school……I happened to hear your conversation with Reizei san. Because you have a loud voice Miuchi san……right, Reizei san ! !”

I asked Idol sama hoping that she would agree with me, but then she said [Eh?] and her face turned red.

“…..She is, right ! ! Why are you stiffening !? Why are you so unreliable today, my dear?”

I throw a tsukkomi with all my heart at Idol sama reaction.

“Well then, now tell me what were we talking about ! !”

My childhood friend suddenly walked closer to me.

…T-too close ! !

I rolled my eyes because of my own mistakes and because of my childhood friend getting closer.

I was unaware that Idol sama who saw that situation made a grumpy voice [Huh?] as  I replied to my childhood friend

“L-look. You’re talking about how cool the author is, how kind he is, and how the author is a virgin because he had no girlfriend….”

“Eh?” “hm?” 

The bewildered voice from Idol sama and a voice full of anger from my childhood friend are synchronized.

“But I didn’t say that much though? Why did you know about Sensei’s experience with women in the first place?”

The intimidating look on her face and her eyes puts me in the corner. Certainly she never said that much. 

“L-look, i was there too at that time…”

“You weren’t there ! ! I saw the venue that day with my own eyes, so I remember everything ! !”

…..What a sharp sighted girl ! ! this girl is spot on ! ! 

My head was already in so much pain, then I heard the sound of a door opening. 

“Asuka chan. I brought you what you told me to ….”

Step sister ! ! My step sister came into the room with scissors, a newspaper and a garbage bag.

“Oh yeah. Sora chan. Thanks.”

…..I’m saved ! !

My step sister who usually looked like a demon is looking like an angel today ! ! She’s an angel who offered me salvation from the devil, my childhood friend ! !

However, my childhood friend glared at me and said [I’ll listen to your story later okay ! !] Then she forced me to sit down.

The gyaru, who had been watching our charade with a bored expression, probably got tired of it and moved to my computer quietly.

And then, she was staring at my computer screen that was left open and muttered [No way…..!?] At that time, I didn’t notice it.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 33 – I Shouldn’t Let My Childhood Friend Cut My Hair

  1. How is the childhood friend this braindead? She’s seen his face without makeup at the cafe when she over heard what she thought was his book getting canceled. How does she not recognize him? Or his voice? Don’t feed your children paint chips people.

    Nice that we should see the shitty step sister and gyaru suffering soon though.

  2. Are these girls blind? They shouldve noticed atleast some similarities in his face, its not like hes wearing a freaking mask lol His nose, mouth and chin can be seen below his bangs. The author’s making a fool of us readers but, anyway, its good that hes got a haircut

  3. Idol girl wins. The gyaru is out cause she’s too damned mean spirited to people she doesn’t like, and I’m against yandere anyway. The childhood friend is practically brain dead. The step-sister I guess has her reasons for how she’s acted, and I kinda get it, but she lives with the guy and couldn’t figure out he was her crush.

    The idol both seemed to recognize him almost right away (bit of uncertainty cause his name changed, but that’s normal), and liked him even when he wasn’t doing something cool. She also seems like the least damaged. Wanting more freedom is basically the teenager default.

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