Episode 42 – There’s No Way a Sycophant Would Betray…..



After school, Genpaku and I dragged Sabu and Mobu out of school.

Near the station where I left the school, I’m meeting up  with 4 most beautiful girls in class (I’m tired of treating her as an extra….).

If you look at this situation, it feels like we’re going to a mixer, but it’s different according to Genpaku’s story. No wait, I don’t think I’m mistaken because after we’re done with our business, we’re going to karaoke, but……I’ve never heard about the business so I’m half in doubt.

The girls probably haven’t heard the important matter either, so I think they’re more suspicious than I am. But for some reason, I wonder why the 4 of them are begging to come.

They were probably aiming for Genpaku.

I hate people who are popular ! ! and I want to return Genpaku’s line back at him.

In the meantime, we meet up with the 4 most beautiful girls in class.

As soon as my step sister saw us, she hid behind Asu with a [Ugh…] expression.

Seeing my step sister’s behavior, I was depressed because I feel like she still hates me.

“Hm, Mobuyama kun and Sabushima kun. What’s up?”

Genpaku  answered for both of them when my childhood friend asked.

“These guys are here to help with today’s business, so please get along with them after we’re done.”

“Hey, what kind of business have you been talking about since a while ago? A business that required girls…..”

I tried to draw out Genpaku’s true feelings, but he laughed happily.

“Well, it’s something good, so follow me….”

After saying that, he quickly passed through the station ticket gate.

We reluctantly followed him. 

Then someone pulled my cuffs from behind.

It seems that the person who pulled my sleeve was my step sister, and I was very surprised.

“…..Hey. Did you ask what we’re going to do?”

“Hm, I can’t hear you.”

I can’t hide my surprise that my step sister said something that wasn’t abusive for the first time.

“What’s with that manner of talking. So how come the person who called out to you didn’t know what to do?”

My step sister wondered when I responded in a strange tone to her, who was having a normal conversation.

“I haven’t heard it either ! ! I was told to go out with him to karaoke, but I haven’t heard anything else ! !”

And when I put my hand on my forehead like a certain sergeant, my step sister let out a big sigh.

“What was that? It’s like some kind of a mixer. I think I should go home….”

“W-wait for a second ! ! I think Genpaku must’ve had something on his mind ! ! hey, Sabushima shi, have you heard of anything?”

I asked Sabu for help, but he also laughed and said [I didn’t hear anything] and moved on.

My step sister made a disgusted look at those words and said [I’m going home….] I desperately tried to stop her from leaving the station, and she reluctantly followed me.

In the midst of that, we arrived at the downtown area about three stops away by train.

After passing through the ticket gates and heading downtown, Genpaku passed his destination, a karaoke bar, and moved onward. I followed Genpaku as if i was chasing after him, and behind me there were four beautiful girls, and behind them were Mobu and Sabu.

However, I felt a little uncomfortable with the arrangement, when I followed Genpaku’s trail, he entered a certain dim alley.

When I saw that, I slowly broke into nasty sweat.

I trusted Genpaku and brought the girls all the way here, but I wonder what Genpaku was thinking…..

Perhaps the girls were overwhelmed by the alley atmosphere, and couldn’t hide their worried expression.

Then, Genpaku stopped while turning to someone and said [We’re arrived ! !].

Then, the delinquent group from the other day slowly appeared from the back alley.

The girls who saw that tried to retreat, but Sabu and Mobu were in the way and they couldn’t escape.

….They calculated it !?

I’m trembling at Genpaku’s betrayal.

It’s because I never thought that my friend, whom I spent time with since we’ve entered the school, would do such a betrayal.

“Genpaku ! ! What kind of joke is this, OI ! !”
When I called out to Genpaku while feeling agitated, he replied [Be quiet ! !].

I was almost pushed by Genpaku’s power, so I backed away closer to the girls, my step sister and Idol sama clinging to both my shoulders, while my childhood friend hid behind us, protecting the gyaru.

If I wasn’t in this situation, perhaps my heart\ would flutter, but I let out a sarcastic laugh…..at the bad timing. Of course, to keep my cool.

Three delinquents from the other day plus a boxing champion and a kung fu master.

In numbers, I’m at a disadvantage, and yesterday I was only shackled by one guy, but this time there were four. It was impossible for me to protect.

There was only one thing that made me relieved. I don’t know if it was out of fear or lecturing, but my childhood friend didn’t stand in front of me.

“Oi, are these guys the ones you tried to deal with last time?”

Genpaku suddenly raised his voice to the delinquents leader, to confirm our faces.

The delinquent slowly approached me with a nasty laugh in his voice.

Then he looked at  my face as he passed by Genpaku.

“Yeah, that’s tight. This guy was the one who beat me up ! !”

After he said that, the delinquent glared at me. Even if I tried to get into a fighting stance, there were four girls behind me, so I couldn’t get away easily…..

“Oi Genpaku ! ! you betrayed me ! !”

“Kukuku, try to remember my alias….”

When I raised my voice, Genpaku grinned behind the delinquents leader.

….Yeah, he was a sycophant.

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