Episode 35 – I Shouldn’t Be Surrounded by My Classmates



The next day, I slightly set my hair neatly, and left the house.

Normally, I would’ve gone to school without worrying about my sleeping habits, but as soon as I woke up, I met my step sister.

Then, when she saw me, she said [Your sleeping habit ! ! Fix it properly ! !] in a strong tone as always, but it was less toxic than usual.

If anything, the first thing she did in the morning was talk to me, it would’ve been impossible until yesterday.

I’m sure it was because the other three found out that I was her step-sibling. I guess because now they know that one of the three most beautiful girls in class has a gloomy person as her step-sibling, it would be a disgrace to my step sister if I didn’t dress properly.

That’s why I set my hair slightly and put on my glasses as usual.

By the way, why is your face so red?

Do you catch a cold? And so, I eat my breakfast while watching my step sister leave the house early.

No, she had been acting very strange since yesterday.

Even after the two most beautiful girls + an extra went home, I could feel her staring at me every time, and she seemed to want to say something.

No, the other three were acting strange as well.

The first one is my childhood friend.

For some reason, the moment I put on my contact lense, she froze up, then she seemed to have forgotten the thing about book signing and returned home while flustered.

Then the Idol sama.

Even before I got my haircut, she had a grim expression for some reason, and her emotions changed from anger to sorrow. A perfect person like her left my home with a lonely atmosphere on that particular day.

 Last but not least, the gyaru.

She wasn’t interested in me at all, but as soon as she saw my computer screen, her brain stopped working. She regained her consciousness from time to time and took a look at me, but she seemed to lose consciousness again without saying anything.

What could possibly have changed with just a haircut?

The fact is something incomprehensible is happening, but I finish my breakfast and leave the house without knowing the answer.

Under the clear blue sky, I headed to school with a satisfied feeling.

Along the way, the students from the same school were walking in the same directions, but the girls’ stares were painful.

They were looking at me and whispering to each other.

….Is there something strange about me?

I arrived at school with a doubtful feeling about my hair that my childhood friend had cut.

Even at school, I was stabbed by the girls’ gazes.

It wasn’t just one or two, but the stares from all of the girls when I walked down the road hurt me.

With the 2:8 ratio between male and female, the majority of the girls gaze is equivalent for murdering a gloomy person.

While resisting the urges to hide somewhere, I arrived at my class.

The moment I passed through the classroom door, all the noise from the class disappeared. And then, their gazes pierce through me.

When I saw that situation, I flinched and my classmates whispered something and started talking.

….What was that. Did I do something bad?

When I was confused by my classmates’ behavior, someone tapped my shoulder from behind.

“Yo, RIku. Morning ! ! Oh, did you cut your hair? It Looks refreshing ! !”

When I turned around, Genpaku was talking to me.

Behind him there were Mobuta and Saburo.

“….Yeah, morning. Genpaku, Mobuta, Saburo.”

When I replied to him, my classmates who had calmed down raised their voice again in surprise [[Eeehh]].

Startled by that sound, I froze up on the spot.

The three handsome guys who saw that laughed delightfully while tapping my shoulder.

“Ahahahha ! ! don’t worry about it, Riku ! ! Let’s take a seat ! !”

Then Genpaku pushed my back and took me to my seat.

Meanwhile, I noticed my step sister was looking at me.

Our gazes overlapped. She immediately put her face down on the desk.


I sat down, without knowing the reason for her behavior.

“But Riku ! ! Why did you suddenly cut your hair?”
Genpaku who sat on the seat asked me why I cut my hair, so I turned to him and answered why.

“No, I didn’t cut it because I wanted to, I was told to cut it no matter what.”

When I said that, my childhood friend started looking at me from behind.

“Hee〜, that’s nice. It was exactly what I thought it would be ! !”

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing. Moreover, the chime will ring soon, so just face forward ! !”


Genpaku leaves meaningful words and urges me to face forward.

Then the teacher entered the class and the lesson began.

Break time….. That was the beginning of my hell.

When the chime rangs and the homeroom teacher left the class, my classmates gathered around me at once.

Mainly girls….

So many words flew here and there like, [what happened? Suddenly getting a haircut〜.] [makeover? You look cool, Kaizei ! !].

It was as if yesterday was a lie.

To be honest, I’m a bit taken aback by the number of girls who changed their attitude just because I cut my hair.

On the contrary, all the girls who put me in this situation were watching me from afar. For some reason, the Idol sama seemed annoyed.

…..What the hell has been going on since yesterday ! !

I was tempted to spill a single word of resentment, but I let the moment pass silently.

But I’ve never caught any of my classmates’ attention before, so I can only roll my eyes.

Then, Genpaku and the others came from behind.

“You guys, Riku was about to reach his limit, so all of you can just leave it there.”

….Ba-dump☆ Oh, as expected of Genpaku ! ! Heavenly God, Buddha ! !

While I was moved by the unexpected help, one of the girls asked [Ehh, so you know Kaizei kun’s real face huh, Kuroyama kun?] as if she was criticizing him.

“I just found out his real face yesterday… But, I already knew from the entrance ceremony that this guy was cool ! !”

He said that while resting his hand on my shoulder.


Genpaku’s words made my heart flutter, and some of the girls in class screamed [Kyaa! ! ] 

…..This class is rotten ! !

As I was thinking about that, I heard a thud.

Oi oi, no matter how rotten it is, you won’t faint because of that.

With that in mind, I looked toward the direction of the sound and found my step sister who’s been facing down on her desk without moving from the seat next to me, lying on the floor.

“Sora ! !”

When I saw that, I rushed over to my step sister who was unconscious on the floor.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 35 – I Shouldn’t Be Surrounded by My Classmates

  1. Okay it actually frustrates me a little that he cares about what happens to her. Literally less then 24 hours ago she was treating him like shit because he committed the unforgiveable sin of having the same name as her brother while not being good looking(as far as she knew). Maybe I just lack basic empathy, but do any of you think you’d care about someone that treated you like that? Because if I were in his position I could have seen her get hit by a car and just ignored it because it wasn’t my problem.

    1. Same here but he must consider his mom’s situation too.
      Honestly, i’d talk to the mother if i were him and try to explsin it while maybe also discussing living alone in some kind of gentle, non conflict way.

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