[[Dear Riku

Sora chan and I have been talking about this matter.

I know what Sora chan did to you is unforgivable, and I have warned her about it.

I don’t intend to say anything about it because it’s your decision to forgive or not, and I think it’s okay for you to decide whether or not you want to live alone.

Of course, as your mother, I am totally against it, but I know that you can manage on your own because I know you better than anyone else.

However, I think facing the people around you is the most important thing right now, so I didn’t intend to talk to you about this.

I didn’t intend to talk to you this time because I know you are stubborn in some weird way, and talking to you won’t make you change your mind, right?

The same goes for the fact that you didn’t cut your hair no matter how much I told you ! ! (angry)

Besides, I think you guys should be a little more honest about your feelings.

So please give her some time.

I mean, I’m sure you, with your good intuition, have already noticed this, but we are suddenly going on a business trip for a week starting tomorrow~.

I forgot to tell you ! ! (≧∀≦)> Tehee

So, I’m leaving Sora chan in charge to take care of you, so please protect Sora chan, Riku Onii chan. Do your best ! !


If anything happens to Sora chan, I’ll beat you up ! !]]

A letter written as is passed from my step sister.

I was stunned when I saw it.

I was supposed to live alone, but for some reason I have to live with my step sister.

And just when I was about to make up with her, this is what I got……

Of course it doesn’t mean we won’t make up.

But I wonder what my parents are thinking, living together while the two of us are not mentally prepared.

My step sister looked at me with an anxious expression on her face when she saw me reading the letter with a bitter look on my face.


“No……. I mean, can you approve of something like this, Sora? Just the two of us?”

She looked at me with a confused expression on her face.

“No……I have to face my family too.”

I felt a strong will in her words, and I flinched.

I have to face my step sister.

But having to spend time alone with my step sister who’s not related by blood is a different story.

As I was pondering about this, my step sister tugged my clothes lightly.

“….Hey, it’s almost time for school.”

“Ugh, it’s already this late !?”

I looked at the clock and saw that it was past 8:00 a.m. No matter how close the high school was, if I didn’t hurry I would be late.

I felt bad for my step sister, but I wrapped up the breakfast on the table, ate the bread only, and we both ran out of the house.

Then I head off to school in a rush, but my step sister’s stride is still too narrow and she falls behind me.

“… you can go ahead.”

While out of breath, my step sister told me to go ahead.

“Don’t be silly. It can’t be helped if we’re late. Give me your bag.”

while saying that I reached out my hand to her.

Then my step sister shook her body in shock while saying [Okay…] when I put my hand on the bag, she took it off her shoulder without resisting.

“Thank you …….”

My step sister thanked me while her face looked down and followed me frantically.

Then, when the two of us passed through the school gate at the last minute, we slowly headed to the classroom to catch our breath.

Then, there was a crowd in front of the classroom.

My step sister and I looked at each other, wondering what was going on.

When I pushed my way through the crowd and entered the classroom, I found the atmosphere somewhat strange.

It seemed that all the eyes in the crowd were pointing at Idol sama.

I was stunned at the sight of her.

I was surprised that she had cut her waist-length black hair to shoulder-length.

Then, she wore glasses, which was unusual for her.

…..Is it because of yesterday?

You may call me arrogant, but I would think that…… It was because of what I did yesterday.

My classmates raised their voice in curiosity like [Hm, what’s going on? A makeover?] And, [You wore glasses ! ! How unusual ! !].

“Yeah. Lately my split ends have worsened…so I had them cut off ! !”

She spoke in a bright voice about why she cut her hair, but her expression was somewhat strange.

As for her glasses, it seems that contact lenses don’t fit her.

I was feeling guilty about Idol sama’s changes, but she smiled at me when she noticed me.

“Good morning, Kaizei kun.”

“Eh, y-yeah. Morning….”

I was confused by her gentle smile that looked like a holy mother and somehow I greeted her back, but when I looked at her current face, I felt as if I had met her somewhere before.

However,  I couldn’t remember for sure……

Ding dong ding dong.

The bell before morning assembly rang, and the students who had come to see Idol sama returned to each of their seats.

My step sister and I also took our seats, and as we were getting ready for class, she noticed something.

“…Hm? Asuka didn’t come.”

“You’re right…….”

I respond to my step sister’s voice and look at my childhood friend’s seat.

She certainly wasn’t there.

Then the homeroom teacher came to the classroom and started taking roll calls.

“Miuchi… Miuchi here yet?”

The classroom door opened at the same time as the homeroom teacher looked at my childhood friend’s seat to confirm her absence. There was the figure of my childhood friend who’s cheerful like usual.

But her expression was somewhat gloomy.

“Miuchi〜, what’s wrong? you’re late.”

“Sorry, I’m not feeling well.”

My childhood friend’s gaze caught mine as she entered the classroom while replying to the teacher’s words. Then, as soon as I thought our eyes met, she quickly averted her gaze and looked at my step sister.

……What the hell, seriously.

I didn’t know what that look meant, and I was just confused by the change between the two of them.

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