From that day on, I started taking classes next to him.

He never pays attention to me, he just taking classes quietly and writing something during breaks

I am somewhat concerned about him as he devotes himself to his studies without worrying about the eyes around him.

I understand that he has his own world, but he doesn’t seem to care that I’m sitting beside him, whether he knows it or not.

Even though I’m in disguise, I’m a little angry that he didn’t see me, because I used to attract others’ attention.

It is unreasonable, but you can’t change the personality that you were born with.

One day, even though i looked at him, he didn’t even see me and i sigh [Sigh〜] as i prepared to attend class.

However….the notebook that should have been inside the bag is missing.

I should have checked before leaving the house, but no matter where I searched, I couldn’t find the notebook.

Then I noticed him glancing at me sideways as I searched through my bag impatiently.

Then our gaze met (or so I thought) but he quickly turned away.

I was annoyed by that behavior, but when I was about to ask the people around me to share a notebook, I heard a voice saying [Um…] from a certain direction.

When I turned towards the voice, I saw him handing out a notebook for me.

It wasn’t like I was searching with a loud voice, but for some reason he got what I wanted.

Feeling surprised, I was somehow happy that he was looking out for me and had found the best solution to my problem.

Eh, I’m a simple minded? Shut it ! !

When I received the notebook that he gave me, I tried to thank him, but I was so nervous that my voice wouldn’t come out.

“Ah, m-much obliged…..”

The words I finally managed to squeeze out were in Kansai dialect ! !

Why, why is it in Kansai dialect, ME ! !

I may have been overwhelmed at the time, surprised by his sudden action.

Otherwise, the Kansai dialect wouldn’t come out of my mouth.

“Pfftt ! !”

Perhaps he found it amusing that I suddenly thanked him in Kansai dialect, and suddenly started giggling.

“Are you from Kansai?”

He cooled off and talked to me properly for the first time.

“I was born in the Kansai area….”

I was looking upward when I answered while fanning my face with my hand, which has turned bright red from being laughed at.

“I see. I used to live in Kansai as well, so it’s been a while since I’ve heard something like that.

“Our family lived there before I entered kindergarten, so my Knasai dialect slips out sometimes….”

…..Of course, it’s a lie.

It’s true that I lived in Kansai, but I have already straightened my language.

This conversation was able to give me a common topic with him, so I’m not afraid to speak in Kansai dialect (or something like that).

“Is that so. I came back here last year, and it’s been a long time since I’ve heard it.”

He muttered something and at the same time the tutor entered the classroom, so we stopped talking.

In my heart, I regretted that the conversation with him was cut off, but I was happy that we were able to start a conversation.

The next week, I headed to cram school with a new notebook.

I want to call it gratitude. I was filled with excitement that it would be nice if I could have a chance to talk with him.

He was there when I entered the classroom.

Seeing him studying, I took my usual seat.

“Good evening.”

When I called out to him, he turned to me in surprise. It’s not something you should be surprised about…..

When he saw my face, he bowed and headed back to his seat, but I took the opportunity to speak with him, so I took out the notebook that I had prepared and handed it to him quickly.

“What’s this?”

He looked at the notebook that I handed out and asked a question.

“Thank you for the other day. You saved me that time.”

“You don’t have to thank me. It’s just a notebook…”

He seems hesitant and pushes back the bundle of notebook that i gave him.

“I won’t feel satisfied if you don’t take it, so please ! !”

Our family motto is to settle debts immediately, and I stubbornly struggle to pay it off.

“No, I only gave you several sheets and you gave me too much ! !”

The notebook pushing and shoving continued for a while. He and i, we’re both quite stubborn.

“Then, what would you accet?”

I wanted to rest my shoulder before class, so I lowered the notebook and asked for an alternative.

He felt relieved and thought of something else.

He then takes out a math textbook and shows it to me.

I was confused because I didn’t understand what this meant. Please teach me if you don’t mind.”

He scratched his cheeks shyly and iit made me happy when he asked me.

I am brilliant after all.

Even if my current school wasn’t an advanced school, I’m confident that I would definitely pass.

“Which one〜? Let me take a look ! !”

I look at the problem he showed me with a proud face.

There are no difficult problems written there, and I am dumbfounded when I see it.

It’s not a problem that you can say you don’t understand at the time before the exam.

“Eh, what? You don’t understand this problem?”

I couldn’t help but raise my voice in surprise.

My reaction made him feel down.

“I’m not very good at mathematics… But if it’s literature, I can do something about it.”

He lowers his volume as he speaks.

“What school are you applying for?”

“It’s Mikado high school…..”

 “Eh, that advanced school !?”

I couldn’t hide my surprise.

His school of choice was one of the top high schools in the prefecture.

I heard that until recently that school was an all-girls high school, but they changed the systems so that a few boys were admitted. However, it seems that the competition for men is fierce.

“Can you show me the results of your mock exams the other day?”

His face twitched at my words as he reluctantly wrote down the results of the mock exams.


He’s really working hard.

He’s good at everything except for math, mathematics really holds him back.

“Okay i’ll teach starting from today ! !”

“Eh seriously !? I’m looking forward to working with you ! !”

He looked at me with a happy face.

I couldn’t see his eyes because of his hair, but I’m sure it wasn’t my imagination that his gaze made me flutter.

From that day on, we started a private class with just the two of us.

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1 year ago

Thanks man! I dont like how the MC is a fecking pushover(by girls), but atleast hes not edgy like other MCs. By the way, Im waiting for those wimp delinquents earlier to get revenge, only to get their asses handed to them.. again

1 year ago

Bruh, you had someone tutor you for your weakest subject, to the point that it saved your entrance examination, and doing the basic human courtesy of asking someone’s name didn’t occur to you? You’ve got to be kidding me with this sht.