Episode 8 – The Gyaru in My Class Shouldn’t Be a Yandere Demon Wife



“I’m home〜.” 

Only my voice echoes through my house where nobody’s here.

My mother and stepfather are working late today, and my step sister was invited by her classmates to go have dinner on the way home.

Since the last incident, I don’t recommend staying out too late. However, I don’t have my step sister’s contact information, and even if I went to pick her up, she just said that I’m a nuisance, so I just left her alone. 

For now I just wash my hands, rinse my mouth, and drink a cup of cold tea from the fridge.

After resting for a bit, I changed into my loungewear and started preparing to shut myself in my room with just a bottle of tea. 

After debating whether i should continue writing my novel or read a web novel. I turn on my computer.

When the standby screen starts up with a sound, I click the icon for the online game “Guardian Fantasy”. 

The loading screen is displayed for a while, but when that screen changes, the title screen appears on the monitor along with magnificent music.

When I pressed the start icon, the game started and I was invited to the world of swords and magic. My avatar was lying on a bed inside of a hut.

A female avatar is asleep next to mine, and sjws no sign of waking up.

This game is an online RPG, and has a flat rate price. 

Since it’s an online game with prices that are appreciated by high school students who have no money, I’ve been playing it since the year before last.

And the avatar sleeping next to me is a mob….no, it’s my game wife, Risa.

This game features a marriage system, and when the spouse is logged out, the system makes them act like a mob in their purchased homes.

So you can tell at a glance whether you logged in or not.

With my wife avatar sleeping next to me, I leave my house.

Then, I saw a magnificent land spread out before my eyes.

“Today’s goal is….”

As I was preparing for my trip at the tool shop, a female adventurer came up to me and asked me if I wanted to form a party. 

I turned her down politely and left the tool shop behind.

After all, if my game wife saw me form a party with a female adventurer while I was waiting for her, she would blame me and said [You’re a cheater ! !] then I would be killed.

The other day, I saw DT☆ gloomy person = not having a girlfriend was killed by his in-game wife.

(TL/N: I think what he meant by DT is DouTei which means virgin.) 

This game has a penalty where you can’t enter the game for 1 hour once you die.

That’s why I can’t die that easily, and I just stand around so that I don’t die.

The person who kills another player also suffers the same penalty which is 1 hour jail time.

If you want to enter a prison once, I think you can just do it, but to be honest, it’s painful to watch the mob guards rushing back and forth for an hour forcely. 

Moreover, if you close the game screen, you will have to stare at the monitor for the entire penalty period to log in.

While remembering the sad past, I begin my adventure alone.

I, who makes a living as a Rune Soldier, can fully hunt solo. 

My attack, defense, speed, magic, and skill are above average, and I’m good at individual attack and recovery.

….But, it’s not a very popular role because it specializes too much in individual abilities. 

While doing a solo hunt, I looked at the time and it was 20:00 pm. 

My step sister hasn’t come back yet, but there’s no need to worry about it.

The reason is because we have an agreement with our parents that if we’re going to stay out late, we have to contact them, and our parents will pick us up on the way home.

Well, as for me….it’s almost time for my wife to log in.

I have an agreement with her that we will be in-game together on wednesday at 8pm.

Last year, we both were students taking exams, and decided to spend some time playing this game to relax and encourage each other.

…..Eh? Could they be a GIRL (Guy In Real Life)? That’s the real pleasure of playing online games, isn’t it? 

In fact, she (?) helped me a lot.

We encouraged each other when we were feeling down, and when things went well, we rejoiced together, deepening our bond. 

Ping ! !*

Risa came in with a pop sound.

I noticed that and returned to my home using my teleportation magic that I had prepared in advance. 

As if she was waiting for me, when I opened the door of my house, Lisa approached me.

“Rikku, good evening ! ! i miss you〜.”

 She hugged my avatar as if she was pampering me.

“I miss you too, Risa.”

My avatar also hugged her.

This action is only given to players who are married, and can only be done with their spouses.

“Sniff sniff…… a girl’s scent is coming from your body Rikku….”

Suddenly, Risa smells me and makes a statement suspecting that I’m cheating on her.

I was startled by her words.

Of course, there is no system for detecting scent in this game. Nor is there any log analysis or individual monitoring functions.

I can only say that it’s just a hunch, but a line of cold sweat drips down to my spine.

I gulped and started typing on my keyboard.

“T-there’s no way….”


With a single word, the highlight in her eyes disappear (or it feels like)

“Haha, what are you talking about. I don’t like kids who have a good sense…..” 

I couldn’t lose to her stubbornness, so I replied coolly (my internal organs are freezing to death ! ! Help ! !). 

But my words and actions may have added fuel to her fire, and she starts dating her magic with dead fish-like eyes.

“….Eh, no. Wait a sec, wait ! ! It’s a lie, I’m joking ! ! Hey, I’m not….doing anything….”

“No point in arguing now〜 ! !”

Without listening to me, her strongest offensive magic is released from her hand.

My character, who was erased by that magic, receives a second death penalty.

She was also taken by the guardian and sent to the prison.

Later on, the title “Yandere Demon Wife” was added to my wife’s nickname, but at this time I still don’t know that the Yandere Demon Wife who played on the other side was, in fact, the gyaru Izumo Risa.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 8 – The Gyaru in My Class Shouldn’t Be a Yandere Demon Wife

  1. Wait, so she’s yandere enough to tell when his in game avatar has been near female avatar but not yandere enough to recognize his voice or anything else about him IRL?

    1. If he’s wondering if she’s a guy in real life then it’s unlikely they’re using any sort of voice chat system, it’s likely all in text. So there wouldn’t be much to recognize from someone’s game character if you met them in person.

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