Episode 38 – I Should’ve Known About My Childhood Friend



After the delinquents ran away, my childhood friend collapsed on her knees.

“O-oi ! !”

Seeing her in that state, I quickly took hold of her arm to support her body position.

“Hehe, I was scared….”

She said that to me with a fake smile on her face, while her small body trembled.

“Scary my ass ! ! What would happen to you if Genpaku and the others hadn’t come after you’re doing that !?”

My normally calm voice filled with anger and startled her, which surprised Genpaku and the others.

“I was able to deal with it by myself. But why did you have to step in ! !”

I couldn’t contain my anger, and when I questioned her in agitation, Genpaku tapped my shoulder.

“Well well, just calm down. For now, let Miuchi san sit down. Let her sit on the bench.”

That voice snapped at me back then I looked at her.

She’s down on the ground, and her face turned pale, but for some reason she had a fake smile on her face.

“S-sorry…. I was a little agitated. Let’s just go to the bench for now.”


When I said that and reached out to my childhood friend, she grabbed my hand. But her hands were trembling.

I think I’ve to realize how horrible my acts were.

 I helped  my childhood friend stand up to support her slender body. The fact that her limbs are thinner than they look, I thanked Genpaku and the others for protecting her.

When she sits down on the bench and her shoulders slumped weakly, I don’t feel like getting angry.

In the midst of this, Mobuta…..Moburian who had disappeared somewhere, came back after buying enough drinks for everyone, he handed a sports drink to me, and a bottle of tea for my childhood friend.

“Thanks, Mobu….”

…..I wonder how manly this guy is.

When I thanked Mobu, who charmed me with his manliness which I didn’t have, Genpaku looked at me and started speaking.

“Hey, what kind of relationship do you have with Miuchi san, Riku?”

I can’t lie to my savior, Genpaku, who asks me straight out.

“Miuchi san is…Asu is my childhood friend.”

When I said that, Genpaku was looking at me with a surprised expression on his face, even my childhood friend. Then he shut his mouth and bowed his head.

“Is that so? If that’s the case…no, it’s nothing. Well then, we’re going home, but Riku, you should take Miuchi san home ! !”

“Yeah, thank you. You really helped me.”

Genpaku smiled at my words and disappeared from our sight along with Mobu and Sabu.

As I watched their backs, we were left alone, and silence came around.

I didn’t know what to say, and as the time passed by, the setting sun was turning dark, before I knew it.

“W-why did you do that?”

Between the awkward atmosphere, she shakes her shoulders as I open my mouth heavily. Then silence came again.

“Earlier, when you stood in front of me,  I remembered the old days with you, Asu.”

When I said that, Asu raised her head and her eyes wide open.

“It was the first time I met you, Asu. I was weak back then and used to being bullied. It was you, Asu, who stepped in and helped me.”

As she listened to my story, large tears began to fall from Asu’s eyes.

“At that time, I remember you were fighting with such strength that I thought you were a boy, Asu. no, i still thought of you as a boy until we were in the same class..”

When I laughed slightly at my childhood friend who’s crying, she patted my shoulder and opened her mouth.

“….After that. I went home covered in scars. I just thought that I did the right thing, but then ….”

She speaks slowly, while holding back her tears.

I just listen to her story silently.

“My father got mad at me….. He said don’t try to solve everything with violence. He told me that people have mouths, so we should talk things out. Besides, he said that a girl like me is not supposed to get into fights.”

But as I was wondering whether that was enough to make her do such a dangerous thing, she continued her story.

“However, my father did the opposite of what he scolded me for. Such a cool father and a policeman used violence in the middle of his work ….”

As she said that, her voice choked again.

Even though we were childhood friends, I didn”t know anything about her and I didn’t care about her past. Until now….

“From that point, our family changed. Because of that, my father quit his job, became a drunken man, and started beating my mother. At first, I couldn’t believe those things, but it was real. That’s why my parents divorced and I was taken by my mother along with my brothers….”

Perhaps, because the feelings that had piled up in her chest exploded, she gradually became talkative.

“Violence destroyed everything I loved, my family and my happy life. That’s why I hate people who use violence no matter what happens, and when I see them, I reject them, and my anger swells up…”

“So that’s why you said such things on that day…”

When I mentioned the day I saved my step sister, she didn’t seem to understand it at first, but then she realized what I meant and nodded her head.

“….I’m sorry. I said too much back then.”

She bowed her head and apologized.

She must’ve guessed why I pretended to be someone else.

“I’m sorry too. I was a little annoyed at that time. But….”

She tilted her head when she saw me swallowing my words.

“When someone is in danger, there are times where strength is needed, and there are many things that words alone cannot solve.”

I muttered as if to persuade her.

….I’m sure everyone knows that there are things that people can’t do with just lip service.

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  1. At least she has an understandable reason for being so against violence, even if she’s stupidly naive and braincell killing annoying about it.

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