[[Besides……maybe I might really like you?]]

On my way home from my first meeting with my online wife, I remembered Izumo Risa’s words, the gyaru from my class who showed up.

I was surprised to hear that she and Risa were the same person, and I was also shocked by her last words. I didn’t expect to hear such words from someone who I thought hated me, even if it was a lie.

But at the same time, I was also surprised that I remembered the image of that person in my mind.

I wondered why the image of the Kansai dialect girl whose face I had already forgotten, the girl who taught me my weak subjects, and the girl who left the cram school early without saying a word, were all coming back to my mind now.

With these thoughts in my mind, I reached home, unlocked the front door, and quietly entered the house.

The whole house was silent, I wondered if my step sister had gone somewhere.

I washed my hands in the bathroom, entered the living room, and headed for the refrigerator in the kitchen.

Then, a figure appeared from the sofa.

“Whoa ! !”

Surprised by the sudden appearance of the figure, I raised my voice.

Of course, I know that it’s my step sister who’s in the house right now, but I don’t want her to raise her head the moment she passes behind the sofa.

“…..Whoa, what the hell do you think i am. That’s rude.”

My step sister looked surprised at me and had a dissatisfied expression on her face, so when I dared to answer  […..Demon?] she threw the cushion in her hand at my face.

……..Because it can’t be helped if I think so, right? That’s all I could say when I think back on what she’s said and done so far.

While making excuses in my mind, I rubbed my face and picked up the cushion that my step sister threw and put it back beside her. However, I am a little happy about the fact that I can now joke around like this with her.


She snorted in frustration and turned her head away from the table on the other side of the sofa. When I saw her reaching for the TV remote control on the low table, I was relieved and walked towards the refrigerator.

However, she didn’t seem to turn on the TV, even though she had picked up the remote control.

As I watched her from afar while taking tea out of the refrigerator, she curled her body up like an armadillo and sat on the sofa in a gymnastic position.


“…..What’s up?”

My step sister called out to me without looking at me as I poured a cup of tea.

“…… you seem to be late, where have you been today?’

“Eh, what did you say?”

I can’t clearly hear my step sister’s voice as she starts blurting out in a small voice and I walk toward her.

She shrank her body more and more and clutched the remote control in her hand tightly.

As I watched her, I sat down on the sofa next to the sofa where my step sister was sitting and looked at her.

“……What is it?”

I couldn’t understand my step sister’s undescribable attitude  and when I called out to her again, the cushion hit me in the face.

“……You idiot ! ! I’m asking you where you’ve been today ! !”

The cushion hit my eye again. The pain is stronger than before because it was at close range this time.

“Kuhh ! !”

“Oh, sorry ! ! Did it hurt?”

My step sister saw me fainting in pain from the cushion that hit my eye, rushed to my side and pulled the cushion away from my body.

“Are you okay? Let me see. …….”

“Show me you say, you’re the one who did it, right? Oouuchh….”

I’m glad she’s worried about me being in pain, but she attacked me first, and I’d like to complain about it.. …..However, I’m also kind of happy to think that this is the first sibling fight I’ve ever had in my life.

I’m glad that our relationship, which until now has been subject to unreasonable abuse and neglect, is improving little by little.

I pulled my hand away and showed her my tear-stained face, and a voice leaked from my step sister saying [Ah…..].

That voice caught my attention, and I slowly opened my painful eyes.

Then I see my step sister’s face beyond my blurred vision.


When I open my eyes clearly, my vision becomes clearer and I realize how close she is. At this distance, If I move my face, my lips will hit her…….that’s how close she is.

The moment me and my step sister’s eyes met, we separated our bodies and returned to where we were.

But the air was somewhat fluffy, awkward.

The room is so quiet that we can almost hear each other’s racing heartbeats, and all we can hear is the sound of our slightly disordered breathing. For a virgin man, there’s nothing more awkward than this.

Even though Sora and I are family, we’re originally strangers, unrelated by blood.

Of course, I have no intention of making any mistakes, but this atmosphere must be awkward.

“……So? What did you say?”

While suppressing my racing heartbeat, and without looking at her face, I listened back to what she had said earlier.

“…..,Where have you been today?”

“Eh? Where ……?”

I was a bit puzzled by the words my step sister said to me.

I never thought that I would be having this kind of conversation like a married couple even though we were step-siblings. I don’t have the obligation to answer, but I will answer the question.

.”…..I met up with an old online gaming friend for the first time.”

When I answered that, she muttered in a small voice, [Is that so…..] Then silence came back.

I don’t know the meaning of this silence, but it makes me somewhat uncomfortable too.

Then, as if to break the silence, my step sister speaks up again.

“……Is it a bot? Or is it a girl?”

“Yeah……, it was a girl. We were in the same class…….”

I stopped saying something that I was about to say. I felt that it would not do any good if I told her.

But the words that spilled out of my mouth reached her ears.

She turned around and stared at me so I turned my face away.

“… who’s in the same class?”

She gave me a sharper look than before, and I can’t stand it any longer, so I said the gyaru’s name. No, this is a conversation between siblings, it’s not an affair or adultery, so why is the atmosphere so heavy?

When she heard the gyaru’s name, she looked surprised at first, but after thinking about something for a while, she said [Hey…….].

At the sound of her voice I said [Yes…] without looking back, Then my step sister quietly continued her words.

 “Do you want to go out with me tomorrow?”


I just made a dumb noise when my step sister said that…….

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