“Okay? Let’s go ! !”


The time has come for me to be executed by my childhood friend.

My childhood friend said [I’ll make you look cool ! !] [We said that you’d be cool so be confident ! !] After 10 minutes of futile resistance, I finally gave in.

I’m sad that I’m weak when being pushed by someone…..

Snip snip ! !

The first snip, cut my bangs.

Now there’s no turning back for me.

All that’s left is to let her do my body……no wait, i’ll let her do my hair.

The falling hair scattered around me as she cut my hair in a flash.

I was impressed that the amount of my hair was only this much.

My step sister watched me silently while my hair was being cut, but she clearly had a confused expression on her face.

For some reason, Idol sama seemed to be feeling complicated, while the gyaru were looking at my computer screens as she closed and opened her mouth.

10 minutes later, my childhood friend made a satisfied expression as if she had finished cutting my hair, and used a comb to fix it.

“Phew, what a relief ! ! I wanted to cut your hair for once, Kaizei kun ! ! what do you think?”

She said it proudly and handed me a hand-mirror.

When I received it, I was scared to look at myself because I was worried that my hair was going to look strange.

There was a man there with neat bangs and a clean haircut that was trimmed neatly and  cut to match his hair habit.

That man doesn’t have bangs that cover his face like he used to, his hair volume doesn’t make it look bushy. In addition, he had a thin beard and typical acne for teenagers, so he is a man with beautiful skin.

However, the only flaw that he has is a complex of his narrow eyes.

“Is this….me?”

“Yeah ! ! It feels better to be neat ! ! wash up your hair in the bath, Kaizei ! ! In the meantime, we’ll clean up here ! !”

My childhood friend pushed me with satisfying feelings. I don’t usually look at myself in the mirror, but when I did, I was surprised.

Then, my eyes met with my step sister who was watching me near the door, but she immediately looked down. And her hands are fidgeting.

For some reason, Idol sama was staring at me with a sad expression on her face.


Even though I had doubts when I saw the two of them, I took a shower just like my childhood friend told me to.

The feeling when I wash my hair is lighter than before.

…..i’m glad that it didn’t turn out weird. I felt relieved to use my current hairstyle.

Then, after I finished showering, wiping, and styled my hair all back, I noticed something. I didn’t bring a change of clothes other than underwear.

Fortunately, my trousers were still wearable, but as for my shirt, it had hair on it here and there, so I washed it off.

Since the laundry hadn’t dried yet, I gave up and returned to my room shirtless, then I called out to my step sister who was still by the door.

“……Sora, Sora ! !”

My step sister shakes her shoulders while feeling surprised by my voice.

And then, when she looked over here, she had a surprised expression again. When I called out my step sister for the second time, she looked flustered and said [W-what is it !?].

“Sorry but, could you take my shirt…?”

“W-why don’t you take it yourself ! !”

“No, my upper body is naked. Please.”

When I said that, her face turned bright red.

“W-why are you dressed like that ! ! Idiot, pervert ! !” and the usual curses come flying at me.

“I can’t help it, you know? It was so sudden that I forgot to take my clothes. Please ! !”

When I said that, my step sister’s face turned redder and asked me where the shirt was and went to get it.

My childhood friend urged me to come in while laughing, but how can i enter my room, when it became a girls nest now?

No, that’s…..if you think about it normally, it’s a sexual harrasmnent, right?

When I was waiting for my step sister to bring me a shirt with a bitter smile, she came out.

At first she was shocked at my upper body, but she put her face down immediately and handed me the shirt.


When I received the shirt from my step sister and put it on, she opened her mouth with a bright red face.

“….Did you do something?”

[What?] When I answered the abrupt and subjectless question, she looked at me with a blushing expression.

However, her gaze isn’t sharp like usual.

“I asked you what kind of sports did you do ! !”

“Eh? Ahh, I’m doing karate, but….why?”

When she heard that, she kept her eyes wide open for a while, but then she regained her composure immediately.

“N-nothing !? I just thought that your muscles were amazing…… Whatever ! !”

That said, she went back inside the room first.

I scratched my head when I saw that situation.

However, I was both surprised and happy to be able to exchange conversation with my step sister for the first time.

As if I was chasing after my step sister, I returned to my room, and I saw my step sister’s face was still bright red, and Idol sama’s expression is kinda scary.

“So you’re back.”

When my childhood friend caught sight of me with a carfree voice, she put the finishing touches on my hair.

“Yeah. all that’s left is the eyes, but they’re so narrow. Do you have any contact lenses?”

“I have it, but…..”

“Take it out ! !”


I obeyed her before I could tell her that I didn’t like wearing contact lenses.

The memories of my childhood pop up in my mind.

At that time, I admired my childhood friend’s straightforward manners and her actions, and I remember that I always followed her from behind whenever we played.

It was somewhat funny that the traces of my past were still there even at this time, I felt ashamed of myself for being so obedient.

While thinking about such a thing, I headed to the bathroom again, put on my contact lens, and when I returned to my room, I stood in front of my childhood friend. 

And then, she was just staring at me with a surprised look on her face.

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1 year ago

Thanks! There, did she finally recognize him though

9 months ago

So… Does she recognise him as the “delinquent” or the author?

1 month ago

I don’t like MC’s passivity at all.
For a moment, before this scene, it seemed that he was going to take charge of his life, but now the author transformed him into a puppet for the girls to play with.