I shrank when I was surrounded by four beautiful girls in the food court.

What is this? What is this strange, heavy atmosphere?

Each of the four beautiful girls called me by a different name, which also caused a strange silence.

……How did this happen?

It’s not like I did anything particularly bad nor did I do something wrong. But why are these girls, who were so close, became sour to each other.

I asked myself why this was happening while the girls were staring at each other.


Suddenly, the gyaru peaks up.

At her words, everyone except her flinched and shook their heads.

“What do you think you guys were doing?”

“Eh, no wait……,I’m shopping with my family…….”

With my eyes spinning, I insisted that i’m doing  shopping with my family as if it was a good excuse.

But the gyaru interrupted me and said[You’re lying.].

I didn’t intend to lie.

I’m not, but, remembering my step sister’s words, I can’t say it’s a lie,  and I’m at a loss for words.

“Well, where are you mom and dad? I’d like to say hello to them, since they’ve been so good to you both…….”


Of course these girls don’t know that my parents are overseas.

In the current state, if they know that the two of us are living alone, the situation will get worse, so I desperately think of excuses.

My step sister, on the other hand, just looked down quietly and didn’t say a word.

When the gyaru analyzed the situation with her eyes, she said [Sigh…..i knew it.] and sighed.

“So, are the two of you dating?”

That one word made the tension even more larger.

My step sister looked more and more depressed, my childhood friend stared at me with a confused expression, and the idol sama turned her face away, as if she didn’t want to hear it.

“No you’re wrong ! ! We’re not dating, okay?”

I waved my hands and denied that we’re dating. My step sister’s expression turned pale at that statement, and the other three looked a little relieved.

“Then why were your arms crossed?”

Suddenly, a painful question comes from my childhood friend.

“Surely, isn’t it weird to cross your arms even though you’re not boyfriend and girlfriend?”


If we’re a close sibling then it might make sense, but you can’t help but think it’s strange that we were pretending to be strangers at first, but now we’re crossing arms.

“Recently, I saw the two of you going to school together….you know?”

I was speechless when my childhood friend stared at me with suspicious eyes and cross-examined me so hard that I couldn’t even make a sound.

“Besides, the day that Sora chan collapsed, Rikku panicked like unusual……”

“T-that’s because we’re family…….”

[[You stay quiet Matsudaira kun (Rikku)]].

My childhood friend and gyaru interrupted my words, perhaps because of their growing distrust in me using the excuse that we’re family.

“What do you think, Soracchi?”

After shutting me up because I made a bunch of excuses, the gyaru turned around and asked my step sister’s true intentions in a calm tone.

My step sister didn’t raise her face and just kept silent.

“I knew it, you like Rikku, don’t you?”

My step sister shrugged her shoulders at the words that seemed to say that if you don’t say it, you won’t know it. 

“Hahaha, there’s no way……”

When I tried to deny those words with a dry laugh, my step sister, who had been silent until just now uttered……., [….That’s right.]..

“Yeah that’s right ! ! ! I like Riku ! !  Not as a brother, but as a man ! ! ].

I was taken aback by her words.

It’s true that I had a vague feeling that my step sister was fond of me.

But I thought it was as a step brother, not as a man…….

The gyaru was at a loss for words when she heard my step sister’s true feelings, and my childhood friend glared at my step sister. And then, Idol sama bites her lip.

After those words were spoken, there was silence for a while.

Stubbornness, confusion, jealousy, sorrow…the heaviness of the atmosphere reached its climax as the emotions piled up over and over again.

“I see. Sora chan also likes Matsudaira kun, don’t you?”


When those words spilled out from my childhood friend’s mouth, my step sister raised her face, the gyaru’s face twitched, and idol sama, whose face had been averted just a moment ago, looked at my childhood friend’s face.

[Sora chan too…..]

These words were filled with my childhood friend’s true feelings.

I thought I was starting from scratch with my childhood friend. But she must have had different feelings than I did.

When I saw my step sister and my childhood friend staring at each other, the gyaru joined the conversation.

“So that means you two liked Rikku too……’

The two of them who were restraining each other were surprised by those words.

No wonder, she just told me that she likes me yesterday.

Despite her bewildered state, I don’t even know why I’m in this situation.

I’m such a coward…..

[Hey you〜. You shouldn’t be so down on yourself you know? If you do that, you’ll only be able to see yourself, and you won’t be able to recognize the goodwill of others.]

Suddenly, Aigou san’s words passed through my mind.

These girls hated me

…….No, I thought they hated me.

However, each of them has expressed their own feelings of affection for me. Have I come up with an answer?

The answer is NO.

Except for Idol sama, I have not given a clear answer yet. I was just being confused and ambiguous…..and I guess the bill for that has come due.

Is this situation good?

I am happy to receive affection from the three of them now…..

But even so, I distrust these girls. Yeah…..

“So, what do you think, Kawabe kun?”

Suddenly, Idol sama who had been silent until a moment ago opened her mouth.

She was the only person to whom I gave a clear answer.  And that Idol sama asked my answer.


My words drew the gazes from the four of them.

I had no choice but to answer…….

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