Strong Character State, Youth Restart 〜 Former Shadowy Genius Actor Returns to High School and Gets His First Love Back〜



After graduating from high school, an actor who rose to prominence–Misaki Aoi had someone he liked. She was Sakura Hiiyo, who belonged to the same office and went to the same high school.

She had been active as an actress since she was young and was very popular in her high school days.

At that time, Aoi had no self-confidence and was isolated from everyone around him.

He was the complete opposite of Hiiyo. Therefore, he had given up on the idea that he and Hiiyo would get along.

However, now that he has grown up, he is as popular as Hiiyo.

However, he has just noticed that she has a ring on her ring finger–

“If only I had realized my looks and talent earlier…..”

Perhaps this first love might have come true.

While Aoi is harboring such regrets, he loses his life in an unfortunate accident.

And when he wakes up—

“W-why am I back to where I was before I entered high school….!?”

Aoi wakes up in a time leap, not knowing what caused it.

But this was an opportunity.

“I’m going to polish my shadowy character, and make Sakura fall in love with me.”

Determined to do so, Aoi changed his appearance and appeared in dramas and on TV to step into the entertainment world once again.

The daughter of an agency president, a model, an idol, and a classmate he had never spoken to before. In his first life, he didn’t even have any friends, but he began to develop relationships with people he never had.

This is the story of a former shadowy genius actor who returns to the past and struggles to make his first love come true.

It is a story about restarting one’s youth with a strong character state.

Prologue ①

Prologue ②

First Steps to Restart

Walking Around the Town

Filming Inspection

Commercial Shooting

Method Acting

Looking at Aoi kun’s Acting

One More Day

Met By Chance

Crisis Before School

First Love Restart

After the First Day

Kisara’s Favor

Two Blessings at Once

Modeling Shoot

Meeting Him

After the Shoots

Sister’s Concern

After a While

During P.E

Test And Curse


After School Lesson


Script Reading

Movie Offer

Social Gathering

On the Way Home

True Self


What I Should Do


Leaving Early Together


A Real Genius

I kinda Don’t like it

Even if I’m Becoming a Demon, I’ll Still Find You

I Didn’t Want You To Hate Me


Weakness of Those Who Restarted

I Won’t Let You Get Away

None Other Than Me

Like You Did for Me Back Then

Joy And Love

? ? ? 3