(※Kisara’s point of view)

We had just been able to rent a small studio, and since then Aoi and I had been practicing all day long.

Even though today is my day off from office practice, work, and school, I find myself wondering how I managed to practice so much.

Maybe it’s because I’ve always wanted to be an actress, and that’s the path I’ve set my sights on. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have even continued.


“Fufu, it’s fun to be with Aoi.”

When the sky was beginning to turn red.

I smiled as I walked back to my house.

If you are in this industry, you will see a few people your age here and there.

However, not all of them get along with each other, and because of the word “work,” it’s not easy to get along.

I think Aoi is one of the people I get along with.

We talk well together, she looks at me properly, and above all……Aoi himself is sincere and hardworking about his acting.

Well, well, the difference in ability is painfully felt though.

(After all, Aoi is different from the others……)

It was when I was thinking that–

“Oh, isn’t that Kisara san?”

A car suddenly stopped as it was passing by, and a voice called out from inside the car.

She has a beautiful face, young and somewhat mature, with blonde hair that shines in the red sunlight.

Such a girl waved her hand towards me.

She looks very familiar.

That girl is–

“It’s Hiiyo, what’s wrong?”

“No, I just happened to see Kisara san on my way home from work. If you don’t mind, would you like a ride?”

Sakura Hiiyo

A childhood friend of mine, a young actress who has been active before me and is currently gaining popularity.

But I’m not jealous.

“Then I’ll take your word for it.”

“Fufu, I’m happy to go home with you, Kisara san.”

……Because I know that there is a difference in ability.

The reason why she’s popular and the reason why she’s selling so well are convincing.

But, well, there are times when I feel a little bit inferior.

Of course, I love her as a friend. Not to mention, she’s a nice girl.

(It really hurts to have a childhood friend who doesn’t make you hate her.)

Hiiyo urges me to get into the car.

I thanked the manager who was driving first, and sat down on the seat next to her.

“You said you were working, so you’re also having a hard time. Starting tomorrow, high school enrollment.”

“Yeah, I guess so. But I can’t complain because it’s a very nice offer. It will cause trouble for those around me.”

“……Where have you and that guy abandoned your age-appropriateness?”

Aoi also looks more mature than his age, and he knows a lot about the industry. What is really going on around me?

It wouldn’t be strange to say that I’m dealing with working adults…..

“That guy?”

Hiiyo tilted her head at my words.

“I recently met a boy named Misaki Aoi who wants to be an actor. He’s as mature as you are.”

“I’m not really mature,……and it’s hard to make enemies when you talk this way. Adults think I’m polite, and my age group think I’m calm.”

“It’s not just the way you talk, it’s the way you think that makes you mature to begin with.”

Normally, you wouldn’t be able to acquire good social skills at this age.

“But, well…..there’s also the fact that I don’t know where the boundaries have gone.”


“Fufu, it’s nothing.”

Hiiyo smiled and changed her words as if nothing had happened.

“But it’s a little surprising that Kisara san gets along with a boy so well that she calls him by his first name…….it seemed you didn’t like the opposite sex very much.”

“That’s true, but Aoi is different from the others. We get along well and he doesn’t judge me by my looks and status.”

Well, it may be that Aoi himself is perfect looking.

…..He’s so cool for nothing. As expected of Misaki san’s younger brother.

“Hee……I didn’t know Kisara san would say that much.”

“Besides, Aoi is really good at acting. I’ve been learning from him all day.”

Aoi also seems to have practiced in his own way, but as expected, he was good at teaching.

I was made painfully aware of his technical ability, but it still makes me feel that I’m growing.

It may sound bad to say this to other people, but it seems certain that I would improve more if I were taught by Aoi, including in terms of motivation.

“Is that person a great actor, that Kisara san would say that much?”

“I told you earlier, he’s an aspiring actor. Well, after we shot a commercial together the other day, he was approached by a lot of different people, but he turned them down.”

“He wants to be an actor, but he turned them down?”

“He said he wants to join the same office as his sister. Ah, come to think of it, isn’t it the same with you—the place Aoi wants to join.”

Hiiyo belongs to “Fortissimo” as well as Misaki san.

If he gets into the same place as his sister, he’ll be working in the same office as Hiiyo.

“And, I believe his age is the same as yours. He was lamenting today that he’s starting school tomorrow.”

“Then, he might be from the same school. If he lives around here, it’s very likely.”

“Every high school has an entrance ceremony tomorrow, right? And that would make him a junior in the same school as me.”

“Fufu, I’m just saying it’s very likely.”

Hiiyo put her hand on her mouth and smiled elegantly.

……When I see a face like this, even people of the same sex get a kick out of it, so I’m troubled by Hiiyo’s beauty.

(But come to think of it, I forgot to ask where Aoi enrolled.)

I heard that Hiiyo goes to the same high school as me.

If he went to the same school as Hiiyo, that would make him my junior.

(T-that’s not so bad either…….)

I don’t know, I’m starting to look forward to tomorrow a little.

It hasn’t been decided yet that we’re going to be in the same high school.

“But if Kisara san says that much, I’d like to meet him once…..really.”

I think Hiiyo said something.

However, the possibility that I thought, made me lose my mind…I couldn’t hear her well.

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