Hiiyo’s acquaintance passed away.
It seems that he was good friends with that girl and died protecting her.
When I heard the story, the funeral was already over.
Just today is the funeral of that person, Misaki Aoi.
I’m not familiar with Misaki san because we worked for different companies and we had never performed together, but I knew him because I had often seen him on TV.
He is a talented young actor and a man who is renowned as a genius.
I remember being jealous when I first heard that we were about the same age.

There was no mention of Hiiyo, but the internet went wild.
Even the news was talking about mourning Misaki Aoi.
The article also kept running for several days, and it was so well known in the public that it was even trending on social networking sites.

……No, I don’t care about those stories right now.
I had come to Hiiyo’s house because I was worried about her.
I was worried about Hiiragi Yoru because someone close to her had died because of herself.
I didn’t come here to play, I simply came to check on her.

“Hiiyo, I’m sorry to disturb you.”

Since Hiiyo started living alone, I have been visiting her house often.
I often go to her house because it’s close to my office and we can practice acting together.
When she was living at her parents’ home, I didn’t show up very often, but now I visit her to the extent that I get permission to enter without ringing the chime.

I took off my heels and walked down the hallway to the living room.
And there she was, standing there in her mourning clothes.


I’m startled by her appearance.
Because it was nighttime. I had heard from Hiiyo beforehand that the funeral would be over in the morning, but she hadn’t changed her clothes yet.
……No, maybe that’s not what really surprised me.
Because that Sakura Hiiyo–my childhood friend was looking up at the ceiling with swollen, empty eyes that were like empty shells.

“Ah, Kisara san. You’ve come.”

When she noticed me, she smiled her usual ladylike smile.
In a state where there was no shadow to see, such as the previous figure.
“Y-yeah……I just said I would show my face.”
“Fufu, you did.:

Hiiyo went to the kitchen in mourning clothes.
I guess she’s trying to get me a drink. I left it to Hiiyo and sat down on the sofa in the living room.


As I did so, I felt a cool sensation coming from the part of the carpet where I stepped on my foot.
That was where Hiiyo had been standing just a moment ago—

(It’s wet…….?)

Did she spill her drink or something?
As I was wondering that, Hiiyo put the cup on the table in front of me.
At that moment, I saw the ring on her hand. And it was on her ring finger.

“H-Hiiyo. That ring–“
“Ah, this? I got it as a commemorative gift when we were shooting a bridal commercial. I had forgotten about it until you just told me.”

Saying that, Hiiyo took off the ring she forgot to take off.
……I thought you were getting married. I’ve never heard a single love stories about her, let alone talk about her going out.
Well, that goes for me too.
But how could she forget to take off a ring like that? I’m sure she doesn’t have work at the funeral today, and she would have noticed if she was in the bathtub.

(I don’t think so, but……)

It can’t be that she didn’t have time to take care of herself, can it?
If so, this girl, really.

“Even so, is there something wrong, suddenly coming to my house? Normally you would have contacted me in advance.”
“No, I just wanted to check up on you–“

It was the moment she opened her mouth.
Suddenly…..really suddenly, tears began to flow quietly from Hiiyo’s eyes.

“W-wait, Hiiyo !?”
“Yes? What’s wrong?”
“Don’t say that !? You suddenly started crying !”

She cried without changing her usual smile.
I don’t need to tell you how distorted it is and how horrible it is.
It was only when I pointed it out, Hiiyo tilted her head, and finally noticed the presence of tears flowing by touching her cheeks.
But the tears never stopped.

“Huh……? Why am I……?”

……I see.
What I thought was wet was Hiiyo’s tears.
I’m sure she cried without realizing it and didn’t do anything to wipe it off.

—That’s how much she mourned the death of a person named Misaki Aoi.

(Now that I think about it, this is the first time I’ve ever seen Hiiyo crying.)

Of course, I had seen her crying many times through the screen.
But I had never seen her cry in her personal life, not even when I was little.
She is usually very mature and never shows any attitude or pretense of being worried about anyone.

It’s a big difference from the old days.
She used to be more cheerful and active before she started acting.

“It’s been hard, isn’t it?”

Hiiyo wiped her eyes many times, but there was no sign of her tears stopping.
I gently hugged Hiiyo.

“Hard, for me……?”
“Yes, that’s right. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be crying all of a sudden.”

—Now, at this moment, I finally understand.
The Hiiyo I was looking at was surely the one that created the existence of “Sakura Hiiyo” and not the girl herself
That’s why her tears spilled out with the unchanged expression on her face.
Like water in a dam that had filled up and burst, the emotions that had unknowingly built up were expressed in her body.

“I see, I’m…..in pain, huh. I’m happy…..”

Why is she happy when it should be hard for her ? I dared not ask.
Instead, I continued to gently embrace her fragile, fragile body.

“You know, Kisara san.”
“What is it?”
“I was able to cry without my own will for the first time in a long time.”

Hiiyo hugged my body tightly and began to bury her face in my chest.

“When my uncle died, I cried along with everyone around me on purpose. However, today…today, I’m…selfishly crying…!”

Soon, Hiiyo’s voice began to tremble.
It’s so sad that even I, who was sobbing, felt like tears were welling up in my eyes.
The voice that I have never heard from her mouth in my life.

“It’s hard, isn’t it…..! So this is…..sadness…..! Is this……what I think…..it is…..!”
“I’m so glad…..after all…..Misaki san is the one who…taught me !”

Hiiyo gripped my clothes so tightly that it almost wrinkled my clothes.

“Misaki san is….no longer here…….it’s my……fault ! I haven’t even thanked him…..!”
“I…….I hate myself….! Because even at times like this…..I’m happy……I feel like I’m finding myself…….I thought…..!”

I really have never seen Hiiyo like this before.
The overflowing emotions finally find a place to go, and flow so vigorously that even the vessel seems to be damaged.
Who has ever seen such an appearance?
The public watching TV, the people in the office, Hiiyo’s parents.
If it weren’t for Misaki Aoi……I probably would never have seen it.

“I don’t want to…..become……an actress anymore…..!”

But I didn’t want to see her like this if possible.

“I want to redo it,……and I want to help…… Misaki san……before this…….!”

If that’s impossible.
Hiiyo looked up at my face.
With lots of tears in her eyes.

“Someone……please find me ! ! !”

Please. the voice ruminates in the room, spilling from my chest over and over again.

(Ah, someone……)

Please help this poor girl.
She’s going to break down any minute now–this clown actress.

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