Eventually, for some reason, even I ended up appearing in that commercial.

The director said it would have been a waste if they didn’t use it. I was amazed that he could get me through the script, the costumes, the negotiations with the sponsors, the salary, and so on.

Perhaps because of this, I have been approached by various entertainment agencies since then.

I’m talking about what is called connection affiliation.

I was surprised at how many offers I received just for that one performance.

As an adult, I had received several offers for minor roles in movies before I was approached, so I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect.

Would I step in first and make contact with Sakura as a fellow worker and gain the status of “actor” at the same time as entering the school?

I was torn between the two, but in the end I decided against it.

After all, being in the same office as Sakura would give me more contacts at work, and I felt very comfortable at “Fortissimo” while I was there.

I’m grateful to have been offered the job. Still, I would rather be in the same environment as Sakura.

After that, I did some salon modeling and other things to raise my awareness of my surroundings, and finally–it was the day before I entered high school.

“Tomorrow is the start of school, huh……”

“What’s with the sigh of pain?”

On the cafe terrace where you can see the view of the crowded city.

A girl with a remarkably good appearance was frowning in front of me.

Certainly, if you let out a sigh as soon as you meet, it may be inevitable that your face will look like that.


“Sorry, sorry, tomorrow is the day I start high school.”

Tomorrow is the day I finally meet Sakura.

I’m not nervous because I’ve already experienced this once just by entering high school, but that one thing is creating a great deal of anxiety.

“Well, it’s not that I don’t know how you feel.”

Saying so, a girl with long glossy brown hair tunes in as she spins a straw.

─ ─ ─Aizu Kisara.

She is one of my seniors and a girl who recently joined an office as an actress.

We have been in frequent contact since we worked together on a commercial for “Ajimaro” the other day, and we have come to hang out on our days off like this.

I think it is surprising to me that after meeting her several times, we have lost the honorifics we used to use in the beginning and have started calling each other by our first names.

I’m not sure if I would have been able to speak properly to a girl of my age, let alone such a pretty girl, in the old days.

“But Aoi has nothing to be depressed about, right? You’re friendly, you’ve got a nice face, you’ve got a good reputation. That’s exactly what the commercial for Ajimaro aired the other day, so I’m sure people who saw it will be impressed.”

“I don’t think you should judge people by their looks, right?”

“……I didn’t judge you based solely on your looks.”

Kisara, with her cheeks reddened, begins to sip the coffee in her hand.

Was there a moment that made her turn red?


“C-come to think of it, which agency did you decide to belong to after all, Aoi? Since then, you’ve been approached by a lot of different firms, right?”

“But I declined.”

I sip my coffee while Kisara shows a slightly surprised expression.

“Why? You’re aspiring to be an actor, aren’t you? If you want to be active in the future, you should definitely belong to it, right?”

Of course, that’s true.

The amount of work you can do without belonging is overwhelmingly different.

Unless you have a connection and a track record that will bring you work without you having to do anything, otherwise, you usually accept work or auditions brought to you by an agency.

“Besides, I’m still a minor. Even if I got a job, it would be a hassle to get written permission from my parents every time.”

“Is it because you want to join [Fortissimo] with Misaki san?”

“Well, yes.”

The truth is, it’s because of Sakura…..I probably shouldn’t say this here.

It’s meaningless to say it, and I don’t know where the story will spread if I say it to people in the same industry.


“I’m not surprise about Misaki san,……”


“But her brother is also a siscon.”


“……No, no, no, what are you talking about?”

“You’re chasing after your sister’s back, that’s what it looks like, isn’t it?”

Is it this hard to deny something just because you can’t speak your mind?

I’ve learned more than I’ve ever learned in my life.

“Fufu, you have a cute side too. I had an image of you as someone who could do anything.”

“No, that’s not true. I have a lot to learn, and I still have a long way to go.”

“Teach me acting again next time. I’ll rent a studio.”

“…That’s fine, but if not me, there are other people who can teach you, right? If you want, you can ask one of the older actors.”

I had been active for a few years, but only a few years.

If you look up, there are people who are famous, and there are people who have accumulated a lot of experience.

I’m proud of my talent, but in terms of teaching, I’m probably not ready yet.

“It’s easier to listen to people your own age.”

“I’m telling you, you’re older than me, Kisara, okay?”

“You’re the one I respect.”


“My current target is Aoi. That’s why, okay?”

Kisara showed a mischievous smile.

I was unintentionally struck by how fascinating it was.

She’s just teasing–

“……Don’t get your hopes up too high, okay?”

“Fufu, thanks♪”

Well, well.

Kisara picked up the coffee and stood up.

“Well then, please find a studio somewhere and let me know. If not, in the internet cafes.

“Don’t go to Internet cafes, at my age I’ll be kicked out and the neighbors will start talking about me.”

“You can’t say that line until we’re both well-known.”

But I couldn’t dislike this positive attitude.

As I got up on my feet, any fears I had about entering the school had somehow disappeared from my mind.

In the end, we rented a studio for the day, and we both devoted ourselves to practicing our acting skills.

And now—the restart begins.

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