Meeting Him


(*Hiiyo Point of view)

There is a boy that Kisara san is praising.

For me, it was the matter that interested me the most.

Kisara san and I are childhood friends, like our houses are near each other and we have the same job.

We have been together since childhood, and I knew that she didn’t like the opposite sex very much.

Apparently, Kisara san does not like to be courted by boys.

Because of this, she has never had much interaction with the opposite sex at all. Except for work, of course.

It was interesting enough for me to see her getting involved and praising him.

In addition, I could sense that she was somewhat enthusiastic. It may have been my imagination, though.

(I thought so, and then I met him today…….)

While Kisara san was taking pictures, I was alone in the back drinking a drink that had been prepared for me.

In my view was the scene of the photo shoot led by Tsutsuji san, and I could hear the voices of the people in my ears.

In the midst of it all, Kisara san was smiling at the camera.

And there was Misaki san, too —-.

(Surely, there is more than just Kisara san’s praise.)

I had heard about his background beforehand from Kisara san, but it was hard to believe that he had started his activities just a few days before.

His gaze, his stance, and the thoughts that put them together…..all of them are wonderful.

I thought he had been taught by his sister, Yua, but apparently not.

I’m not that familiar with modeling as my day job either.

However, even if I were to say that he is getting this kind of work, his skills seem to be high.

(Now that he’s also aspiring to be an actor, I’m really surprised.)

I have been told by those around me that it is people like him who are called geniuses.

Probably, most of the people here must be amazed.

(Modeling is not an easy job for an actor.)

When you play a role in a drama or a movie, it is a kind of a flow work of “becoming” the character.

In extreme cases, the director of the production will cover the production aspects without any concern for the camera.

What is required of the actor is the skill to transform the character’s natural state…..from fiction to reality.

Once they are in the role, they simply trace it out according to the script. Of course, that’s not all there is to it, but that’s what it is, broadly and to the extreme.

However, what is required of the model is the subject.

They must be devoted to the mannequins that line the windows. That mannequin, of course, is not just a mannequin that stands, but a mannequin that is necessary for the situation.

In this case, the mannequin is a high school student on a date that everyone seems to be longing for.

The model is required to enhance the clothing necessary to make the person’s aspiration a reality.

However, this is a feature for the purpose of “selling clothes,” and if the feature requires the model themselves, it will be different.

(It is said that a model’s good or bad is determined by how good they are at posing and their atmosphere…..which has an unobtrusive presence and yet leaves a lasting impression).

However, as long as I was looking at Misaki san’s figure, he looked as good as a professional.

On the contrary, I even think it would be easier for me, who would be photographing with him, to do so.

(Fufu, I’m getting curious now.)

Like Kisara san, I’m not very interested in the opposite sex.

In my work, love is a troublesome factor, and I have never met a partner that I could be that interested in.

As I said, he is a person whom Kisara san praises.

I would love to be friends with him.

(Well, now that we are in the same class, we will have more opportunities to interact with each other.)

While I was thinking this, Misaki san, who was taking pictures, walked toward me with his head down.

They were probably going to take Kisara san’s photo from now on.

In addition, including Misaki-san’s break, which he had been shooting for the whole time.

(Yes, I just thought of something funny.)

A mischievous thought suddenly occurred to me.

I stood up with another bottle of drink in my hand, relaxing my mouth.

Then, I rushed over to Misaki san and—

“Thanks for your hard work ! Here you go! ! A drink for your hard work !”

I offered him the drink with an innocent smile.

How on earth would Misaki san, who aspires to be an actor, react?

Are you perplexed? Would you surprised by the suddenness? Or would you take it as normal?

The teacher with whom I train occasionally asks me to improvise unexpectedly.

Actors do not always follow the script. They may say more than the dialogue they are given.

In order to cultivate such improvisational skills, actors practice in this way.

The better the actor, the better he or she will be able to interpret the role of the other actor in their own way and return with a role of their own.

(Well, what do you think?).

It’s different from my usual atmosphere, isn’t it? As a younger sister who cares for my brother who worked hard, I waved.

At least I’m not surprised at the sudden change in mood—

[It’s unusual for you to work hard for me ! Well, your brother is a bit touched, you know?]

…..I thought so, but I was wrong.

Misaki san began to stroke my head messily, exuding full joy in no time.

In Misaki san’s mind, it seems that he interpreted that I was his younger sister and treated me like one.

As he did, I demanded my brother’s response as a younger sister.

And to have it returned to me without even a moment to catch my breath—

(Y-you shouldn’t…..!)

This suddenly interested me as a fellow actor.

He should not have the experience and education that Kisara san and I have had since we were children, but to see him respond in such a way at the same age…..his talent is astonishing.

What exactly does he look like on TV? As a serious activity, it is impossible not to be curious.

“Fufu, good job, Misakisan.”

“Y-yeah……how am I supposed to react so suddenly? Is it better to continue as an older brother?”

“Rather than that, why don’t we talk about it? We were in the same class after all.”

I took Misaki san’s hand and urged him to a chair.

At that time, I felt that his face was bright red, but–

(It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this kind of emotion.)

I did not care deeply about it.

After all, it was an unusual feeling for me to have.

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