The next day after meeting Sakura at night in the park.

The day of the completion of filming finally arrived.

“Good morning !”

I was dropped off by my sister in her expensive and conspicuous foreign car and arrived at the set.

Today we were shooting a scene in which Akane and Eiji, the main characters in the film, have feelings for each other and get together.

After twists and turns, their paths crossed, and they revealed their feelings to each other, the mystery of the apple was solved and there was a happy ending.

The happy ending is followed by a confession scene on the rooftop.

This is where the work comes to a beautiful conclusion.

Perhaps because it was the climax of the story, the atmosphere at the site seemed very heavy.

“Ah, it’s you, Misaki san.”

When I entered the scene, I immediately saw Yuzuriha san, who was resting on a chair.

Her figure is kind of cute.

“Good morning, Yuzuriha san.”

“Good morning……”

When I greeted her, Yuzuriha san suddenly stood up.

Then, she brought her face close to mine and looked into my face seriously.

“……Did something happen?”

“That again.”

“No, it’s different from the last time, isn’t it? I feel like you’ve cleared things up, but did you solve it successfully?”

She really is too sharp.

I can’t believe she could tell as soon as she met me, even though I hadn’t done anything in particular.

I feel a little envious of her sharpness and intuition.

“Right. I’ve solved it without incident.”

“Then that’s fine. Well, I vaguely understood it when I saw Sakura san.”

Saying so, Yuzuriha san sat down again and turned her gaze forward.

A studio in a rented school building. In that one classroom, there are members of the student council role and Sakura, except for me.

I had been told beforehand that the shooting would end with the climax scene between me and Sakura, if nothing serious happened.

So I came at a late hour. But it seems that filming had already started.


“For what?”

“For worrying about me.”

I said without looking at Yuzuriha san.

She also mumbled quietly without turning her head.

“You’re welcome.”

I thought she would say something like [I was just worried about Sakura san, not for your sake] but no such words came out.

I guess she was genuinely worried about me.

(She really is a nice person…….)

My mouth fell apart unintentionally.

I’m blessed with too many good people, like Kisara, Yuzuriha san, and Ikuta san.

The fact that I’ve been able to meet these people since I restarted is probably an irreplaceable blessing.

I have no regrets for my death, but before that, I’m becoming more and more grateful for the time-lapse that I don’t know who caused it.

“Okay, cut ! Thank you all for your hard work !”

As I was thinking that, such a voice rang out.

Various people were saying it, and everyone in the cast was slowly coming out of the room.

Sakaki san, Hori san, Ikuta-san, and Todo san appeared.

And among them—

“Good morning, Misaki san.”

Sakura, who played the lead role, Akane, noticed my appearance and came over to me at a little faster pace.

“Oh, good morning—“

“Good morning, Sakura san !”

As if interrupting my words, Yuzuriha san stood up and rushed to Sakura.

In addition, she exactly intervened between me and Sakura,……stop, move out of the way. Today is the last time I will be able to see Sakura in her different uniform.

“Fufu, thank you.”

……Sakura is the same as usual.

With a graceful smile on her face, the words she spoke to Yuzuriha san who approached her were calm.

I can’t imagine what it looked like yesterday.

Since then…..has nothing changed?

“Excuse me, we’re going to start rehearsal !”

As I was feeling a little uneasy, I heard such a voice.

“Isn’t it too early? You just finished filming a few minutes ago. Didn’t you skip the V-check?

“I asked them. I’m feeling really good right now. If possible, I want to keep going like this. Then I’m sure we’ll be able to get some good shots.”

“Wow, even you sometimes feel that way, Sakura san.”

Yuzuriha san who mumbled, took a distance from Sakura.

On the other hand, Sakura passed by Yuzuriha san who had moved away and came to my side.

“Let’s go then, Misaki san.”


The last shooting location is here on the rooftop.

The view is great and it looks great with just the two of us.

The rooftop scenery was also depicted in the original story.

“……Misaki san.”

Sakura, walking beside me, suddenly looked up at me.

“Can I ask you for a favor……?”

What? I wanted to ask back for a moment.

But I soon realized that this statement had something to do with what happened yesterday.

After all, Sakura’s expression was a little uneasy.


Contrary to that, the anxiety that had been rising in my chest disappeared.

It’s not that Sakura had forgotten—she was just pretending to be there because that’s where everyone was, I could tell by the look on her face.

“Leave it to me.”

If it were true, I would have patted her on the head or said something thoughtful to reassure her.

But there was no way I could do that in a public place like this.

“So, I may be being presumptuous, but……you are expecting it, aren’t you?

Therefore, what I can do is—


“Then, start……!

The dry sound echoed under the clear blue sky.

The rehearsal was over, and the climactic confession scene had just begun.

[Hey, Eiji kun……why did you call me?]

Sakura’s first words as she appeared from the rooftop entrance.

After all is resolved, the line here is a simple question with no anxiety or anything else.

Now Sakura is certainly in a mood.

It’s enough to make me wonder where the anxious look she showed earlier went.

The expression on her face, the tone of her voice, the way she casually holds her hair. All of these things are captured better than ever before on camera.

It’s just like when an athlete’s spirits go up during a game.

If I’m not careful, my eyes will follow every gesture.

(But, Sakura……)

Don’t think you’re the only one who’s in the mood.

I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in.

After all–

(Now that I know I’m the one who can help you)

What can I say?

I can’t put into words the elation and feelings I have for her.

That day, that time.

Just like you did for me. Just as you saved me by calling out to me.

(This time, I will……)

I will take responsibility until the end.

I will find you, Sakura Hiiyo.



[I have something to tell you.]

Follow me, Sakura.

Let’s take it to another level.

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