“One Apple and Five Wolves” has already begun.

Today is the third day of shooting. However, some of the cast members are on their fourth day of shooting, while others are on their second day, as they are shooting according to their own schedules.

Basically, Eiji, who I play, and Akane, who Sakura plays, are the lead cast, so we have been on set a lot.

Today is the third time that we have entered the set together in this way.

[ [I’m looking forward to working with you.] ]

This time, the movie is about a school on the royal road.

In addition, because the film has a fantastical element of apples, the location is a historical school building that has been designated as a cultural asset by the prefectural government.

This place is generally available for rent, and is used not only for filming movies, but also for commercials, weddings, etc., and is even used as a church on weekends.

The antiquated and charming atmosphere is perfect for this fantastical film.

When I entered the site, the people involved greeted me back.

But it is only for a moment. Whether the timing was good or bad, they had already started shooting another scene.

[The student council was in the midst of a mix of props, and the filming of a new scene was about to begin.]

In the student council room, which was filled with props, a man with a disheveled uniform and short haircut sat cross-legged on a chair.

He is the treasurer of the student council, Hiruma Tsuga—is played by Sakaki Ken.

I believe he was a member of an idol group called [final.]

[It can’t be helped. The student council president is a busy man.]

The glasses-wearing man who brewed tea using a tea set as a prop, as if to brush his words off.

The vice president of the student council, Nijima Subaru–is played by Hori Shun.

He is a model who belongs to the entertainment agency [Future.]

[Ah, but ! Maybe the president might come? Look, he seems to be crazy about the new girl who joined recently.]

He wears a uniform and a hoodie and exudes a good-natured air.

Student council secretary, Aisaka Kouta—played by Ikuta Yuuta.

He is a stage actor who belongs to the theater company [Sakazuki.]

[……I’m not interested.]

A man of few words who wears headphones.

He plays the role of the vice president of the student council, Yuzuki Jin–played by Todo Haru.

Like Sakaki san, he is also a member of the [final] group.

And this time, the door to the student council room is opened vigorously.

[Pardon me ! Akane, are you here?]

A semi-long haired girl with a lovely face.

Sakurazaka Chizuru, Akane’s friend–played by Yuzuriha Narumi.

She is the girl who was voted the most popular girl in the idol group [Iris] which is currently at the height of its popularity.

(Seeing it like this, that face is really one of a kind.)

Putting down my luggage, I look at the shooting scene.

Half of the cast members are idols and models.

They are all people who are currently popular, and Ikuta san and we are the only actors who are in the real line of work.

However, the original work is a shoujo manga, and it is natural for the sponsors to gather people who are popular among the public in order to attract young people.

However, this has left me with a sense of discomfort with the acting.

The acting was unnatural, with unnecessary movements and intonations.

I feel that there is often an aspect of being deliberate. Ikuta san, as a stage actor, does not seem to be so intentional.

“After all, I don’t choose my main job, so I can’t help but look inferior.”

“Well, since you’ve fulfilled the manga artist’s request, you won’t complain, right? Sakaki kun, he seems to love it.”

I was not the only one who heard such voices from the people around me.

I have no problem with it as long as the people around me don’t have any problem with it.

If I do what I should do, that’s all I have to do, and I don’t have the skills to think about other people in the first place.

“Misaki san, would you like to do some reading until the next show starts?”

Sakura looked at me with a script in her hand.

Both Sakura and I had already changed out of our costumes, so she looked very fresh in my view.

This is what makes my heart beat faster for a moment, but I manage to keep my composure.

“No, I’m going to read the book and rehearse here anyway, so I’ll pass. Besides–“

As soon as I returned my gaze to the room, the director’s voice echoed.

[Okay, cut ! OK !]

It’s almost over anyway.

There would be a short break after this, but soon we would be by ourselves this time.

In the meantime, the cast members started to go back and settle down.

They start drinking tea, reading their scripts again, or just sitting down to take a break. Each of them began to take their own separate actions.

Have they not established a relationship to have a casual conversation yet? I wonder about that.

(Well, they’ve only been together a few times, and they’re all young.)

I don’t think they are people who have developed some social skills like Sakura.

Besides, they are probably busy with their own things right now.

And it’s also possible that they’re socializing afterwards, so let’s not get too crazy.

“Ah, it’s Sakura san!”

As I was thinking that, a girl was coming toward me at a quick pace.

She is Yuzuriha san, the girl who plays Akane’s friend.

“I’m looking forward to working with you today.”

“Yes ! I’m looking forward to working with you ! Ehehe……it’s Sakura san.”

Yuzuriha san is smiling somewhat ecstatically.

Perhaps because she likes Sakura so much, I can’t help but feel that her face doesn’t look like an idol. Her face reminds me of Aki for some reason, even though they don’t look alike.

“Third time ! Today is the third time I’m performing with Sakura san ! I’ve always dreamed of performing with Sakura san !”

Yuzuriha san’s face is so close as if she was about to hug her……hey, get away from her, I’m jealous of you, seriously.

“Fufu, I’m glad to hear you say so. I was really looking forward to working with Yuzuriha san too.”

“Really !?”

“Yes, it’s true.”

Sakura, on the other hand, was more like an adult.

Well, I think she is really happy too.

There shouldn’t be a person who dislikes this.

“I’d like to exchange contact information with you afterwards, if you like. Since it’s a great opportunity……it’s a chance for us to be friends ! So I would like to be your friend !”

“I don’t mind.”

“Ah, and by the way, Misaki san, let’s exchange contacts too.”

And then.

[Misaki san, Sakura san, please get ready !]

As we were doing so, a call came to us.

So Sakura left Yuzuriha san and went inside with me.

“Then Yuzuriha san, see you later.”

“Yes !”

Yuzuriha san gave a small wave, though she looked a little disappointed.

The expression on Sakura’s face in response was the same ladylike smile as always.

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