Appearance is arguably the most important aspect of human relationships.

It is often said that the inside of a person is what is important…..but before you can get to the inside, the outside always stands in the way.

To put it simply, which man would you rather talk to, a clean man or an unclean man? That said.

If you don’t talk to him, there is no way to know what he is like on the inside.

No matter how many beautiful things you say, it is common sense in human relations that the first step is appearance.

In addition, being conscious of one’s appearance is not only important for the other person.

If you are good-looking, it will lead to self-confidence.

Facial features and physique are inevitable. We are born with them.

However, you can do whatever you want with your hair and clothes.

The term “good-looking man with a good atmosphere,” if I may put it that way, has become quite popular among the public, and it is easy to be liked by the opposite sex.

As one fashion designer once said, “All clothes are armor.”

If you wear fashionable clothes, you will develop a sense that you are fashionable too. This leads to self-confidence.

In other words, the first thing I need to do is to improve my appearance.

So I decided to do something about my long, long hair–

“Kyaaa ! Aoi kun, you look super cool !”

“You really look different ! Well, my arms are ringing for the first time in a long time! !”

After going to the hair salon that my sister often goes to and getting her hair done,.

The hairdresser and my sister were looking at each other and getting excited.

A-as expected, I’m happy to be praised so much, but it’s embarrassing.

“Before I cut your hair I was thinking, [I don’t want this guy to confess to me !]”

I was annoyed at her bluntness.

“But you’ve become really cool,……As expected of Yua chan’s little brother, your genes are scary.”

“Ahaha……no, that’s not true.”

I laugh bitterly at the hairdresser who stares at me seriously.

Yes, genetics are scary.

I don’t want to say this because it might sound too boastful, but I think I look cool in the mirror.

I had my eyes hidden, so I had my bangs buzzed short and trimmed a little on the sides and had a perm done.

……If only I had noticed this face earlier.

I’m a gloomy guy anyway, no matter what I do, I’m ugly unlike my sister—I wish I could beat myself up for thinking that.

I see…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..I should punch this face

“Ehh !? Why did you suddenly punch yourself in the face !?”

Anyway, I didn’t feel better.

“I’m sorry, Aoi kun, but there are parts of you that are a little crazy.”

“No, no, not as crazy as Nee san.”

“I think you two are both pretty much the same from my point of view……”

What an extremely unwilling thing to say.

I don’t want to be put in the same category as this unfortunate beauty.

“I’ve got to pay my bill.”

As far as I checked on the internet, it was a beauty salon that my sister always went to, so the price was reasonably good.

It seems that this place was introduced to her by her office.

It’s no wonder that the salon is so popular, and that the price is so high.

However, it was a blow to the money I had collected from my allowance.

(Well, this is a necessary expense, so I have no choice but to accept it……)

I’m going to have to buy clothes and cosmetics from now on anyway.

The only clothes I had at home were a hoodie and skinnies. Therefore, I will have to make sure I have everything I need. If I cried over this, I wouldn’t be able to do anything.

I was about to take out my wallet when the hairdresser suddenly held my hand.

“Oh, it’s okay, you don’t need to.”

Why did she say she didn’t need the money?

I had brought money with me.

(Maybe it was a place where 10.000 yen wouldn’t be enough?)

But I had checked the price and there should be no problem.

As I was wondering, the hairdresser looked at me with her hands together as if she was asking me for a favor.

“I hate to say it in return, but would you be willing to be a salon model for me sometime?”

“Excuse me?”

“Oh, you know, salon modeling—“

“No, I’m aware of that…..”

Salon models are so-called “billboards” for beauty salons.

The beauty salons still generate revenue by attracting customers through the Internet.

When a customer opens a website, it says, [You can get a haircut like this here !] The salon model is also a profit-making advertisement tower for the so-called beauty salon.

“Recently, I have been thinking that I need to attract customers for children like Aoi kun. So, I think Aoi kun can attract parents’ attention ! By the way, I have asked Satsuki chan to do the same.”

“Aoi kun, y-you’re amazing ! This shop is a beauty salon that the models often use, you know !?”

“No, it’s not that big of a deal~! Compliments will only make me more enthusiastic about your next appointment !”

“Yay !”

I thought it wasn’t so bad since I was able to get an appointment on the same day, even though it was a weekday, but apparently this place is more popular than I had thought.

The glint in my sister’s eyes was proof of this.

“W-well…..I’d appreciate it if you’d give me free of charge….”

“Really !? If you lie to me, I’ll kick you !?”

This was a promise I had to keep.

“This will get me new customers ! Aoi kun, you’d make a great billboard !”


Do I have that prominent look?

As expected, if you say that much, it will make me uneasy.

I honestly thought that she was imprudent.

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