A dozen minutes after being pulled by Sakura and Kisara.

Walking down the street, attracting a lot of attention due to the composition of the two beautiful girls walking with me, we finally arrived at our destination.

It was an apartment building with more than a dozen floors. After passing through the auto-locking door and getting into the elevator, we headed for the top floor.

Sakura took the key to one of the rooms out of her bag, and she pulled the door open, urging us to go inside.

“Then, come in.”

“I’m sorry to disturb you.”

“E-excuse me.”

I walked in slowly, in contrast to Kisara, who entered with an air of dignity.

After all, it was the first time I entered a house of the opposite sex. And it’s the one I like.

How could I not be nervous? I had never been in a relationship before, let alone had any friends until I was an adult, so there was no way I could be proud of myself.

My heart has been beating loudly since a few minutes ago.

“Fufu, there’s no need to be so nervous, Misaki san. It’s nothing serious.”

When I was nervous, Sakura smiled at me from behind.

(Ah, damn it. I knew it, Sakura is so cute…….)

Thinking about it calmly, even if I was an extrovert living in the present, I would normally get nervous just by being invited to the house of that popular actress “Hiiyo Sakura”.

I suddenly feel much more at ease when I think about it.

“You really have never been to a girl’s house before, have you?”

Kisara, who went to the living room and put her bag on the floor first, said something like that to me.

“What about you, Kisara? Have you ever been to a man’s house?”

“I haven’t.”

As expected.


This is the house where Sakura spends her time, huh?

The spacious living room has a counter kitchen that overlooks the inside, a large TV, a sofa, and a table.

The interior is simple yet stylish monochrome. What caught my attention was the shelves on the wall, which were filled with DVDs.

They were probably for study or for films in which she had appeared.

The first thing that came to my mind was the house of an actress, not a girl named Sakura.

“I-I’m embarrassed if you stare at it too closely,…..but well, it’s not my room.”

“S-sorry !”

When Sakura pointed it out, I hurriedly dropped my gaze to the floor.

“Even so, it’s been a while since I came here. It’s a little nostalgic……has the interior changed a bit?”

“Well, Kisara san and I often went to each other’s houses until the beginning of middle school.”

“Then Hiiyo got busy, so I didn’t get to visit as often as I would have liked.”

The two of them spread their conversation in a memorable way.

This, combined with the heterosexual space, makes me feel strangely alienated and uncomfortable.

……I should have longed to go to Sakura’s house, but the feeling I had was more embarrassing than happy.

“Well then, it’s not a good idea to stay too long, so let’s start early.”

Kisara took off her blazer and took out a piece of paper that looked like a script from her bag.

“Then, who would like to start with?”

“Isn’t it fine to start here with Hiiyo, who offered the place? Aoi, do you have anything?”

“I’m just tagging along, so I don’t mind which one you choose if you agree with it.”

“Then it’s decided. Let’s start with Hiiyo first.”

“If that’s the case, thank you very much.”

Saying that, Sakura put down her bag and left the living room.

However, after a few tens of seconds, she reappeared in the living room.

I knew that she had gone to get the scripts because she had three scripts in her hands.

Then Sakura hands one copy each to me and Kisara.

“This isn’t the one from your current drama, is it?”

“It’s the script for the new movie I’m going to be starring in.”

On the cover of the script was written the title [One Apple and Five Wolves.]

This title was familiar to me. However, it is only a previous memory.

It was supposed to be a movie that would be released a year and a half from now, I believe.

“The lead role…is not a popular person.”

“You too KIsara san, you’ve decided to appear in a drama based on shoujo manga that’s about to be made into a live-action film, haven’t you?”

“I’m playing the sub heroine. Well, thankfully, I’ll be in the series for the first season.”

Both of you are amazing.

This is how they work as actresses.

Of course, they have been working as actresses longer than I have, but I know that it was not an easy road for them.

I guess I’ve come this far because I’ve been trying, almost breaking, and still clinging.

(If that were the case, I’d be there to help both of them……)

People who are trying their best are the ones I want to support.

I would feel bad for the two of them if I got nervous just because I was invited to the house of someone I like and ended up getting in the way of their practice.

I’m also seriously trying to be of help to Sakura and Kisara—


(*Hiiyo”s point of view)

Suddenly, I thought I couldn’t hear his voice anymore and looked at him.


“Fufu, it’s started.”

Kisara san overflows with laughter at the sight of Misaki san.

“Um, Misaki san……”

“Isn’t he concentrating hard? Aoi is always like that when he reads his scripts.”

Misaki san read the script while crossing his legs and poking his cheeks.

His eyes and his body were motionless, and silence prevailed only around him. Even when we were watching him could not help but gasp at the atmosphere and spirit of the performance, as if we were afraid to even speak to him.

“I’ve practiced with Aoi a few times, but that guy never compromises. When it comes to acting, he is serious about it and takes it seriously. Well, even so, I’m always amazed at how focused he is.”

“I see…….”

Reading a script is something every actor does.

But is it as much as Misaki san does now? I can’t imagine a little bit…..including me, putting out that much concentration.

That’s how serious he is, how serious he is about our practice, even though it’s not about him—

“……I’m glad.”

“Right? That’s why I like practicing with Aoi.” 

The expression on Kisara san’s face when she said those words was one of pride, as if she were praising herself.

(Well, I guess I can understand why Kisara san is so proud.)

Looking at him, I strangely felt a warmth in my heart.

(Perhaps this is because I’m feeling motivated.)

Thanks to Misaki san, this high school life seems to be very fulfilling.

However, is it my imagination that I feel like I can’t take my eyes off of him somehow?

(……No, let’s focus for now)

Misaki san is being serious for us right now.

(But even though it is for Kisara san and myself, ……)

Why is he taking it so seriously for me?

For someone like me.

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