[Why did you have this apple?]


Sakura’s mouth is cackling, as if she wants to say something but can’t.

Her eyes were a little downcast, and her gaze wandered off to the right as if she were trying to escape.

First of all, we had to go along with Sakura’s practice first.

—[One Apple and Five Wolves].

It is based on a shoujo manga set in a modern school, with the motif of Little Red Riding Hood.

The story is about the main character who transfers to a new school and accidentally picks up a red apple, which is the secret of the school’s student council, and the people of the student council approach the girl.

While there is a fantastical element of the mystery of the apple, the main story is a love story between the main character and five other people, giving the impression of a love romance.

Perhaps it is because the film is not a drama but a film of less than two hours, or perhaps it is because the script was written very quickly.

The focus is on the main male character. I felt that the film is actually a story about the man and the main character, even though it is presented as five people in one film.

Sakura plays the main character, Akane, a transfer student.

And now—the scene where she meets Eiji, the man who creates the most relationship value with the main character in this film.

I was facing Sakura as that Eiji

(But as expected of Sakura…)

I feel extremely little discomfort when I look at her.

She in front of me looked like a girl who was really trapped while having something to be guilty of.

Just by facing each other, a sense of guilt springs up.

[I’m sure you didn’t think of stealing from the student council room, did you?]

But I am Eiji.

I am a strong, somewhat irreverent, and responsible man.

Therefore, it is unthinkable to be kind to someone you meet for the first time.

In addition, the other party is holding the student council’s secret apple in her hand. Rather than growl in guilt, I needed to attack her forcefully.

So I picked Sakura’s chin and pulled her face close to mine.

I was so close to my first love that I forgot that she had a beautiful face.

[N-no !]

[Then how do you explain the apple in your hand?]

[This is !]

In contrast, Sakura was also playing her part without having to think about it.

She was desperate to say something, but she seemed to be appealing. She is very aware that the camera is rolling and is trying not to turn her back to the camera.

In the reading of a play, there is little to no action.

The lines are matched and the image of the role is shared.

But of course, if we include movement, we can communicate efficiently and convey a specific image.

If Sakura is doing it, I’ll do it too.

It’s just–

(Surface, huh)

I couldn’t tell from the screen, but it seems that Sakura is tracing the surface now.

Wearing the role of Akane, she is just mouthing the lines of the script while moving them according to the situation.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with that.

Unlike stage actors, actors who appear in the media create popularity by putting on the ideal image of the person on the other side of the camera.

There is no such thing as being popular with everyone. They leave an impression on someone by creating a character that is desired by many people.

As you repeat this process, your name will spread.

(The current Sakura is the same Akane I imagined when I read the script.)

If you stand in the same ring, you can see how great she is.

She must have read the script many times, imagined it, and fished out the original work and its accompanying impressions to come up with the image of the [Akane many of us hope for].

I can’t help but admire that.

However, there was a part of me that felt somewhat sad.

After all, it might be just my imagination, but…..I felt like I was looking at the usual Sakura on the surface.

[Follow me, I’ll hear the story in the student council room.]

I grab Sakura’s arm with the hand that was pinching her chin and step forward.

—There, Kisara, who was not in the role, clapped her hands.

“Okay, let’s take a break then.”

At that moment, both Sakura and I immediately stopped.

We stopped matching and came back to reality.

“I understand.”

Sakura gave a small laugh and sat down on a nearby chair.

She then turned to me and looked at me curiously for some reason.

“Even so….Misaki san.”


“You never once looked at the script in the middle of the show, but perhaps you memorized the script in those ten minutes?”

I guess ten minutes is the amount of time I spent reading the script.

I certainly remember it, but not enough to be surprised that my memory is a little better than other people’s. Besides, I remember most of the work that Sakura was doing.

And I’d seen most of the films that Sakura was in.

I knew the flow of the story and the lines to a certain extent.

“He’s weird, right? He memorizes almost instantly when he’s in it.”

“Praise me, or I’ll cry.”

Sure, there’s cheating, but don’t tell me it’s creepy.

I’m a boy, remember? You know what happens when a girl says that to me. Srupid !

“Oh my, I’m praising you, you know? Right, Hiiyo?”

“Yes, I was surprised too. As expected, there is no one who can learn at this speed. In addition, you’re able to create roles and match them properly. I honestly can’t find any other word than praise for this.”

It made me tingle to hear Sakura say that.

Or rather, it stinks of embarrassment and my face gets hot.

“So, what do you think of my performance so far?”

“I can only say that it’s a tongue-twisting performance as usual.”

When Kisara said that, Sakura turned her gaze to me.

“How about you, Misaki san?”

“I’m the same as Kisara…..”

……I have nothing to say.

When I was about to say that, my words suddenly stopped.

“It’s okay, you can be honest with me.”


She probably didn’t want to be praised so nicely. As an actress.

The only thing is, I was wondering if it was okay for me to say it. Sensing that, Sakura stared straight at me.


“You’re no different from the usual Sakura. That’s what I thought.”

When I honestly said that, Sakura’s eyes widened for a moment.

I felt as if she had been doused with muddy water and there was a slight shadow in her clear eyes.

However, the usual smile soon returned.

“Fufu, those are words that stick in my mind.”

Why did it stick in your mind?

I’m sure that the only person who could understand it here was the person herself.

That is why this conversation quickly turned into something different—we ended up continuing reading the script as usual after this.

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