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“Hey, wait……”

No matter how much you think, this is crazy, right?

I wake up not in a hospital or somewhere in my office, but in front of a mirror.

I look around, but what I see is not one of those two things, but my room in my parents’ house, which I used to be familiar with.

In addition, what I see in the mirror is a slightly younger version of myself.

What’s really going on?

My hair, which I always keep neat and tidy, has no trace of its former self. My hair is messy and unclean, and my figure is dull and gloomy.

My bangs were long, hiding my eyes. This was probably the most important factor in giving the impression of gloominess.

I hurriedly looked at the calendar on the tabletop.

The page shows March 2015… years before the time I remembered.

“Hey, seriously……”

I involuntarily look up at the ceiling.

I pull at my cheek, but it hurts like normal. It’s a classic way of confirming something that lacks credibility, but the scene in front of me tells me it’s not a lie.

After all–

“……Time leap.”

That’s all I can think of.

I had returned seven years ago….just before I started high school.

I never thought such a fantasy could happen in real life. I’m sure I won’t get any bashing from various quarters for holding my head up.

How could I have gone back in time?

And just before I entered high school.

Is there a meaning to this? Is there some special reason that makes me start over from this time–

(No way, the last thing I wished for was……?)

I suddenly realized.

As I was about to lose consciousness, I wished I could go back to that time and change myself as soon as possible.

I wanted to start over and settle my one-sided love.

I wanted to move forward with my relationship with Sakura.

I was wondering if this was God’s way of giving me a chance to start over?

“I haven’t done that many good deeds though.”

But if that were really the case, how grateful I would be.

The chance to start over was the one thing I wanted in my life.

To move forward on my own, without letting my unforgettable first love drag me down.

I was a shady person at that time, unsure, timid, and unable to even try.

“Thank you, God……if that’s what you decide, let’s do it !”

I slapped my cheeks to get myself fired up.

At that time──the door was suddenly and vigorously opened.

“Aoi kun, the meal is ready !”

A girl appeared through the door, not seeming to be ashamed, as if she did not know the word ‘knock’.

She has long, silky, wavy hair and a beautiful, bright, innocent face. Her eyes are rounded, her height is tall, and her body is curvy and well-defined.

When walking down the street, she is sure to catch the eye of anyone who sees her.

Her appearance is as good as Sakura’s.

It is no wonder.

This girl──Misaki Yua is my older sister, and she has been a model belonging to an agency since those days.

(It’s nostalgic, my sister at that time)

She made her debut when she was approached by someone from an agency while walking down the street. She must have been just at the height of her popularity at that time.

It was after this when I started appearing in dramas that gave me the opportunity to become an actor.

Unlike Sakura, who had been active as a child actor since childhood, my sister came up from modeling.

But even when she was an adult, her main job must have been modeling.

“Ah, yeah……I’m coming.”

Suddenly feeling nostalgic, I stood up.

For the time being, it would be better to keep quiet about my time leap.

She wouldn’t believe me if I said that all of a sudden, and it would be embarrassing if people thought I was crazy.

–But when she saw me like that, she tilted her head.

“Oh? Aoi kun, have you changed your mood somehow?”

She was very perceptive.

“No, there’s nothing wrong with that, right? I’m me.”

“…..And the way you speak.”

Damn, back then I didn’t speak like that.

I was supposed to be oblivious to it, but I never thought that I would fail in the first place.

But I’m sure–

“You used to put a gloomy aura around you.”

I’m sure she won’t think I’m crazy even if I hit her once here.

“That’s not true, Nee san.”


But I’m used to speaking comfortably, and if I force myself to speak the way I used to speak, I will be in trouble.

In order not to feel uncomfortable even if I change in the future, so I’ll just say–

“If I may say so, I was thinking of making my high school debut……”

“Eh !?” Aoi kun’s debut in high school?”

My sister, who was looking suspiciously at me, was suddenly surprised.

And then, she immediately embraced me with a happy smile on her face.

“Hey, Nee san !?”

“I think it’s good ! Aoi kun, I thought it was a waste of your really cool looks ! See, up until now, you’ve been looking like a creep !?”

Please, someone, give me a weapon to hit my sister with this rudeness.

“Besides, your sister loves the current atmosphere better ! So much so that I wouldn’t be surprised if we were to get a marriage license now !”

“Although it’s a wrong relationship !?”

I was patted on the head in a messy manner.

I have many things to say, but I also miss this kind of exchange.

I was always helped by her cheerfulness.


“So, Nee san.”

I’m going to change who I am.

I will improve myself as much as I can so that I will not regret it anymore, and I will get Sakura to look back at me.

Even if this first love doesn’t come true, I will be able to get over that regretful first love.

“Can you tell me which hair salon you always go to?”

—This is where it all started.

From this point on, I will put an end to my pathetic self.

I’m going to restart my youth with no regrets towards the girl of my first love.

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6 months ago

This kinda has a Haibara’s teenage new game + vibe to it.