[Hey, don’t those two look cool……?]

[Yes, they’re like a beautiful man and a beautiful woman !]

[Are they sister and brother? They look a little like each other.]


I heard such whispering voices around me as I walked around town.

Even though I just cut my hair, this reaction….somehow made me itchy. Nonetheless, this time I have my sister next to me, so I guess I stand out even more.

Walk like a jewel, sit like a rose. I was amazed by the presence of my sister, who draws attention just by being there.

“Fufu, looks like we’re the talk of the town♪”

My sister, who was walking beside me, smiled wryly.

“That’s because you stood out, Nee san……”

Hmm, there are times when even I stand out, but this time there are more than usual, right?”

As expected of a high school student, she is an active model.

She doesn’t seem to be tired of the fact that she’s always the center of attention.

[U-um ! You must be Misaki Yua, right !?]

Suddenly, two girls call out to her.

“Yes, that’s right–“

[I-I……always buy “morning” magazine, and I admire Yua san, too…..i-if you don’t mind, could you take a picture with me !?]

[Me too, please !]

As expected of my sister.

I can’t believe that even though she’s in high school, she’s already being approached like this. I’m sure she should start wearing a disguise.

“Fufu, thank you for your kind words ! Photo is totally fine !”

[ [T-thank you very much ! !] ]

The girls look happy when my sister smiles at them.

I thought to myself as I watched them jump up and down, thinking that they really liked my sister.

“Well, I’ll take your picture–“

[If you want, you can be in the picture too, okay !?]

“……Excuse me?”

I wondered why I was supposed to be in the picture with her.

If she wanted to take a picture with my sister, there was no point in having me in the picture.

“Then, let’s all take a picture together !”

She puts her hand on my shoulder, brings my face close to hers, and enters the camera, which the girls point at in the manner of a selfie.

After a few dry clicks, the girls, looking satisfied, bowed their heads.

[ [Thank you very much !] ]

“Yeah, yeah, bye-bye !”

I was still having a hard time understanding the situation, and before I knew it, the girls had left.

[H-hey…that boy, doesn’t he look cool !?]

[I couldn’t help but ask him if he was a model. Look, he was with Yua chan !]

……Well, as far as the way they were whispering and talking about something, they seemed happy, so it’s fine.

But what is this feeling that I can’t explain?

In the first place, what on earth is the reason for me to be in the picture…..?

“Hey, after all, Aoi kun was one of the ones who attracted attention, you know?”

As I was twisting my head, my sister peered into my face with a happy smile on her face.

“No, I don’t really understand that, but don’t they just feel bad for me?”

No, I’ll admit that I’m really good looking.

I inherited the same genes as my sister.

But I’m just a kid who hasn’t even made it to the top yet, you know? Even so, I really don’t understand why they want to take a picture with me.

“Muuu….Aoi kun, I think you should be a little more aware of how cool you are !”

“Ah, yes.”

“And you should also realize that your sister loves you !”

I will never be aware of that.

“Even so, Aoi kun has really changed.”

“Eh, what? Are you talking about my appearance?”

“No, you used to hate walking together with me, right? I stood out and often talked to. You usually run away from me quickly just now.”

It is true that I was extremely reluctant to be with my sister at that time.

I hated being compared to my sister, who was brilliant and I was dark and shabby. I didn’t want to be compared to her, I didn’t want to stand out, so I kept avoiding being with her at that time.

But now I’m used to such things.

When I was working as an actor, I was always noticed even if I didn’t want to be–it’s not something I can continue to do if I’m worried about people’s eyes.

(Besides, if I was going to be a man worthy of Sakura, I shouldn’t have been so whiny about something as trivial as this.)

Sakura, who stands out as much as my sister and is already active in that world.

If I were to go out with Sakura…..this level of eye contact would be the norm.

The person I was when I was a miserable, shady person must be discarded as soon as possible.

“…..As expected, I can’t stay the same as I used to be.”

“Hmm, I see.”

My sister nodded as if impressed.

Was the change too sudden? However, I will be entering high school in a month’s—I will attend the same school as Sakura.

In terms of improving myself, if I don’t change now, I will show my pathetic side.

I have to convince my sister that I’m aiming to make my high school debut.

“By the way, Nee san, where have we been headed since a while ago?”

After leaving the hair salon, I was walking around town as my sister urged me to do.

The place where we live is a little far from the city center, but it is only two stops away from Shinjuku and Shibuya by train, so you could almost call it the city center.

Therefore, the city is prosperous in its own way, and there are many pedestrians.

The direction we are walking right now is the direction where the nearest station is located.

Are we going somewhere by train? Such a question suddenly occurred to me.

“Hm, didn’t I tell you? I have a photo shoot to go to.”

“You didn’t say.”

“So I thought I’d introduce Aoi kun to the people at the office.”

“I haven’t heard that.”

I can’t help but feel like it’s a pretty important thing, but doesn’t my sister think about that?

(……No, wait)

Could this be an opportunity?

Status is second only to appearance in importance when building relationships.

This status does not only refer to one’s technical skills.

It is more like a foil, like a rich man, an athlete, or a celebrity.

Even if you are great on the inside and have good looks, if you don’t stay overnight, you may not even be able to make a decisive move in getting women to like you.

When I entered the entertainment industry as an actor, it was often the case that when actresses and models got married, it was to someone rich, in the same industry, or famous.

Maybe, just maybe, simply graduating from being a shady person…..improving my appearance and being able to talk a little, will not make me the kind of man that Sakura would like.

(Fortunately, I’m confident in my acting. If I could follow the same path again at my age…..)

Sakura might take a glance at me.

On the contrary, we may have more contacts than before because we are doing the same job at a younger age. We may even have something in common.

“The agency Nee san belongs to is called…….”

“It’s an entertainment production company called Fortissimo ! You can call it an office, but I think it’s cooler to call it a production company, so that’s what I’m calling it !”

I didn’t have to say it because office and production mean almost the same thing and it’s the name of the office that’s important.

I didn’t know this because I didn’t pay much attention to her at that time, but she belonged to “Fortissimo” from this time on.

Well, I thought that she would not like to change her office from one place to another, and I thought that she would continue with “Fortissimo” for some reason.

“Well, it doesn’t matter what the name is ! Anyway, I’m going to brag about you, so let’s go !”

She pulled my arm while I was thinking and walked ahead of me.

I didn’t put up much of a fight and let her lead the way.

This was a great opportunity for me.

I would love to make a fresh start in the entertainment industry here at an agency called “Fortissimo”.

This office is where I used to belong to in the future, and where Sakura belongs to these days.

(Even though it’s not such a sweet industry.)

When I looked at my sister’s face from the side, I unintentionally gave a wry smile.

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9 months ago

Ok this makes zero sense. Why on earth is he acting like this is shocking that people want him in the picture and even last chapter where he asks himself if he’s really that prominent look? He regressed into the past, having years of experience as an actor, a very popular actor it seems who should be used to stuff like this and have some confidence.

There are some lines where he does seem to know that but then there are lines like the one I mentioned above. It’s so inconsistent as if the author wants to make him a chad who knows he’s good-looking and has the charm but is stuck in some idea that all JP MCs have to be dense, ignorant, and a beta. So he’s constantly flipping back and forth.