Time to restart !

…..Even though I thought of that, it’s a bit of a problem.

[Hey, it’s Hiiyo chan !]

[If you don’t mind, won’t you go out for karaoke after this !? We can have a get-together too !]

[Um, do you mind if I get your autograph?]

In the middle of the classroom, there was a large crowd of people.

The majority of the class is heading in that direction, all with happy expressions on their faces.

The central figure is, of course, the hottest person in the space.

[I’m sorry, I have plans for the rest of the day.]

Right now, the first day’s classes are over and it’s after school.

Despite this, this crowd never disappeared. Thanks to this, I have not been able to speak even once despite my best efforts.

From my seat, I could no longer catch a glimpse of Sakura.

(Come to think of it, it was like this before.)

Surrounded by everyone in the class as well, and only here in the excitement, she quickly became the central figure of the class.

The ones who don’t join the circle at this time are either people who are jealous of Sakura who is popular or people like me who don’t have the courage to talk to her.

This time I would like to go talk to her to avoid that…..but as expected, it would be a nuisance if I rushed into her in this situation where she was surrounded.

A man who can do this kind of consideration should make a good impression. I hope so.

(I think I’d better give up and go home quickly today.)

Even though I have attracted attention at the start, if Sakura is there, the attention will turn to her.

This is probably also because status is the strongest factor.

“Hey, Aoi kun, you’re not joining them?”

As I was thinking that, Aki suddenly appeared beside me.

“I’d like to go talk to her, but it would be a nuisance to barge in any more, so I was thinking I’d do it tomorrow.”

“I’m so proud of you for thinking that way ! Aoi kun, you are a boy with a beautiful heart ! Should I give you a head pat?”

I don’t know what it is, but this feeling of unnecessary praise reminds me of my older sister.

What position am I in amongst this cheerful people?

“Shouldn’t you go, Aki? You looked pretty interested in the morning, didn’t you?”

“I’m interested too, but I do consider the inconvenience to others, you know? I just caught a glimpse of Hiiyo chan looking a little troubled.”


This is a little surprising.

I thought she was the type to go out and talk to people without thinking about the trouble she might cause.

Even if it wasn’t possible, this kind of caring part might be the reason why she was able to become the central figure in the class.

“Oh, you’re thinking that’s kind of unexpected, aren’t you?”

“That’s right.”

“……I’m glad that Aoi kun’s walls are coming down, but that’s not the best way to react.”

Come to think of it, before I know it, I’m able to talk normally to Aki.

This may be thanks to the fact that she talked to me all the time during today’s break.

……Now that I think about it, Aki often talks to me every time. Is it okay for her not to talk to her friends?

“But Aoi kun, I get the feeling that there are still some walls between us.”


“Yes ! It’s kind of…..dark !”

Where did the concern from earlier go?

“Even if I want to talk to Aoi kun, it’s kind of like [It’s hard to talk to you] you know?” “There are people who want to talk to me…” “Of course ! Because Aoi kun is quite an attention-getter ! You came here in the morning with Yua san, right? You also look good, right? Didn’t you also appear in the commercial for [Ajimaro]? Normal people would want to talk to you. There’s been a lot of people who says [Hey, it’s Misaki kun.]”

I thought they were only interested in Sakura, but it seems that was not the case.

It’s something I couldn’t think of before…what should I do, I’m a little happy.

“That’s why Aoi kun, try smiling ! If you do that, making a hundred friends is a dream come true, okay !?”

“Hundred friends……”

“Ah, you made fun of me, didn’t you? I’m really aiming for a hundred friends !”

Aki looks unhappy with her cheeks puffed out.

—I can’t see her joking.

Seeing her like that, I honestly thought she was amazing.

Cheerful people are cheerful people. Naturally making friends and sitting in the center of the class without hesitation…..I thought that the world we lived in was different, but I have to change my way of thinking about this.

(Does Aki have a sense of purpose in her own way?)

Without a sense of purpose, you cannot stand where you want to be in the first place.

Aki has not established that position naturally, but rather, she has set a firm goal for herself.

There must have been a lot of effort involved in the process.

People around her might think it was a childish goal, but I still wanted to applaud her for it.

“No, I think it’s great.”

“Hm? Did I get a compliment?”

Aki tilted her head cutely at the sudden compliment.

Looking at this kind of figure, I feel that it is not unreasonable to boast of being so popular with boys.

—That’s when it happened.

“Excuse me.”

With a rattle.

The door to the classroom opened with a sound.

And then a familiar girl with beautiful brown hair emerged from the door.

[H-hey, that person !]

[Isn’t that Aizu senpai from the second year !?]

[Isn’t she the one who was in the Ajimaro commercial !?]

The whole class, including those who had gathered at Sakura, began to make a commotion.

Kisara is really amazing that even first-year students who just entered the school know about her.

Well, it’s only natural for her to be known as an actress with her good looks.

(But still, I didn’t know Kisara went to the same school as me.)

Well, if she lives nearby, it’s bound to happen.

I should have at least asked her the name of her high school when I saw her yesterday.

I thought I’d go talk to her.

When I was thinking that……Kisara looked around and walked slowly towards me.

And then–

“It’s been a while since yesterday, Aoi.”

She came right in front of me.

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