Crisis Before School


Today was the day I finally entered the school.

I was happy to finally meet Sakura, but at the same time my stomach was churning with anxiety over whether I would be able to speak properly.

That said, It’s probably the same for the people in my class.

Unlike the old days, I’m now a working adult, and to some extent my negative spirit has faded, but anxiety is always present.

And with that kind of anxiety–I was in a pinch from the morning.

“Today, I have a lecture at the university in the afternoon.”

My sister calls out to me as I’m walking out the front door with my school bag on my shoulder.

My father and mother had already left for work. Leaving me and my sister alone at home.

“I see, you’re a college student now.”

She started college this spring.

The first day of college was much earlier than high school, and even though it was only in the afternoon, she was dressed up in all her finery and carrying her SLR camera, so she was in college colors from the morning.

“I have a day off from work.”

“I see.”

“And I have no plans with friends.”


“So I’m going to Aoi kun’s entrance ceremony !”

God, please make plans for my sister.

“House, stay, go home.”

“I’m already at home, okay?”

“I’m telling you not to leave the house.”

This is a pinch.

Who would sadly want their sister to come with them to their high school entrance ceremony?

Besides, she is annoyingly conspicuous, pretty, and famous. If such a person were to come to the high school, it would be inevitable that she would be the center of attention.

For a young man who is worried about whether or not he will be able to make friends with anyone, the initial attention is unbearable.

“Eh ! I don’t want to !”

When I firmly refused, my sister began to complain like a spoiled child.

What could have driven her to this point?

“I want to show Aoi kun that I’m the best for you !”

I see, a distorted love.

“I don’t want you to go because of that. You should think a little about the feelings of the victim who will be the center of attention.”

“Ugh……Aoi kun, you’re an aspiring actor, but you say things like that.”

“No matter how you look at it, this is a different story.”

It is true that if you are going to be an actor, it is inevitable that you will be in the public eye.

Even in the past, there were a lot of glances, and if your job is to appear in the media, you have to get used to the eyes of the people around you.

However, it goes without saying that the way they receive attention is different. I don’t want her to push young people who are anxious.

“But I want to see Aoi kun’s best clothes !”

If it’s the best clothes, you’d see it reflected in front of you.

“Sigh…..anyway, Onee chan, stay at home like an adult. Don’t ever come.”

“……If you do this, I’ll hide in the house and secretly capture you on camera—“

“If you sneak in here, I’ll cut you off from the family.”

“Nnya !?”

After showing her face as if she had been struck by lightning, my sister immediately collapses to her knees.

A sadness drifted from her back, and I could see the despair even more than when she dropped her credit card.

“…… Wait, on second thought, if you get rid of me from the family, can we officially get married?”

But I’m thankful that she’s not the kind of person you’d unintentionally worry about.

“Oh no. I have to go to school soon.”

I know where my class will be in my first life, but I’ll have to take a look at the class I was assigned to just in case.

It would take me about 20 minutes to walk to school, and if I included the time to look at the classifications, I would have to leave the house soon.

I turned my back to the positive-minded brocon sister.

Then my sister grabs me by the sleeve of my new uniform just in time.

“What is it?”

“……Nyu, since I won’t be going to the entrance ceremony, at least let me send you to school.”

Did she choose to suppress that positive spirit and give up?

I have never been so grateful for my sister’s reasoning. I was on the verge of a crisis because of her.

“Hmm……well, I guess that’s okay?”

“If it’s just sending you to school, I won’t bother you, and I want to do something about my brother’s admission.”

“Onee chan.”

Although she is an annoying brocon, she is a kind older sister from the beginning.

With family in mind, when I was depressed, she comforted me many times and encouraged me.

Even when I grew up, our relationship did not break, and I remember that we were always close.

—I’m sure she’s trying to support me in my new beginning.

My middle school days were miserable, and my sister, who has been watching me closely, knew that better than anyone else.

“I understand…..thanks, Onee chan.”

“Yes !”

Saying that, my sister stood up with a happy expression on her face and pulled my arm to open the front door.

Is she that happy to be able to send me to school?

Even at this age, she is still a troublesome older sister, I thought. I followed behind her as she walked.

“When did you get your driver’s license, Onee chan?”

“Recently〜! So, I got Mom to give me a little money to buy a new car !”


My sister’s car was a brightly colored luxury foreign car.

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