Sister’s Concern


“I’m home.”

After Kisara’s manager dropped me off and after a pleasant chat with them.

I went back to my house and opened the living room door.

“Ah, Aoi kun, welcome home〜!”

In the kitchen of the living room, I saw my sister.

She was wearing an apron and the smell of curry in the air suggested that she was cooking dinner.

My parents are very busy, and we rarely have time for family time.

Both my mother and father are not often seen, so much so that a rule is made between the siblings that whoever comes home early is the one who cooks first.

“Hm? It’s curry today.”

“Yeah, I got it from a commercial the other day !”

Come to think of it, “Ajimaro” was curry.

So, in addition to the fee, we were given a product as a thank you.

“That’s Aoi’s reward, isn’t it !”

I was not paid for my services.

“Even though I did my best to show up in the media….!”

“Of course, Aoi kun is not a member of any production company. You are dealing with a big company, and you can’t suddenly tell them that you are not being paid.”

Now that she said it, it’s true.

I’ll pay you what you want ! I didn’t think that what the director meant was curry.

Well, it’s a good thing that I made many new acquaintances thanks to that time. I’m sure I’ll get a large sum of money for this modeling shoot, so I’ll just have to accept that it was my fault for not listening carefully enough.

“More importantly, you came home late today. Did you succeed in making your high school debut?”

My sister asked while she was serving rice and curry on my plate.

“I don’t know if my high school debut was a success, but the reason I was late is because I was working……”


“Yeah, the other day, you met Kisara too, right? I got a substitute for a modeling shoot from that girl.

“Modeling !?”

When I said that, my sister suddenly yelled out.

And then, for some reason, she rushed towards me and her eyes started to shine.

“Are you finally thinking of getting married to your sister !?”

It’s rare to find a context that is incomprehensible.

‘Why would you say that?”

“[Model = with my sister = together all the time = life partner = marriage] !”

Seriously, what an incomprehensible context.

“It’s not about leaping forward, but marriage with a relative is a no-no.”

“No way…..!”

“And I told you, right? I’m an aspiring actor.”

Ignoring my sister, who was on her knees with a feeling of despair, I threw my uniform jacket on the sofa.

I’m worried that in the future she’ll be able to wear a bridal gown.

“Ugh…..c-come to think of it, you said to me. I’m sure you’ve been approached by a lot of people because of what happened last time, right? You got a business card when you were with me.”

“I got one, but I turned it down. What I want to join is Fortissimo.”

“Fwueh? Where I’m in?”

“Isn’t it safer to be together? Me and Father and the others think so.”

The truth is, I just want to be in the same office as Sakura, but I don’t have to tell her that.

It would be troublesome if I said to someone who was going to marry her brother, [Because there is someone I like.]

Besides, you never know where the story will leak out from, and it’s easier to balance it out for the same reason as when I told Kisara.

“I’m sure Father will be relieved. Well, even in my case, he gave me the OK with two replies, so I don’t think he would object.”

“But I’d like to join an office as soon as possible. In terms of the range of work I can do.”

For this modeling project, too, I need my parents’ written permission to get a payment.

Asking for permission from the parents and having them fill out the form every single time is just a hassle, and if I can save it for the sake of both parties, I would like to save it.

Besides, it is true that it is easier to get work if you are in an office. I was able to get it because my sister and Kisara were there until now, and I don’t know what will happen next.

For the time being, I got the business cards from Tsutsuji san and the director from that time, but it’s unclear if there will be a next time.

“Hm-……then, would you like to join my place as you requested?”

Suddenly, my sister started to say something like that.

“Huh? No, it’s not that easy a place to enter, is it?”

“That’s the thing, our manager saw Aoi kun in ‘Ajimaro’ and said he’d like to ask you. If it is possible, he would like you to make time for him.”

She is only a model.

You may think that the actors and the models are in different departments,….but “Fortissimo” has a slightly different structure than other companies.

There are several departments that mix models and actors, and each of them overseas sales.

The president of the company says that this is because [you never know where a connection will be made.]

You might be taking on work for a model and get good talent or work for an actor there, or vice versa.

If the departments are different, there is a cushion in between when talking through the story, so this policy was born out of a policy to eliminate that cost and seize opportunities quickly.

I had received an offer from my sister’s manager before, and I guess it would be the same this time.

However, I didn’t expect to receive it at this timing.

“I-it’s not like I wasn’t hoping for it……but why now? It’s been quite some time since then, hasn’t it?”

“I had actually received it for a long time, but as a sister, I wondered if it would be all right. You see, we didn’t get along at school until now, so I thought you would mind if I said something strange when you were in school. He said he would wait for me. And that’s why I wanted to tell you after you entered the school……”

I’m sorry, she said. My sister apologizes apologetically.

But apologizing is not right. After all, it was because she was worried about me and took care of me.

She knows what kind of life I had in middle school.

There were times when I cried, and there were times when I was depressed.

I guess she didn’t want to interfere with my attitude of wanting to do well in high school, since I had told her I was going to make my high school debut.

Even though I was busy making friends and getting used to life at the beginning of the school year, she might have given me even more things to think about.

I’m sure that it was because of this concern that she kept her mouth shut.

I’m grateful for that, but it seems strange to complain about it.

“Thank you, Nee san.”


“Thank you for thinking of me.”

I look at her and smile.

“I’m okay with it…..I’ll take the offer.”

The opportunity came sooner than I expected.

It’s true that the beginning of school is an important time, but if I miss this time, the next is really the audition for the next term.

If it’s the current me, I’m sure I’ll fit in at the school.

So, I can’t let this opportunity pass me by.

When I told her that, she looked so happy and hugged me with all her might.

“Fuheheh, Aoi kun has grown up before I knew it~!”

“Hey, Nee san !?”

“I’m so happy to see you grow up〜!”

She rubs her cheeks against me.

Although it feels annoying, the words of happiness are clearly transmitted.

That’s why I couldn’t make it any more unreasonable….I endured the feeling of wanting to move away.

“Ah, can I get a kiss?”

I pulled away from her as hard as I could.

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