“It’s already been a week.”

“It is.”

—A week has passed since then.

I feel like I’m gradually getting used to school life, and I’m getting accustomed to the atmosphere.

After a week, the community in the class is formed to some extent.

People sitting near me, former students from the same middle school, and I have more opportunities to talk with them, and I naturally move to get used to the new environment together.

There is no better place to feel at ease than in a group.

Once you get through the initial friend-building process, you will naturally adapt to school life.

So, how about me?

“Aoi kun, have you made any friends?”

“…..Unfortunately, there is no one who I can call a friend.”

…..I have not been able to make any friends.

I don’t want to make too many excuses, but my groove was different from when I was an adult and I wasn’t able to take the plunge.

I had a hard time talking to them because I was afraid that they would reject me.

However, if I continued to do nothing, I was sure to become isolated.

Now there is Aki sitting in front of me looking at my face…..but don’t stare, it’s embarrassing.

“But I can talk to them !”

“Why don’t you just start a conversation from there !”

“If I could do that, I wouldn’t be having a hard time ! I don’t know how to fit in !”

I don’t know how to adapt to young people’s conversation, regardless of work talks and social etiquette.

“Contrary to appearances, I can’t hide my tears at this gloomy behavior……!”

Don’t look at me like you’ve seen the poor child, my heart is still like a glass even if I did a time leap.

“Well, maybe Aoi kun doesn’t have any friends, but there’s no doubt that you’re popular, so it might be fine~”


“Yes, that’s right ! See !”

Aki turns her head to the side.

I also shifted my gaze in the same direction, and there I saw my classmates who had appeared before I knew they were there.

“Misaki kun, I saw this month’s [beautiful] !”

“You’re in the photo with Sakura chan, but is Misaki kun a model, too?”

“Hey, hey, can I take your picture !?”

My classmates went out of their way to take the magazine with them and say things like that.

Perhaps because it was a women’s magazine, the previous photo shoot was well known.

“P-picture is kinda.”

“I see…….too bad.”

One of my classmates looked at me with a disappointed look.

Is this the popularity Aki was talking about? Sure, I’m being talked to thanks to the foil, bu….I’m feeling guilty from the beginning?

When I said [sorry] again, my classmates said [sorry too] and left the place.

“Hehe, Aoi kun, you are popular, aren’t you~”

“If I meet the criteria for popularity just now, then yes, I am. I mean, from my perspective, Aki is more popular than me.”

She’s with me like this now, but she’s always surrounded by someone from her class.

This is probably because of her good looks, cheerful personality, and sociability that allows her to be open to everyone.

As before, Aki has become a popular person in the class.

“It’s hard to define the criteria for popularity.”

“That’s what I said.”

Nishishi, Aki laughed.

……I guess it’s this kind of cute smile that makes her so popular so quickly.

(……You know what I see when I look at Aki?)

If I had as much sociability as Aki, I’m sure I’d be able to fit right into my class circle.

I’m sure Sakura would prefer someone like that to someone who just has one foot in the entertainment world.

Thinking this, I continued to stare at Aki’s face as she looked at me.

And then–

“Oh, um…..sorry, you’re staring too much.”

Aki blushed and turned away.

Are you embarrassed? I thought you were used to being stared at.

“You were staring at me too, right?”

“It’s different !”

It seems that this world is not equal.

“A-Aoi kun might be used to being looked at, but come on…normally you get embarrassed when a handsome boy stares at you……”

Aki whispered.

Unfortunately, I can hear it clearly.

“Are you complimenting me?”

“Y-you idiot !”

Aki smacks me on the head.

It’s true that I’m used to being looked at, so I don’t think it matters now, but if you know you’re going to be embarrassed, I don’t think it’s a good idea to do it to someone, right?

“Aoi kun, you should be a little more aware that you have a nice face !”

“Y-yeah…..that’s a compliment I can’t react to.”

“Otherwise, you won’t be able to make friends, okay !?”

That’s a problem.

Even I want to send a memorable youth to the long-awaited restart.

In order to become a man worthy for Sakura, I want to become a normal human being.

“All right, from now on, I’ll do as Aki says and…..not make eye contact with anyone at all.”

“You can’t !?”

That’s a tough one.

(I mean, there’s still no sign of Sakura.)

Now it’s before morning homeroom.

There is still a little time before it becomes tardy, but when I looked around the classroom, there was no sign of Sakura.

And even if she had come, Aki, who had been going to talk to Sakura every time she came to school recently, must not have come to school yet, if she had not moved.

(Well, that’s not so strange, is it?)

I’m sure Sakura is busy with work.

I just wanted to talk to her a little, that’s all I could think.

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