Playing together with classmates seems to make them return home unexpectedly late.

This is probably because they were so excited that they lost track of time, or because they were reluctant to leave.

I can see that when I look at the backs of my classmates after they leave the karaoke bar.

[Wow, it was a lot more fun than last time !]

[Hiiyo chan is as expected, but Misaki kun sang really well, didn’t he !?]

[I’m starting to think there’s nothing he can’t do.]

As the sun began to set, the excitement of walking back home hadn’t disappeared even though they knew it was over.

At times it sounded like they were being lifted up, but that was simply because it was the second time in their lives.

As for singing, my sister said to me, [You’re already famous, Aoi kun, so maybe you can get a job like that !] I was only practicing because my sister said that to me.


“Fufu, I had a good time today.”


It’s true that I had fun.

Being able to sing with Sakura and making noise with my classmates, those are times I couldn’t have experienced before.

I thought it wouldn’t go well with me, but it seems that’s not the case.

I was feeling a sense of regret when I saw Sakura walking beside me.

“I hate that it’s already over ! I have school tomorrow, so it’s even worse !”

Aki clings to Sakura’s arm and begs her while whining.

Sakura didn’t seem to mind this. Is that how well they get along?

“But, Misaki can really do anything.”

Yamazaki, who was walking beside me, said while looking into the distance.

“Hey, you were good at singing too.”

“Isn’t that foul already?”

“I’m sure lots of girls will come to you, Aoi kun !”

Yamazaki looked at me.

How am I supposed to respond to that? Should I be modest? I want you to stop lifting it face-to-face because it is difficult to react.

“Come to think of it, Aoi kun, you seemed to be on good terms with Miku chan.”

“Miku chan?”

“Look, it’s the girl who sat beside you right at the beginning !”

Ah, so she’s Miku.

Since then I’ve been kind of distanced from her and haven’t heard her name, so this is the first time I’ve heard of her.

From now on, I have to try to remember the names and faces of my classmates a little more properly.

“But didn’t you move away from her right away?”

“Ah, now that you mention it, it’s true…why? Miku chan said she wanted to talk to Aoi kun for a long time.”

Ummm. Aki crosses her arms and starts scratching her head.

Then, for some reason, with eyes like looking at a pitiful child—

“I guess it’s still too early for Aoi kun to make new friends…!”

“You should learn modesty if you are a lady.”

Mainly modesty of speech.

(Come to think of it, that time…..)

Was it when Sakura suddenly asked me to sing with her?

I didn’t get to interact with Sakura too much as the song started and then I got tangled up with various people, but why did she barge in at that point?

(Unusual for Sakura).

My impression of Sakura so far is that she is kind, mild-mannered, elegant, meticulous, and self-stoic.

Above all, she is good at reading the atmosphere around her.

That is why she does not have an increasing number of enemies and is so well received by those around her that it is no wonder she is so popular.

As a professional and as an actress, she is right to do so. It’s a way of getting ahead in life.

However, I feel that only in that scene, her words and actions were out of tune with the atmosphere prevailing in the room.

(I’m sure being an actress would have helped her realize this……)

If I hadn’t had experience as an actor, I wouldn’t have felt any sense of strangeness in that place….or I might not have noticed it in the first place.

—-An extension of a straight line as a story.

If a sense of discomfort is created there, it means that someone has stepped out of someone else’s role.

Whether it is the actor, the director, the cameraman, or the sound technician, anyone who is on site is sure to notice.

Sakura has never created such a sense of discomfort.

This is true both when she is on screen and in her personal life.

Therefore, I wondered why she intervened at that moment.

(I wanted to ask, but was I allowed to?).

Perhaps she simply wanted to sing along even if it made the air feel uncomfortable.

If so, it was a needless worry, but if not, then—

(……I should at least ask her why.)

Maybe I’m just worrying too much in a strange way.

But if there is something wrong, I would like to help.

I think it is the selfishness of a person in love.

Of course, if she thinks I’m bothering her, I’ll stop, and I won’t go any further.


“Hey, Sakura.”

I whisper to Sakura, who walks beside me.

“How can I help you, Misaki san?”

“Why didn’t you read the air… that time?”

When I said that, Sakura widened her eyes as if she was a little surprised.

However, she immediately loosens her mouth and replies in a whisper.

“With that one word, I understood to some extent what Misaki san was trying to say. Fufu, as expected of Misaki san.”

And then—

“Would you like to take a short detour to go home? Just you and me.”

Sakura tugged at my sleeve and said something like that in my ear.

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