A Real Genius



(※Narumi’s point of view)

Once our shoot was over, the scene moved to the hallway while the V-check was in progress.

While we were having a cup of tea and using the restroom, it seemed that the reading and rehearsal were over.

(As usual, they are fast.)

We went to the corridor packed with cameras, props, and people, and peeked into a space that was suddenly empty.

We had to spend a lot of time on the rehearsal, but the two of them finished the rehearsal in no time.

As expected of Sakura san. And–

(I’ve never heard of this person before, but I guess that means his main job is different?)

–Misaki Aoi.

I did a little research on him and Sakura san, but the only media appearance he has made is in a commercial called “Ajimaro”.

I think he has only modeled for a magazine once. In terms of recognition, it may be rude to compare him, but I think he is below me.

In fact, I was surprised when I heard that he was starring in a movie. Because I really didn’t know him.

(Well, it’s not my place to complain about the casting.)

I stare at the shooting scenery.

[……It’s not like you have to help.]

[It’s fine ! It’s faster for both of us to carry it !]

Soon after Akane joined the student council.

The shooting begins with Akane coming under Eiji carrying the handouts together.

(It’s frustrating, but let’s admit it……!)

As much as I would like to be beside Sakura san all the time, I have to admit it after seeing that performance.

No stagnation, just natural. His expression remains consistent, and I can tell that even the camera work and props were carefully chosen so as not to interrupt Akane’s appearance.

I have been active as an idol and this is the first time I have appeared in a production.

I’m sure that everyone except Ikuta san is in the same situation as me.

The three main members, so to speak, are a group of amateurs.

Even from such an amateur’s point of view, I felt–these two are totally different.

I have nothing to say about Sakura san.

Her career as an actress since childhood speaks for itself.

She has changed from her usual graceful behavior and now acts naturally as a cheerful girl.

She is exactly the Akane I had imagined.

On the other hand, Misaki san–

“Both of them are amazing.”

I was suddenly approached from the side.

That person was Ikuta san, who had been on camera with me earlier.

“Are you sure you want to stay here?”

“Yeah, I think it’s normal to observe. Script reading is something that we do at home before rehearsals.”

Well, if you say so, that’s true.

But I have my own job to do, too.

“You’re just here to observe, aren’t you?”

“I’m here because Sakura san is here !”

“…..I knew you would say that.”

Ikuta san smiled bitterly.

Well, I get to see Sakura san’s performance live, you know? I’ve always been a fan of her.

“Let’s get back to the topic, as a fellow actor, do you think the two of them are great? Well, even for an amateur like me, I think they are great.”

I looked back at Ikuta san and watched the two of them.

“I think so. Especially since we are from the same generation. It’s a little heartbreaking to watch. The fine technique–especially the Stanislavsky system–is darn good.”


I don’t like to say this, but I’m an amateur.

Then why am I here?

“Hmm….how should I put it? To put it simply, it’s a method of acting that brings out the emotions of the same scene by doing the same movements as in everyday life?”

For example.

Ikuta san held up a finger.

“Sometimes when you wake up in the morning, you make a yawning face, don’t you? When you want to bring out the feeling of ‘sleepiness’ in a situation where you don’t want to sleep, you can do the same thing and bring out the feeling of sleepiness…that is the Stanislavski system.”

“I see.”

So it’s not just the absentmindedness, but the same thing with the act of shedding tears.

When you want to express sadness, you show tears. That is exactly what Ikuta san just told me about the Stanislavsky System.

I had always thought that crying was the way to express sadness in a scene, but that’s how I originally acted.

……I may not have thought about it carefully.

“It seems simple, but at the same time, it’s not.”

“Of course, it is not easy to express [I want to sleep.] On the contrary, it is to the point where you become conscious of trying to express it that it becomes overly deliberate–but those two have a clear [action=trigger.] I have to admit that even if it’s only in terms of the detailed techniques, I still lose.”

The tone of his voice dropped a little.

The voice is so clear that I can tell even without seeing his face that he is frustrated in a different real sense than I am.

“Well, that’s not what I regret the most.”

Ikuta san turns his attention to the two of them.

“My senior said that there are two kinds of actors.”

“Two kinds?”

“Those who create their roles with their eyes in mind and those who create their roles with their egos in mind.”

I wondered what they meant.

I couldn’t help but listen to Ikuta san’s words instead of those two voices.

“A person who is conscious of the eyes is a person who plays a character exactly as the people around them imagine them to be.”

People do not necessarily have the same impression when they see the same object.

Some people see a round sphere and interpret it as a [globe] while others interpret it as a [ball.]

That seems to be the same, but it is slightly different. That error is the difference in perception.

As is often the case with live-action films, there will inevitably be people who say, [Hey, that’s not what I thought it was.]

This can have a major impact on viewer ratings and word-of-mouth.

“Sakura san is someone on that side. There are inevitably some differences among customers, but you try to make the role as close to zero as possible. Even you don’t feel any different about Akane now, do you?”

“Yes, to be honest, she was exactly what I imagined her to be.”

“That’s what I mean. Sakura san is extremely good at creating roles with the public in mind. This is probably outstanding among the actors of her generation that I have seen.”

I understand that Sakura san is good at what she does.

Then, why do I think Misaki san is also [good]? Even if we put aside the details of his technique—

“Misaki kun, on the contrary,……I don’t think it’s that he’s completely unaware of it, but he’s someone who sticks to his own interpretation.”

Reading the script and playing the character you feel comfortable with.

That is the first step everyone should take, and it is not a particular story.

That is how I play the role of Chizuru.

“It looks easy for everyone, but it’s not. The great thing about Misaki kun is his ability to convince others of his interpretation.”

“……Oh, I see.”

I finally understood what he was saying.

At first, I was a little uncomfortable with Misaki san’s performance. I thought, [That’s not the Eiji I imagined.]

Now I don’t feel that way. I thought it was just something I was used to, but if you think about it, there are many works that I couldn’t get over the feeling of discomfort even after watching a whole course.

But the fact that I didn’t means that Misaki san’s acting is very convincing.

“I can understand Sakura san’s performance, but it is Misaki san’s performance that is the best. I probably won’t be able to reach that level in the future.”

“……So spineless, isn’t there more to come?”

“Is that so? I think they would probably say the same thing if you brought someone from our theater company.”

Ikuta san smiles bitterly with a beautiful face.

“Such a genius actor….why Misaki san is unknown to the public?”

At first, I wondered why Misaki san was the main character.

But when I actually saw his performance, I could tell that he was good at it.

(Maybe it’s not that simple…….)

Two completely talented people.

I have a feeling of frustration.

But surely not as much as Ikuta san.

[You……you are a really odd one.]

[Eh, I don’t think so?]

Perhaps it is because I’m finally on the same playing field as him.


(….Not yet.)

It’s not the right time to move.

If I can endure it, I can finally move forward.

Isn’t that right, Sakura?

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