—[One Apple and Five Wolves].

The main character, Kagura Akane, left her hometown in her second year of high school and moved to the city for her parents’ reasons.

She was eager to make friends at her new school, Yurihama Academy, but she got lost and opened the door of the student council office to ask someone.

At that time, she suddenly found an apple on the student council president’s desk.

Curious, she picks it up and runs into Rindo Eiji, the student council president, who returns at that moment, and the story begins.

Akane, who has discovered the secret of the student council red apple, ends up joining the student council.

Five people are enrolled there, including Eiji, and Akane has to start a new life in an unusual environment.

The student council is a group where only the most popular students of the school gather.

Life there is a tumultuous one, but despite the happenings caused by the unique members, it is the fun everyday life that Akane had always dreamed of.

In the midst of this life, Akane becomes attracted to Eiji, who is firm and approachable but kind at heart, and she begins to get closer to the true identity of the red apple.

This causes Eiji to be exposed to distress, but….Akane removes that distress by cuddling up to him.

The two realized their feelings for each other, and they were finally able to tied together–

(That’s a rough story……..)

One week has passed since then.

Finally, the day came for the meeting of the cast and other people involved in the project.

After school, I went straight to a studio in Tokyo. There, in a large conference room, I stood alone, pouring over the script.

(As expected, because I didn’t know anyone there, including the people in front of me. Fortunately, the age gap is small.)

Surprisingly, many of the actors in the film, including the lead actors, are current high school students, which is in keeping with the original story.

This is probably because it makes the film more realistic. Although I’m not sure if the film will be able to keep up appearances as a movie, I’m impressed by the boldness of the decision.

However, it may be needless to say that it is more daring than it originally appears, since they are going to cast an unknown person as the lead… Eiji, with whom they are going to have a connection.

There’s no problem there. I’ll just do my best to do what I have to do, no matter how bold.

It’s just—

(There’s a kissing scene…….)

It’s based on a shoujo manga. And if they’re going to bring it to completion, it’s not hard to imagine that there will be one.

The problem is that it is Eiji and Akane who kiss.

In other words, Sakura and I will do it.

(W-well…’s just a kiss on the cheek, so it’s not that big of a deal, right?)

I hold back my feelings that are about to soar.

This is a job……it’s not like we’re doing it for real.

However, I want you to see more of this feeling—after all, even if it’s a job, I’m getting a kiss from someone I like.

“Phew…’s alright now.”

As I try to calm myself down, they come into the room one by one.

By the time I was looking at the script in a daze, time was good and the chairs available in the room were filling up fast.

I wonder if I should actually say hello or something, but it’s hard to go at this point.

Because the meeting would start in the middle of greeting people, and if anyone failed to say hello, they would feel uncomfortable.

If so, it would be better to ask for the name of the person and then greet them after the meeting was over.

“Hello, Misaki san.”

I was suddenly approached from the side.

She slowly sat down beside me, fluttering her long glossy hair.

“Are you done with work?”

“Yes, I came straight here. Thanks to you, I’m still in plain clothes.”

Today, Sakura was nowhere to be seen.

I often see the busy Sakura taking a day off from school, and I guess that was the reason today.

(You haven’t changed at all, Sakura.)

Her attitude has not changed since then, either at school or now.

It was just like Sakura to leave no afterglow even though she had confided something big.

(This is the mask Sakura wears……)

As I was feeling a little sad while admiring her inwardly, Sakura gave a small laugh.

“Fufu, I didn’t expect Misaki san to appear. I was so surprised when I heard.”

“I didn’t think I’d be in a piece that I’d gone along to read, either.”

“I’m glad you’ve been practicing.”

“Well, I only got to do one read-through after all.”

Sakura was also very busy and had a certain number of events, so this was unavoidable.

The fact that the performers could actually do readings with each other was valuable in itself.

I could have practiced by myself, and I even had Kisara accompany me from time to time, so I think I’ll be fine.

“I was actually quite looking forward to it, you know? It was a secret dream of mine to perform with Misakio san.”

……Are those really Sakura’s own words?

Was it the unusual feelings she had for the first time that made her say those words?

I don’t know, but–

“True, I’m looking forward to it too.”

At the moment I spoke, the manager whose face I had seen during “Ajimaro” appeared in the center of the room, and everyone was in the room.

There was no manager in this room.

It is really just the people involved. Only the people necessary to shoot a single film meet together.

[Then, let’s get started!!]

This is a feeling I haven’t experienced in a long time.

(I must get into the swing of things.)

After all, this time I’m going to be with Sakura.

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There’s no audition? Just straight to shooting?