“I have invited Hiiyo chan and Aoi kun, so we’re going to have a second get-together !”

[Yo, I’ve been waiting for this !]

[Seriously, I’m surprised you two could make it !]

[I want to hear you sing !]

The day after my meeting with Kanabe san.

As I was getting ready to go home, Aki showed up and took me to the karaoke room.

We rented a spacious room, and some of my classmates, led by Aki, were having a blast.

In addition, a group of women centering on Aki, and a group of men centering on Yamazaki. The excitement of these people and the flamboyance of their appearance, which was far from the introverts, matched this atmosphere beautifully.

This overwhelmingly extroverts atmosphere.

I, who had no confidence in my ability to ride the surging wave, was in the corner smiling bitterly.

“Fufu, you all look like you’re having fun.”

“……Seems so.”

Sakura, who is also sitting in the corner, turns her eyes towards me with a smile.

In terms of position, is she the older sister who takes care of the kids? Although her eyes weren’t saying that I was a mosquito that was in the same space.

“Misaki san, are you not very enthusiastic about it? Your face looks somewhat tired…….”

“I’m just not used to this kind of atmosphere. It’s not that I don’t like it, so don’t worry about it.”

I never went to karaoke with a big group of people when I was growing up or in high school.

Or rather, I haven’t even talked to an extrovert group centered on Aki and Yamazaki.

[Hm, Misakicchi, you’re not excited?]

Suddenly, one of them sits down next to me.

Her name is…..oh no, I can’t remember it.

However, her untidy uniform, her thighs peeking out from her short skirt, and even though I was just sitting next to her, there was a sense of distance between her and her shoulders. Gyaru, very gyaru.

If I was going to close the distance, I would have preferred Sakura. It’s just too gyaru.

“I-I’m not really used to this kind of vibe…….”

[Eh, no way ! I had an image of Misakicchi that he was going to a lot of these places with everyone !]

Thanks to my high school debut, such an irrelevant opinion….Misakicchi?

The girl said that, and for some reason, her body came even closer to me.

I-is this the kind of distance that an extrovert would feel? I couldn’t help but feel nervous.

But it’s such a close distance with someone I’ve never talked to before……it’s a learning experience.

I have to learn here so that I can adapt in my future high school life. If I end up living in the shadows like before, my time leap will be meaningless.

[Misakicchi is really cool ! As expected of a model !]

“I-I’m not a model…….”

[Then you’re an actor?]

“Well, sort of.”

[I see, you were in the commercial for Ajimaro ! Isn’t our class awesome !? There are two celebrities in our class, Sakuracchi and Misakicchi !]

Certainly, it is rare for a high school to have a celebrity, but to have two in the class must be amazing.

However, Sakura might be able to say this with pride, but I’m not even satisfied with my work yet.

So even if they put me in the same frame here, I would just smile bitterly.

[I mean, are you okay with your job or something? Do you feel like you should have come here today?]

“I had Aki and Yamazaki invite me out. I didn’t have any particular plans, and I really wanted to interact with my classmates, so there’s no problem.”

[I see ! Unexpectedly, Misakicchi seems to be aiming for 100 friends like Mizuhocchi, it’s funny !]

That girl slapped my thigh.

She’s been really skinship with me since a while ago.

[……Hey, Misakicchi, do you have a girlfriend?]

The topic of the conversation suddenly changes as the voice becomes quieter.

Why is she suddenly asking me that?

“No, I don’t have one,…….”

[Ah, I see ! Actually, I think Misakicchi is pretty good.]

……Ah, I see. So that’s it.

I’ve never had this kind of development before, so I wondered, but at last the flow up to this point makes sense.

I’m sure this sense of distance and skinship will lead to……or not.

It would be a little embarrassing if I had been too hasty, but I think it’s better to say so once and for all.

“But the person I like–“

It was then.

“Misaki san, would you like to sing together?”

Suddenly, Sakura intervened, handing me a microphone and a device.

The song was already on the screen. Fortunately, it was not a song I did not know, so there was nothing I could not sing along to.

But why at this time? She had been a bystander until a few minutes ago.

“O-oh……I get it.”

However, I cannot refuse Sakura’s request.

I’m glad she asked me to duet with her, and it would be fine to say so clearly later.

“Whoa, Sakura san and Misaki are going to sing next !?”

Yamazaki, who was getting excited, raised his voice even more when he saw me with the microphone in my hand.

Following that, the classmates around me got even more excited.

Certainly, it was a rare opportunity to see Sakura sing live. It was no wonder that everyone around me was so excited. If I hadn’t been invited to duet with her, I would have etched it into my brain memory.

“Now then, let’s have a duet between Aoi kun and Hiiyo chan ! Listen, everyone ! You don’t even get to see two celebrities duet on TV !”

[ [ [ [ [ Wow! !!!!!] ] ] ] ]

……It’s embarrassing when they get that excited.

But it’s an opportunity for a duet.

(I have to sing it without embarrassment.)

First of all, the male part.

The moment the screen switched, I put the microphone close to my mouth.


(*Hiiyot’s point of view)

(No, you can’t.)

The song starts to play.

Misaki san started to sing and I felt the voices around me gradually become quieter.

Among them, the classmate who was talking with Misaki san just then looked at me and turned a surprised face towards me.

So I made a small cross mark on my mouth towards her.

(He is my—that’s why)

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