Love Comedy Of Regrets~When It Was Announced That Siblings Could Marry Each Other, the Sisters Who Had Been Cold Became Aggressive. Seeing This, the Fiancee Childhood Friend Became a Bit of a Yandere



“My older sister and younger sister hate me.”

Amachi Towa, a high school sophomore, has two beautiful sisters who are well known in the neighborhood.

However, for some reason, both Arika (Older sister) and Sumika (Little sister) are cold to Towa.

Every day he was supported by his childhood friend, Naruse Runa but……

[A new law has been enacted in Japan that allows sibnlings to marry each other]

This news changed the relationship between the four.

“I like you, To-kun.”
“I love you, onii chan”

Where did all the coldness go before? They became full of possessiveness anytime, anywhere.

In addition…..

“Even though Towa is my Fiancee!”

The sisters’ condition seems to have made Naruse Runa, the Fiancee and childhood friend of the sisters, who had been in an advantageous position until then, impatient…

“Marry me, To-kun.”
“Onii chan, please marry me.”
“Towa, you’re going to marry me, right?”

not dating, married!?

This is a four-way romantic comedy between a cool older sister, a devilish younger sister, and the fiancee childhood friend.

–I will have you this time, no matter how much I regret it.

Chapter 0 – Falsehoods and true feelings

Prologue – Cold Sisters and Gentle Childhood Friend

Episode 1 – I have normal friends even though I’m like this

Episode 2 – Childhood friends are cute, right?

Episode 3 – Encounter with Little Sister

Episode 4 – Conversation with older sister

Naruse Runa’s Zettai Future (1)

Naruse Runa’s Zettai Future (2)

Chapter 1 – Regretful Act

Episode 5 – Sound of absolute collapse

Naruse Runa’s great miscalculation

Gossip – Brocon

Gossip – First love

Episode 6 – As usual?

Episode 7 – Things that everyone once wondered

Episode 8 – I am a lying younger sister

Episode 9 – Friends

Staying at childhood friend’s house (1)

Staying at childhood friend’s house (2)

Episode 10 – taking shelter from rain

Episode 11 – Brother and younger sister

Episode 12 – younger sister has a fever

Episode 13 – It was a natural move, that’s all

Episode 14 – Suspect

Episode 15 – Because it’s Family

Episode 16 – Need to talk

Episode 17 – Fight with a kind childhood friend

Episode 18 – Naruse Runa’s Confession

Chapter 2 – A changed Self

Episode 19 – A breakfast a little different from the usual

Episode 20 – I will make you aware of me

Episode 21 – Lunch Act

Episode 22 – Why she entrusted the job

Episode 23 – A blow!? But she’s strong

Episode 24 – A bit early summer vacation schedule

Episode 25 – Studying in the library

Episode 26 – Honors students do not exist

Episode 27 – Permission for study group

Chapter 3 – Overnight study group

Episode 28 – study group

Episode 29 –  Man’s home cooking

Episode 30 –  Shopping ①

Episode 31 – Shopping ②