Episode 27 – Permission for study group



I Put out the ingredients such as minced pork, cotton bean curd, onion, etc. in the kitchen.

I think I will make a healthy and refreshing tofu hamburger steak for dinner.

As I was putting on my apron and rolling up my sleeves, Arika nee came over. She usually waits in her room until the food is ready.

“I’ll help you.”

“Are you sure? You must be tired from working for the student council.”

“No. I’ll help you cook. I want to learn.”

Is it bad to say no when she is willing to do it?

I Give her onions wrapped in refrigerated plastic wrap and ask her to chop them up.

She’s still a bit new to it, but she cuts fine. But when she cuts onions, I know she wants to cut them with a ton ton ton tempo, but it’s …… dangerous.

“Arika nee”

When I called out to her, she shook her shoulders.

“D-Don’t be so scared, I won’t get angry. If you cut by pulling, you don’t have to worry about getting hurt, and it’s easier to cut.”

As an example, I cut it next to her and showed it to her.

Arika nee looked impressed and tried it herself.

“Sumi will help too!”

“Ah, thank you.”

Seeing how we were doing, she must have thought it was bad that only one of us was not doing anything. Sumika raised her hand cheerfully and came over to us.

She said she would help, but what to do with Sumika, who doesn’t usually cook more than Arika nee…..

After some thought, I appointed her as a person in charge of getting seasonings and missing ingredients from the refrigerator.

In a bowl, mix ground pork, tofu, chopped onion, and seasonings, and form into an oval shape with connections.

If you cook every day, you don’t need to measure every single portion.

The food cooks at a brisk pace, with no signs of jamming—


I sat down at the table with the food.

Tofu hamburger steak topped with shiso leaves, daikon koroshi, and ponzu vinegar, and garnished with a ginger-filled whole onion starchy sauce. It is tenderly simmered in dashi broth and topped with minced chicken meat and a slightly sweet ginger bean paste.

Itadakimasu, I put my hands together and began to eat.

“Mmm! Delicious~”


After seeing their reactions, I took a bite myself. It was fluffy and delicious. It was slightly charred, so the texture was crunchy around the edges and fluffy inside. This way, I don’t get sick to my stomach.

It has been a long time since the three of us had dinner together like this. I feel like it tastes really good.

Oh yeah, I have to ask about that one.

“I’m having a study group at my house next Saturday and Sunday, can I do it ……?”

Sumika and Arika nee look at each other and then back to the front again.

“Sumi’s going to her friend’s place so it’s fine……”

“I’ll be fine too. I’ll go to my friend’s place if I have to.”

They both say they will open the house for me so as not to disturb me.

I think Sumika is okay, but I’ve never seen Arika nee with certain people because …… Arika nee is just treated like a high profile person. In other words, does she have friends she can be comfortable with ……?

“I’ll be fine.”

Arika nee smiled, perhaps sensing my and Sumika’s concern.

Well, she says this herself, so I guess it’s okay. 

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